Everlasting Dragon Emperor
Author :Mu Tong Ting Zhu
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Chapter 4699

Lu Ming spits out a mouthful of blood and looks pale.
On him, on his arm, if you look closely, you can see a lot of tiny wounds.
It was pierced by that tiny sword.
Fortunately, Lu Ming withdrew from the battle platform, and the moonlight was blocked. If there was a fight between life and death in other places, and the other side continued to pursue, Lu Ming might be in danger.
"Am I defeated?"
Lu Ming whispers, some trance, feeling some unreal.
Since his practice, he has never been defeated in the first World War at the same level.
Although he was born in a small world, he fought all the way with an invincible posture. Now he has reached the peak of the universe, and has already formed the belief of invincibility.
This is the first time that he has tasted defeat in the first World War of the same level.
For a time, he was a little difficult to accept, which had a huge impact on his self-confidence.
"Defeated, Lu Ming was defeated!"
People who destroy the heavenly army also feel incredible, just like in a dream.
They did not expect that in World War I of the same level, there were people in the universe who could defeat Lu Ming.
"This man, too strong!"
Among the Yaxian people, the sky stares at Ye immortal, and his eyes are extremely dignified.
The people in the heavenly palace are ecstatic.
Lu Ming is defeated. Who else is Ye immortal\'s opponent?
The human king\'s body, after all, will belong to their heavenly palace.
"Our heavenly palace dominates the endless years of the universe. We are the masters of the universe. With these clowns, we want to fight against our heavenly palace. We can\'t help ourselves."
"Yes, when our heavenly palace takes full control of the human king\'s body, we can sweep out the eight wastelands and six harmonies, step down and destroy the heavenly army, and see who dares to fight against our heavenly palace."
Many days, the people laugh and feel very happy.
"That seems to be the original skill!"
At this time, Tang Jun whispered.
"Yuanshu? Is the source skill not the existence of the original state, can we master it? This person is just a god state, how can he get the source skill? "
The lion\'s face changed.
"Therefore, it is very likely that this person is reincarnated and God dominates the state, and it is impossible for him to use the source skill. Only the person in the original state can understand the source skill according to his own source."
"What shocked me most was that the cultivation of this man was suppressed to the level of God. It was incredible that he could still use the source skill."
Tang jundao.
Tang Jun himself was also a reincarnation person. In his previous life, he was also the existence of the original state, and he had also understood the source technique.
But she can\'t use it now.
Don\'t say that her cultivation is suppressed in the God, even if her cultivation is not suppressed, it still can\'t be used.
If you want to use the source skill, it is too difficult and the conditions are extremely harsh.
Under normal circumstances, only the original state can exert the source skill.
And yah immortality, oppressed to the weight of God, can actually cast the source skill, which is really incredible.
Just now, ye immortality defeated Lu Ming by relying on Yuan Shu.
"Who is this man?"
Lion, Xi and others, looking at Ye immortal deeply, feel that the man is covered with layers of mist.
"Who else will come to war?"
At this moment, yaimmortal opened his mouth and looked at all directions.
But for a moment, no one went to war.
"If no one goes to war, I will own the king\'s flesh."
Ye immortal light mouth.
"Damn it. Let me meet him."
The ball called. It was very unpleasant.
"Ball, don\'t go. You are not his opponent. If you go up, you may die in vain."
Lu Ming blocked the ball.
Yeah, it\'s a big gap. It\'s not a big shot.
Even if the defense and vitality of the ball are amazing, it will be dangerous. Who knows what the other side has.
"I\'m not happy..."
the ball called, but it didn\'t go up.
"What to do? Is it up to the human king to fall into the hands of the heavenly palace?"
"The heavenly palace has obtained the human king\'s flesh body. If we find the king\'s heart again, it will be truly invincible. In the vast universe, no one can contain the heavenly palace."
Yaxian people are also discussing.
"This man fought against Lu Ming for hundreds of moves just now, and finally defeated Lu Ming with a unique move. I think his consumption must be very large. Maybe his remaining strength is not much, and he may not have no chance."
An old man of Yaxian said.
The eyes of the rest of Yaxian are bright.
"Yes, it is inconceivable that Lu Ming can be defeated in the first World War at the same level. It can\'t be that there is no loss. He must have lost a lot. Maybe he has reached the edge of exhaustion of strength. We still have three men to fight. We may not have no chance to defeat him."
Another person spoke."I\'ll fight him!"
At this time, a great man of Yaxian nationality stepped out and stepped on the battle platform.
This great man of Yaxian nationality is very powerful. Among the Yaxian people, he belongs to the top class, just like the four strongest heavenly kings of Tianren family.
Before the hand, the sky on the first step.
As soon as the great man of the Yaxian nationality stepped on the battle platform, he launched a storm like attack, which swept the immortal.
He didn\'t want to give ye immortality any time to recover. He had to work hard to defeat him.
"The sword of heaven and man -- the war of the moon!"
Ye immortal indifferent mouth, a sword cut out, a round of incomplete moonlight emerged.
Out of everyone\'s expectation, ye immortal\'s move is a unique skill.
The moonlight scattered over the battle platform.
Yaxian Han pupil sharp contraction, showing the color of panic, he roared, try his best to resist.
However, compared with Lu Ming, his combat effectiveness is far from satisfactory.
As the moonlight fell, all the attacks and defenses of the great man of Yaxian collapsed in an instant.
Puff, puff, puff, puff...
the dense sword light stabbed the Yaxian man, whose body was completely shrouded in the moonlight.
The body shape of the great man of Yaxian nationality was suddenly fixed. He stood on the battle platform, motionless, and his eyes were wide, showing a strong sense of panic.
Then, with a touch, the body of the great man of the Yaxian nationality broke up and turned into a pool of ashes.
Both the body and the spirit are destroyed!
It turned out that the Yaxian people were already beaten to ashes when they were shrouded in the moonlight.
Every ray of moonlight is a sword.
The number of sword Qi is too much. The great man of Yaxian nationality was hit by countless sword Qi and was blown away in smoke.
the Yaxian people roared, shocked and heartbroken.
The great man of Yaxian nationality is a top strong man. He is almost invincible under the original state. It is almost certain that he will break through the original state in the future. But now, he has fallen down like this, which can be said to be a heavy loss.
At the same time, they are also cold hearted.
Yeah, immortality is so strong that he kills his opponent with one move.
The key is that ye immortality is able to display his unique skills. It is not like a sign of intense loss and exhaustion of strength.
Lu Ming shakes his head slightly. He knows that the immortal power of Ye is still abundant.
Although he had fought with him for hundreds of moves before, ye immortal\'s control of power was too subtle, and the loss was not big.
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