The Dark Prince
Chapter 1 - Ball Before The Wedding
The Dark Prince
Author :MishaK
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Chapter 1 - Ball Before The Wedding

The snow-capped mountain that spanned the vista behind the palace emulated her mood.
Moonlight streamed through the window of Anastasia 39;s room in the north wing. She stared at the main entrance of the Kralj Palace as guests climbed up the stairs to attend the ball. 39;Twas the night before her wedding to Aed Ruad, the Crown Prince, her cousin. The celebrations had dragged on all week. From where she was, she could see the women laughing joyously as they delicately picked up their expensive gowns and climbed the stairs. They curled their hand warmly around their men 39;s arms affectionately as they cocooned them with their wing on one side.
Anastasia hated every moment of it. Since morning, she had vomited over five times with sheer disgust. She would turn eighteen the next day the legal age to marry in the Kingdom of Vilinskia day Aed Ruad had been waiting for ten years.
34;You look breathtaking, my princess, 34; said Nyles, breaking her reveries as she fixed the veil that fell to Anastasia 39;s chin with a golden comb at the back. Being just five years older than Anastasia, Nyles had served the latter as a maid before she even understood the meaning of the word. However, they were more of best friends than a maid and mistress. Sometimes Anastasia felt bad about Nyles. The girl was plucked from her home at a very young age to stay with her.
34;I hope the pearly lace of the veil isn 39;t hurting you, 34; said Nyle.
It was... badly.
No one was supposed to see the bride 39;s face for two days before the marriage. Only after the wedding would her husband lift the veil and kiss her, marking the end of the ritual. Her lips trembled thinking about it. Anastasia 39;s body shook with ragged breaths.
34;You need to shed those inhibitions, m 39;lady, 34; Nyles winked at her as she handed her a green pill, part of Anastasia 39;s daily medicinal prescription. 34;Tomorrow, you will become the queen of Vilinski. 34; Nyles clasped her hands together with excitement. 34;Do you know what that means? 34;
Anastasia 39;s heart dropped to her stomach and she stifled a retch, a whimper, and tears. It meant a lifetime of misery. She popped the pill in her mouth and gnashed it with her teeth, savoring its bitterness on her tongue. The bitterness wasn 39;t as bad as the one she felt in her heart.
34;Come, let 39;s go. 34; Nyles extended her hand with a huge smile. 34;Your prince is waiting for you. 34;
Anastasia gathered the tulle of her pale blue gown in one hand and allowed Nyles to lead her to the door. Encrusted with thousands of crystals on its wide skirt that were densely placed towards the lower half and ebbed as they came up the bodice the gown reminded her of the power and wealth Aed Ruad was dying to possess, even if that meant marrying his first cousin.
Vines embroidered with silver thread twirled around her round neckline, enhancing the swell of her breasts. The long but slender sleeves ended with more crystals on the edge. The teardrop diamond earring brushed past her neck, reflecting brilliants. Her slender neck was illuminated by it, making her form all the more enticing.
Nyles had insisted on braiding her blonde hair so that the veil was set properly on her head. Anastasia 39;s sandals were made from pure blue silk with soft pads in the sole.
Her heart pounded against her rib cage as she walked with Nyles to the door.

As soon as Nyles opened the door, Anastasia 39;s sapphire blue eyes locked with Kaizan 39;sthe pale blue ones that flickered a golden yellow. Her heart skipped a beat and she gasped for a thousandth time. The man was Maple 39;s, Aed Ruad 39;s twin sister, recommendation to be the Head of the security given to the princess from almost two months now.
Her security was so massive that Anastasia felt suffocating as if in a prison. He had joined the security team a year ago because Maple had taken special liking to him. According to Nyles 39; information Maple had fallen in love with him.
Anastasia remembered what he had said that day as she strolled in her private garden. 34;This is your last chance to escape, princess. 34; Anastasia was watching the festivities in the capital 39;s main street of Vilinski that overlooked the hedges of her garden. Her hand had inadvertently gone to her neck. She was sure she was going to choke to death.
Maple, Aed Ruad 39;s twin sister, had caned her the day before for refusing to marry him. It was not the first time, either. It was not just refusal that led to caning. Whenever she did something that was deemed inappropriate, she was punishedeither by Maple or Aed Ruad. The punishment was usually carried out in Maple 39;s room.
Kaizan had promised that she would be free if she dared to escape. He would help her hide, take her away, and make her disappear.
Her breath hitched. Was she ready? Could he whisk her away despite the heavy security?
Thousands of thoughts crossed her mind. Anastasia lowered her eyes, and Kaizan straightened himself.
Kaizan trailed behind and was joined by a dozen more guards. Only the rustle of her silk grown could be heard in the long, dimly lit corridors apart from the footfalls of the guards behind her.
After a long walk, they reached a thick, but finely crafted mahogany door that led to the banquet hall. Immediately, the royal guard announced her arrival.
34;Your Highness, Princess Anastasia Lochlain! 34;
The chatter in the hall stopped abruptly. She looked at the sea of masked faces and lavish outfits. They parted and she saw Aed Ruad walking towards her with a cold smile on his thin lips. Wearing a golden cloak with the royal emblem over a white shirt and breeches, he walked with confidence. His diamond-studded golden mask was tied neatly behind his black hair. The man was over six feet tall ruthless murderer.
She clutched her gown so tightly that it crumpled in her fists. Her palms grew clammier and she thought she would faint because of the panic that cruised in her body like a poisonous snake.
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