The Dark Prince
Chapter 17 - Variety
The Dark Prince
Author :MishaK
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Chapter 17 - Variety

To say that Anastasia was aghast was an understatement. She was astounded, no, horror struck at Nyles 39; actions. She walked to her, held her shoulders and forced her to turn towards her. 34;Li Shvatate sta bi se dogodilo nas je vampir pahn? 34; Do you realize what would have happened if the vampire attacked us? 34;How were you so sure that we would have crossed in time? Kado se usudujes me zakoracim na portali? 34; And how dare you even coax me to step in the portal?
34;M 39;lady, 34; Nyles looked at her with exasperation. 34;You must not be so stubborn 34;
34;Ucuti! 34; Anastasia yelled at her. Her body was shaking with anger and her expressions had hardened. Everyone stopped their conversations and turned to look at her.
Nyles fell silent. She had not seen Anastasia this angry for a long time. The last time she was this angry was when she saw Iskra getting decapitated. Nyles gulped wondering what she would do next.
34;Necete ovo ponoviti! 34; You will not do it again. Anastasia 39;s voice was loud and clear.
Nyles blinked her eyes quickly as they flooded with tears. 34;Uredo... m 39;lady... 34; she said nodding weakly.
Anastasia turned and walked away from everyone to take a moment. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Darla who was smirking at her, but she didn 39;t pay attention. This was something she had to tell Nyles for a long time. The girl was hell bent on taking her back to Vilinski, not understanding that this was a once in a lifetime chance she had to free her empire from the clutches of Aed Ruad. The girl didn 39;t understand the urgency.
When they were ready to start moving again, she said, 34;I would like to ride with Nyles this time. 34;
34;Not a chance! 34; said Ileus.
34;Why? 34; she asked, gritting her teeth. She didn 39;t know why she was so angry. She didn 39;t know why Darla 39;s words had affected her so much?
34;I don 39;t trust that girl, 34; he said coldly. 34;The first chance she gets, she is going to run the horse into a portal. 34;
Anastasia knew he was speaking the truth. At this point even though she didn 39;t trust Nyles, perhaps she really missed Vilinski. She wanted her to go back but was afraid that they might throw her in the celestial prison and torture her. She wanted to protect Nyles at all cost. 34;Okay, in that case I would like to ride with Kaizan. 34;
His head jerked back and stared at her with disbelief. He narrowed his eyes and asked, 34;And why is that? 34;
Because she didn 39;t want to be a part of the cheap bandwagon of girls that he was so used to. Honestly she didn 39;t have an answer that would actually have a solid reason, but she didn 39;t want to sit close to him. She shrugged, 34;For the sake of variety. 34;
Ileus tilted his head and a half smile appeared on his face. 34;Should I understand that you are affected by me? 34;
She scoffed. 34;That is a ridiculous theory, 34; she played it down.
34;But I do remember someone asking me to kiss her, 34; he was relentless.
Anastasia 39;s face heated like a thousand suns. She turned to look at the horse and simply started stroking its mane.
He walked to her and put his hands around her on the horse. He was so close that his breath was falling on her neck. He seemed to have crowded her effortlessly 34;Understand this clearly Anastasia. If you try to run away, you won 39;t be able to find your way out of the forest. I am the only one who can help you. 34;

34;I know... 34; she said in a low voice. 34;But how does that relate to riding with Kaizan, and not you? 34;
A moment later Ileus stepped aside. The feeling of emptiness returned. She walked to where Kaizan was. He was adjusting the saddlebag of his horse.
34;Hello princess, 34; he addressed her with a huge smile. 34;You want to ride with me, I presume. 34;
34;Yes I am fairly certain of that. 34;
34;You are most welcome, 34; he said, maintaining the smile. He held her by her waist and helped her get her foot up into the stirrup. 34;Now swing your leg up to sit on the saddle. 34; She swung her leg and he pushed her so that she could sit on the saddle. He mounted the horse and sat snugly. 34;You are in safe hands, 34; he said jokingly. Anastasia puffed and looked ahead.
They all started and as usual, Nyles was with Darla. This time the girl wasn 39;t complaining. She just sat quietly. Ileus rode right behind them and she could feel his eyes boring into the back of her head even though she was hidden in front of Kaizan. She was stiff again hoping not to slump on him instead. The path was narrow so the horses again walked single file.
34;So what are you going to do after you reach raid, 34; asked Kaizan.
34;I have a plan, 34; she murmured. It was to get away from here as soon as possible. Disappear. Never to meet Ileus again. And never even think of Darla. The two were perfect for each other.
34;What plan would a princess have? Do you know anyone? 34;
Suddenly she heard Ileus nudging their horse to overtake them. He looked gruffly at her and trotted to the front. Snow started falling lightly.
She shook her head. 34;I don 39;t, but I am sure I can find my way. 34;
34;Ah-a! 34; Kaizan replied. 34;I know someone who can help you. 34;
34;Really? 34; she asked.
34;Yes of course. 34;
34;You should let me know about your contact. 34;
34;I will. Don 39;t worry. 34;
Ileus coughed in the front so hard that Anastasia thought he had choked. She bent forward to see whether he was fine or not.
34;He is going to be fine, 34; said Kaizan. 34;It 39;s nothing to worry about. 34;
34;I am not worrying, 34; she shrugged.
The snow started falling rapidly now and they had to crest a hill. The ascent became steep and she slumped against his chest.
34;Are you feeling cold Anastasia? 34;
Her teeth were chattering.
34;You can come closer to me. 34;
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