Peerless War God
Chapter 2695
Peerless War God
Author :Zui Qing Feng
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Chapter 2695

"When you enter zuya, you can actually get the chance to enter zuya. Well, if I do this, I have to fight for this great opportunity."
"I\'ll never miss such a good opportunity. If you drag me back after entering the island, I won\'t spare you for the first time. Hey, I\'ll take the credit for this battle."
"Although zuya is good, it is not so easy to enter. You are so eager one by one. Do you really think others are all fools? Don\'t underestimate your opponents, especially the Bauhinia chamber of Commerce. There are experts like Chen Xiao, which can\'t be despised. "
"You don\'t have to worry too much. Just take care of yourself. What\'s more, no matter how powerful Chen Xiao is, can he kill us all? Even if so many of us stand and let him kill, it\'s enough to kill him. Ha ha, it\'s not enough to be afraid of just Chen Xiao." Suddenly someone retorted.
"Yes, but is it the guy who won Nian kuangli? It\'s really not very good. Even if it\'s strong, it\'s very limited. At that time, we will rush forward. Relying on the crowd tactics alone will be enough to consume his life. It\'s not worth mentioning at all. "
Suddenly, the atmosphere in the yard warmed up again, and everyone began to discuss tactics and tactics. At that time, how to run amok on the random beast island? With their strength, they still have the confidence to crush other forces.
Apart from the two super forces, these cloud family disciples don\'t pay attention to anything else.
The same scenes are still being staged in other water homes and Nian homes. Many people are doomed to be unable to sleep this night, and many people must have lost sleep completely.
However, there must be no Chen Xiao among the many insomniacs. He slept soundly that night, because the quota competition has been pressing on his mind. Now the dust has finally settled and an accurate result has been obtained.
Some things, ah, are afraid of being pending, making people completely unable to touch their mind and direction, which is the most difficult, uncomfortable and uneasy.
Just like before, the four families have been silent about the allocation of places in Shengxian pool, which has led to all kinds of rumors on the island, which are rampant and are about to cause chaos.
But now it\'s OK. It\'s finally settled. You can also feel at ease. In addition, Chen Xiao easily got a detailed map of Luan animal island in his hand. It can be said that he has been prepared and doesn\'t panic.
In fact, one of the more important reasons is that Yue Yao is beside him and is accompanying him. After a happy exercise, Chen xiaosleep is particularly steady and sweet. He doesn\'t get up until the sun rises.
"Eh? Where are the people? " Chen Xiao opened his eyes but didn\'t see Yueyao who should have been around. Subconsciously, he shouted.
Then the subconscious mind spread out and saw Yueyao practicing her sword in the yard. Her body was extremely light. The long sword was like a willow in her hand. It changed for no reason and shuttled back and forth. She often stabbed the key. The cold stars were a little, but she was quite spiritual.
No matter how exquisite the sword technique is, it still needs to be supported by the realm. Otherwise, it is duckweed in the wind. There is no foundation. Today\'s Yueyao is poor in the realm, and this thing needs a lot of time of hard cultivation or training.
Only in this way can we lay a solid foundation and stabilize the realm. Obviously, Yueyao is still far from enough. Some things cannot be forced. The more so, it will be slower.
Yueyao, who practiced sword in the yard, also noticed that there was a divine thought. She immediately identified it as Chen Xiao, so she stood down and turned back and said, "you wake up. There\'s something to eat on the table."
After that, he stopped paying attention to Chen Xiao, but continued to practice his sword. He was meticulous and almost exhausted his strength every time he waved his sword.
Chen Xiao smiled and went to the pavilion. He saw the food placed on the stone table. It was very simple. Some rice porridge was matched with pickles and a little fried diced meat. It tasted very fragrant and satisfied.
"You made it yourself. I remember the dishes made in the kitchen don\'t taste like this." After eating, Chen Xiao\'s eyes lit up and looked at Yueyao with a smile.
"Yes, how about it? My craft hasn\'t regressed." Yueyao also smiled, stopped, went to the pavilion and sat down. She looked up and drank a lot of water. Her eyes looked at Chen Xiao affectionately.
Her eyes have been staring at Chen Xiao, who is eating. She doesn\'t leave for a moment. Chen Xiao is very embarrassed.
Chen Xiao wiped his mouth and said, "why? Do I have flowers on my face? It\'s a little strange to keep staring. "
"Although you don\'t have flowers on your face, you look ten times, a hundred times better than flowers. You can\'t see enough in your life." Yueyao smiled and said a very moving love word.
Hearing this in Chen Xiao\'s ears, his heart suddenly became hot. An unspeakable feeling surged into his heart again. His eyes immediately turned red. It was no different from the beast.
All of a sudden, Yueyao was frightened. Yueyao exclaimed, "Chen Xiao, what\'s the matter with you?"
"Little girl, since you started the anger, it\'s up to you to put it out." As he spoke, he was like a hungry tiger. He flew up and rushed towards Yueyao.
Yueyao was stunned. "Ah, what are you doing? No."
"If you want to run, you goblin, you can\'t escape from my Wuzhishan all your life. Bring it to you."
There was an evil wind hanging on the ground. With a burning man\'s breath, the door of the bedroom was slammed open, and then it was closed. A big war was opened again. As for many details, you don\'t have to show them. Heaven knows, you know, I know, and everything is silent.
After a long time, I don\'t know how many hours have passed.
Yueyao lay lazily on her clothes and felt sore all over even playing. On the contrary, Chen Xiao was in high spirits.
He looked back at Yueyao, and suddenly his satisfaction reached an unprecedented level. He laughed three times and said, "you have a good rest. I\'ll go to practice."
"Bah, bad thing."
"Ha ha."
As for Bruce Lee, he didn\'t appear to disturb the two people\'s separate world from beginning to end. It\'s not that he suddenly has a good eye, but Bruce Lee has been in a closed state. It seems that he is on the verge of breaking through again.
"The breath is unstable. Is it going to break through again? This...... "Chen Xiao stood outside, scratched his head and looked surprised.
After coming out of the bedroom, Chen Xiao thought of Bruce Lee, and then went to have a look and saw that things had come., the fastest update of the webnovel!