The Ancestor of our Sect Isnt Acting like an Elder
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Chapter 48 - Admission (II)

48 Admission (II)
Xue Qilin didnt go talk to the girl, but instead resumed her pace.
Well meet again, wont we? A light smile on the corners of her mouth, she mused.
"Finally realizing that I have done a lot of evil deeds, I feel ashamed, and am going to commit suicide by walking into a pillar." Suddenly, a voice sounded in her ears, and her eyes focused. There is a tract of painted red before her eyes.

"Hmm..." Xia Xue dragged out the sound, expressing suspicion.
"Believe it or not, its up to you." Xue Qilin spread her hands indifferently.
At this moment...
"Elder Xia, the registration is finished." Qian Duoduo walked over with a stack of paper, which should be the registration list. Gong Tianqing followed behind him.
Xia Xue gestured Qian Duoduo to put the list on the table, "Put it there."
Then, she sat at the table and looked through the list.
Behind Xia Xue, Xue Qilin extended her head to look. On the "application forms", there was some basic information of the applicants, such as name, place of birth, age, etc... The graceful handwriting clearly belongs to Gong Tianqing.
"How many people are there?" Without lifting her head, Xia Xue asked as she quickly skimmed over the "application forms".
Qian Duoduo looked to Gong Tianqing, kicking the ball into her court. Everyones eyes fell on Gong Tianqing, and she shrank into herself.
"For, forty-seven."
"Oh, more than in previous years." Xia Xue looked meaningfully at Xue Qilin.
"Why did you look at me?"
"Reputation, a blessing that a certain someone brought us by charging into the Heavenly Sword Gate by themselves."
The little girl was taken aback. It took her a bit of time to understand what Xia Xue meant.
Ancient sects emphasized on reputation. Although the Merak Temple is among the Five Great Sects, but everyone knows that after the calamity that took place five years ago, the Merak Palace no longer lives up to the Five Great Sects title. Previously, people and martial practitioners in particular felt that if it wasnt for the prestige of the Merak Temples Great Ancestor, the gradually declining Merak Temple would have already been kicked out from the Five Great Sects.
However, to everyones amazement, the stagnant Merak Temple unexpectedly still has a Heaven Realm Young Ancestor, and this Young Ancestor even broke into the Heavenly Sword Gate in anger and killed Hua Tianji, the Gate Master of a major sect second only to the Five Great Sects.
In this way, the Merak Temple which has been silent for a long time has now experienced a big reversal in fortune, becoming famous, becoming a topic of conversation among martial practitioners again.
Driven by this upsurge, it is only natural that there will be an increase in the number of people who want to join the Merak Temple.
"Stop spacing out and sit down." Xia Xue sorted out the application forms, "Were going to start."

"Shameless people have no equal in the world, I finally experienced this saying in person."
"Didnt you say to hurry. Lets hurry and start." In a righteous tone, Xue Qilin used the other partys words against her.

She got angry that easily? Xue Qilin made a helpless "oh".
[1] Xia Xue uses two different characters and both mean to marry. The first is , and it means that the person to marry her is female and assumes her to be male; the second is Ȣ, and it means that the person to marry her is male and assumes her to be female
[2] Xue Qilin uses Ȣ here, meaning that in this scenario she is male and Xia Xue is female
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