The Villains Redemption
Chapter 50 Maternal Family
The Villains Redemption
Author :TheBlips
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Chapter 50 Maternal Family

Chapter 50 Maternal Family
Li Yue eyed the tent. Surprisingly, Mo Li was still sleeping. Was it possible that he didnapos;t hear the commotion just outside the tent? Of course, Li Yue knew that such a thing would be impossible.
quot;Whatapos;s going on here?quot; The stern voice of the administrator reached their ears. Near instantaneously, the students who were so vocal earlier immediately changed targets to the administrator with a barrage of information. quot;Alright, alright, settle down, I understand the situation nowquot; The students immediately quieted down. quot;Sigh x2026; Li Yue, Is this true?quot; The administrator turned towards Li Yue.
quot;No it isnapos;t.quot; At this point, Li Yue had already stood back up. She lifted her chin and stared at everyone, disgust apparent in her eyes. quot;Lizzy, when you challenged me earlier, I politely declined as I didnapos;t know what was the point of such an unfair bet. My body is weak. When it comes to physical capabilities, thereapos;s no doubt that I will lose against your might. I walked away as I didnapos;t want any trouble. As everyone here says, I am no longer the favored heir and no longer do I have a backing. Compared to you and your family, Iapos;m just a small ant. How could I x2026; an ant, dare steal from an elephant like you are?quot; Li Yueapos;s eloquence made everyone around her speechless. She immediately added. quot;If you think you can just frame me like this, then youapos;re wrong! I may be an ant but I will not allow you to trample on my pride and honor in front of this many people!quot;
quot;This x2026;quot; Many of those who were once so rowdy turned silent as they looked at each other when they heard Li Yueapos;s words. Of course, it wasnapos;t sympathy that they felt at that moment. Instead, they understood the clear reasoning behind her statement. Just like what Li Yue said, everyone around her is influential. She was earnestly not looking for trouble and was actively avoiding it as much as she could. Even when Lizzy tried to challenge her earlier, many of them saw that Li Yue immediately decline and didnapos;t say anything else.
They could see that Li Yue was indeed not looking for trouble. If that is the case, why would she steal something from Lizzy? Surely, Li Yue isnapos;t that dumb right?
quot;Moreover, the bracelet that you spoke of is not even worth billions! Why would I steal something that would not benefit me! Is it only because I wanted to spite you?quot; Li Yue argued as her gaze swept through everyone around her. quot;Had I wanted to spite you, I would have pushed you off the cliffs, not steal in broad daylight with witnesses watching! Do you think I am that stupid? Lizzy! Have you forgotten who was the best student in our class?quot; Her arrogant words, which echoed thanks to everyoneapos;s silence, surprised even the administrator who stood still and stared at her as if she was some intimidating devil.
Lizzyapos;s already paled face turned so white; it looked like a piece of chalk. Li Yueapos;s direct words frightened her. Most importantly, the insults that Li Yue threw hit her like a huge boulder. First of all, Li Yue said that she was weak and compared to Lizzyapos;s might, she was nothing. Clearly, Li Yue wanted to say that her muscles looked bad! Lizzyapos;s insecurities slowly drowned her mind. Second, Li Yue blatantly said that she was smart as she was a top student! Compared to Lizzyapos;s mediocre grade, Li Yue is obviously smarter than her!

quot;Li Yue x2026; how could you insult Lizzy like that? You are totally the kind of person that would steal just to spite someone! Everyone here knows just what kind of a person you are! Have you forgotten your actions before the Li Family abandoned you? Why are you making yourself sound so righteous in front of everyone now?quot; The woman who accused Li Yue of putting the bracelet in her pouch said. Her vicious words mirrored her eyes as she glared at Li Yue.
quot;Did you suffer from a third degree concussion?quot; Li Yue said. quot;I was only like that because I was rich! You think I can still act like that now? Why would I dare act like that to your apos;esteemedapos; selves? Am I looking to die?quot; Li Yueapos;s words were very blunt and clear. However, everyone knew that it made perfect sense. Since Li Yue lost her backer, it was only natural for her to avoid troubling the other people who holds a higher position. Li Yue was not ignorant after all. She grew up in a rich family. Surely, she knew who to offend and who to avoid!
With this statement, the other people who insisted that they called the cops went silent. Li Yueapos;s words were completely reasonable! They immediately turned their heads, as if pretending that they were not the ones who were so eager to ruin Li Yue earlier.
quot;Hah! Stop acting so righteous!quot; The woman countered. quot;Donapos;t you have Young Master Moapos;s support now? Didnapos;t Lu Xinyi fell from her grace because of that same backer?quot; The woman lifted an eyebrow and gave her a provocative glare as if daring her to rebuke her words.
quot;What? You think Mo Li would have the time for a nobody like Lu Xinyi?quot; Li Yue snorted. quot;If Mo Li wanted to destroy Lu Xinyi, he could easily asked his father to do that! Or have you forgotten how his father favored him so much?quot; She raised an eyebrow. quot;However, if you really are willing to drag Mo Li into this x2026; why donapos;t I get him out of the tent so he could properly talk with you about this matter?quot;
Of course, the woman apos;s face soon paled. They were not afraid of Mo Li himself, but his father and of course his influential maternal family are the ones leading the whole Yin City right now! Isnapos;t that the reason why they donapos;t want to provoke Mo Li? Why would she want to talk to that man? Anyone who is not close to Mo Li would surely fear his maternal family!
quot;Alright x2026; thatapos;s enough.quot; The administrator said in a stern voice. quot;Since it has come to this x2026; why donapos;t we search Miss Li Yueapos;s belongings? If she really did steal the bracelet, it should be amongst her belongings right now. Miss Li, is that fine with you?quot;

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