The Dark Prince
Chapter 21 - Crooned
The Dark Prince
Author :MishaK
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Chapter 21 - Crooned

Ileus curled his hand around her chin and tipped it up. She opened her eyes to see his face. His golden blue eyes looked into her sapphire blue one. He said, 34;Do you trust me, princess? 34;
She nodded even as tears continued to stream out of her eyes.
34;Then let us go into the cave. 34;
Anastasia sucked in a sharp breath. 34;No! Please let 39;s not go. 34;
Everyone in the group tensed. There was no guarantee that they would find another refuge soon.
Ileus brought his lips near her forehead and they were merely a few inches away from her. If she tipped her head a little back, he could kiss her on the lips. Her hand went to his fingers that were on her thighs beneath the cloak.
Ileus 39; breath fanned on her forehead and a shudder passed through her body. His eyes were so captivating that she stared in them. Her body had become absolutely still. The humming sound receded as she only focused on the man, who she was seeing, whose fingers she had clutched tightly. 34;I understand your problem Anastasia, 34; he murmured. 34;But understand that you are safe with me. If you are so scared, then we are going to stay away. 34; His lips brushed over her forehead in a featherlike kiss.
Did he kiss her? A breath escaped her lips. She was so thankful that he understood her. She wanted to go to the cave, but she wanted to avoid it too. Her dilemma was killing her and her anxiety was overwhelming her. For the hundredth time, her body shuddered.
34;Let 39;s not go there, 34; said Kaizan. 34;We will find another shelter for the night. 34;
34;I have been on lookout since we started this morning, Kaizan, 34; said Gourhal. 34;And there is nowhere else that I can see. 34; He waved his hand all around. 34;Can you see anywhere? In fact if the princess hadn 39;t mentioned about the cave, no one would have come to know about it. That is our chance for the night. The horses are way too tired. They have been dragging through the snow for hours. 34;
34;I see your point Gourhal, 34; said Darla. 34;The problem is that if we take Anastasia to the cave, what is the guarantee that she is not going to go through the portal. Can 39;t you see how her body reacts to the call of her land? 34;
34;That 39;s right, 34; said Kaizan, looking extremely weary. He turned his horse to leave.
Anastasia looked at Kaizan and felt guilty. She lowered her head and wiped her tears. There was a palpable tension in the group. She could feel it. Her gaze traveled to Nyles who was staring at her as if she had betrayed her lands, as if she was a traitor. Anastasia looked away. The cavalcade started to move away. But with each step away from the cave, Anastasia felt as if the life was being sucked out of her. Her mind was protesting, warning, screaming not to go in there. But every drop of blood in her was magnetized towards the cave and every meter away from it was proving to be excruciating.
She hid her face in the cloak and started thinking of all the pain, every whipping and every snide remark Maple and Aed Ruad had given her in the past. The more she remembered that, the more she felt attracted towards the cave. The hum of the portal was like the sweetest melody to her mind and she wanted to wrap it around her and fall asleep like a baby. The attraction intoxicated her. And Anastasia... she was looking for safety ropes. She needed someone badly to stop her from tumbling down. Her body was covered with sweat even though the snowfall had increased.

34;Anastasia, you seem unwell, 34; Ileus said as he touched her forehead beneath the cloak.
34;Ileus, 34; she said in a shaky voice.
34;Yes princess. 34;
34;Take me to the cave. 34;
A tremor passed through his body. He clenched his jaw and called everyone. 34;We are going to the cave! 34; Without waiting for anyone else to protest, he turned his horse in that direction.
For Anastasia, every inch closer to the portal was like a caress to her body. She removed the cloak from her face and looked towards the whiteness in front of her.
Everyone immediately turned their horses to where he was going.
34;Do you see it Anastasia? 34; he asked as the horse plowed through the heavy snow.
34;Yes, it is not very far, 34; she replied, not able to close her eyes. 34;We should reach there in half an hour. 34;
He nodded and shifted her closer to him. 34;I am right there with you princess. 34;
She knew that. She depended upon him to hold her if she tumbled down the cliff.
They came near the mountain that was covered with ice. Anastasia 39;s instincts guided them to the opening of the cave. However as soon as they reached the cave 39;s mouth, Ileus 39;s horse reared. 34;Easy lad! 34; Ileus commanded him and pushed him forward. Her stomach churned with anticipation.
A heavy boulder protected the mouth. Tadgh and Carrick got down and pushed the boulder aside with their massive strength. As the boulder rolled on the side, the mouth of the cave became a welcoming blue.
Anastasia 39;s body became in sync with the hum. The portal was somewhere inside and it crooned. She closed her eyes feeling relaxed. Her anxiety died. Positive energy flowed. But deep inside she knew the horrors it would throw in front of her the moment she crossed it.
As soon as their horse entered inside, she couldn 39;t believe how beautiful, yet eerie the cave was.
The cave was huge and the ceiling was pretty high. While on the outside it was snowing heavily, inside the cave was like a womb of earth, warm and cozy. The brown and grey weathered rocks had lined its craggy walls as if cut underneath a mountain by the gods. Light was coming through crevices in the wall and the ceiling. It was dark on the inside but they could make out the outlines. As they went forward the ground under the hooves became softer. The far side of the cave opened into darkness and a soft gurgle of a stream from somewhere there caught their attention.
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