The Ancestor of our Sect Isnt Acting like an Elder
Chapter 49 - Xuzhous [1] Nangong Family
The Ancestor of our Sect Isnt Acting like an Elder
Author :Azure Studio
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Chapter 49 - Xuzhous [1] Nangong Family

49 Xuzhous [1] Nangong Family
After a while, Qian Duoduo returned. He was followed by a petite figure.
The first person to be tested is a girl.

Unable to suppress her curiosity, Xue Qilin yanked on Xia Xues sleeve.
Xia Xue raised her eyebrows and asked softly in a slightly dissatisfied tone, "Whats wrong?"
"Why are you so rigorous in your questioning?" Xue Qilin whispered in Xia Xues ear.
"The previous Prime Minister was from the Changans Nangong family. Two years ago, the Changans Nangong family was wiped out in a large fire [4], and there were no survivors."
"That so... an Imperial Court dispute?"
Because of some imperial harem struggle novels she read in her original world, Xue Qilin is very sensitive in this respect.
Xia Xue put on a surprised expression on her face that read "how do you know".
I seem to have hit the nail on the head. Am I clever or what?! Xue Qilin smiled proudly.
The Fifth Elder of the Merak Temple didnt pour cold water on Xue Qilins complacency, but instead shot Nangong who had an expression of doubt on her face yet remained silent a glance, and then said in a low voice, "Therefore, we have to be careful."
We have a bad relationship with the Imperial Court to begin with Xue Qilin mused.
"Miss Nangong, you should have learned martial arts. Have you taken a teacher before?"
"I havent, I learned martial arts from my father."
"Since you have prior experience, the difficulty of your assessment will be increased. Do you have any problems with that?" Putting an expression of indifference, Xia Xue spoke to Nangong Mingming again.
"I already prepared, and can start at anytime." The girl in purple clothes nodded and gave her assent. Not being afraid of sudden challenges is a sign of confidence.
"In the first assessment, we will evaluate your qi perception."
Qi perception is related to the sensibility to true qi. Without sensibility to true qi, theres nothing else to talk about.
"There will be true qi blowing towards you. As best as you can, you have to identify from where the true qi is coming. Of course, you can also point out who released it."
"Okay." The girl took a deep breath, "I understand."
Without instructing Xue Qilin to stand by, Xia Xue quietly started the assessment, "Lets get started, you must sense it carefully."
Then, suddenly a gust of wind blew in the hall. It was naturally true qi.
A burst of true qi came out of Xia Xues sleeve, went around Gong Tianqing, and blew towards the girl from her left.

Clearly, shes not the only one who thinks that this question is strange. Although Nangong Mingming tried her best to maintain an appropriate smile on her face, but the jerking of her cheeks still betrayed her.
Xia Xue, Gong Tianqing, and Qian Duoduo are all composed. It doesnt look like this is a prank.

Along with rhythmic rustling sounds, Nangong Mingmings clothes came off piece by piece.
Whats going on! Xue Qilin finally returned to her senses. She looked at Xia Xue and Gong Tianqing and found that the two didnt have vulgar expressions. Otherwise, she would have believed that the Merak Temple is actually a brothel, and is hiring girls.
"..." Under Xue Qilins unnatural gaze, Nangong Mingming shed all her clothing. Oh, no, theres still underwear left.
"Qinger, your turn."
"Ok, okay." Gong Tianqing responded, and then stood up and walked up to the half-naked girl. Under Xue Qilins surprised gaze, she put her hands on Nangong Mingming, pinching and touching left and right. It looks like Gong Tianqing is ascertaining something.
"Did she hide poison?" Xue Qilin asked a nonsensical question.
"Oy, our Merak Temples Young Ancestor not only has a high cultivation base, but also has a rich imagination. Her thoughts fly out of control."
"Then why is Little Qing touching her all over?"
"Your lack of knowledge raises ones hackles. Youre no batter than an earthworm in this regard." Xia Xue carried on with amusement, "This is bone touch, and it serves to examine a persons physique."
"Hey hey hey, theres even such a technique!"
Should I also learn it? If I did learn it, wont I be able to use it as an excuse to touch everywhere? As she imagined the beautiful future, Xue Qilin didnt realize that she was drooling. Only after Xia Xue reminded her in a disgusted tone did she quickly react and wipe off her saliva.
"Elder Xia, its okay."
Xia Xue nodded, and then stood up and walked to Nangong Mingmings side.
"Next, I will infuse true qi into your body. The true qi will circulate inside you. Try to control and release it in the most suitable way."

"Is your head empty or what? If we dont admit her now, then this good seedling will be pouched by others! If we find any problems, it wont be too late to deal with it later." Xia Xue rolled her eyes.
In other words, its something akin to internship? The wisdom of people from ancient times cannot be underestimated... At the same time, Xue Qilin warned herself not to rely on some more modern knowledge to tease Qi Qiqi in case she sees through it, and fist end up flying.
While Xue Qilin indulged in her thoughts...
"Hello, everyone!" Suddenly, a childish voice sounded, and Xue Qilin looked up.
It turns out that the next candidate has already entered the "examination room".
Hey, its the younger brother. Xue Qilins interest was suddenly piqued.
The new candidate is a little boy who looks similar to Nangong Mingming.
The little boy is very beautiful, and is wearing dark purple clothes, which contrast with Nangong Mingmings light purple dress.
Hes name is Nangong Mingye... Xue Qilin glanced at the information on the registration form and got the boys name.
Is this a typical case of the name doesnt match the person? Looking at the boy, he doesnt look anything like Ming and Ye [6]. Wouldnt it be more fitting to call him Ming and Zhou [7]? Yes, Nangong Mingzhou! I am really a genius.
Naturally unaware of the thought that revolved in Xue Qilins head, Xia Xue started a Qamp;A session.
"Are you Nangong Mingmings... are you Miss Nangongs younger brother?"
"Older Sister Ming is my sister!" The little boy answered cheerfully.
She doesnt know if it is a misconception or something, but Xue Qilin feels that the other partys gaze often falls on her.
It wouldnt be a case of like attracts like, right?! Even if it is, shouldnt it be with Qinger, and not with myself?
Nangong Mingyes eyes focused on her again. Although Xue Qilins mind was in disarray, but she still smiled back calmly.
Is it like sister like brother? Nangong Mingye easily passed the "qi perception" test, and he was no slower than his older sister. And just like his sister, Nangong Mingyes evaluation was "good".
Next came the second test.
"If the Temple Master and your mother fell into water at the same time, whom would you save?" Xia Xue asked a question that is hard to answer for countless men.
This is a typical dilemma. No matter how you answer, you can always be criticized.
However, the little boy tilted his head, unconcerned, "I will call for help."
"Why?" Xia Xue asked in a seldom for her soft tone.
"Because Im not good at swimming! If I jump in too, I wont be of any help! Therefore, its better to call for help!" Swaying his feet, Nangong Mingye answered with a smile.
How clever! Xue Qilin nodded with a light smile.
"Older Sister, your smile is very beautiful!" Nangong Mingye stared at Xue Qilin.
"Are you talking to me?" Xue Qilin pointed at herself and asked, and Nangong Mingye nodded heavily in reply.
"Hey, you have good eyes!"
Sure enough, its hard to overlook a natural beauty! Xue Qilin wrinkled her nose smugly. At the same time, she felt like she has forgotten something.
Did I forget something? She thought about it, but couldnt think of anything, so she had to ignore it.
In this way, Nangong Mingye easily passed the second test, and then the third test began immediately after.

No one left the hall this time. Because the candidate is just a little child, like a blank piece of paper, so there is nothing to avoid.
Following the procedure, it was finally time for the bone touch test. Qian Duoduo is in charge of it this time. He is very skillful, and he quickly completed the test.
Then, it was Xia Xues time again.
As before, Xia Xue put her hand on Nangong Mingyes shoulder and injected her true qi into him.
"It hurts a bit!" Nangong Mingye shouted in pain.
Xia Xue consoled softly: "Endure it. Arent you a man?"
Is this consolation? Xue Qilin was skeptical, but when she thought that it came from Xia Xues mouth, she became relieved. Well, you cant expect too much of her.
After Xia Xue retracted her hand, Nangong Mingye easily controlled the true qi that didnt belong to him.
Then, an amazing scene took place.
After he guided the true qi outside and formed a sphere, he squeezed it like mud.
If eyes could really fall out, then Xue Qilins eyes would have fallen out.
One more outrageous than the other! Xue Qilin thought.
Under everyones surprised gazes, the little boy turned the true qi ball into the shape of a heart. He hid the heart-shaped true qi ball behind his back. Holding it with both hands, he walked to wards Xue Qilin shyly.
"Big Sister..." He kicked a non-existent stone, and his cheeks flushed red, looking very adorable.
Xue Qilin blinked her eyes in puzzlement.
"For you!" Nangong Mingye held the "heart" in front of Xue Qilin, and then carried on, "Big Sister, this is my heart! Please take good care of it!"
With that, as if he was too embarrassed, the little boy ran out in a gust of wind.
Does he know that it is rather easy to lose control of true qi? He shouldnt know. Because if he did it knowingly, Xue Qilin vowed to spank him.
The heart-shaped true qi instantly lost its shape, and then... Boom! It exploded in Xue Qilins hands.
[1] Xuzhou
[2] Nangong Mingming has the same last name as Nangong Yunyao, the girl from chapter 37 aka prologue of vol. 2
[3] Tsundere
[4] From this passage the Changans Nangong family was wiped out in a large fire we can safely assume that the events in chapter 37 took place two years ago
[5] Ming (ڤ) means dark or deep and Ye (ҹ) means night
[6] Ming () means bright and Zhout () means day
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