Divine System of the Strongest Card Supplier in th
Chapter 3667: Breathe a sigh of relief
Divine System of the Strongest Card Supplier in th
Author :Shu Yu
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Chapter 3667: Breathe a sigh of relief

"Master Ellen, give up!"

"Since he has been injured by you, how can he come out again in a short time?"

"I understand this truth, can you not know?"

"To put it bluntly, you just don\'t want to admit it!"

"Master Allen, I have already said that if you launch a full charge early, how can there be such a mess?"

"Just keep waiting like this, until the end, there is nothing."

"At that time, I will see how you explain to the top..."

"At that time, you will also know the temper of Lord City Lord..."

"Ha ha"

"We were in vain, and we also lost our troops. I don\'t need to say more about what we will end up with!"

"Hurry up, stop the ink, hurry up and launch a full-scale attack!"

Protoss third-class general Talha didn\'t know how many times he said it.

At this moment, the more I speak, the more painful my head, the more numb my expression is, the dull eyesight, the body twitching, the indifferent mind, and the speechless.

This... can say a hammer!

What\'s going on next, there must be a charter, right?

Just stay where you are, without saying anything, is this true? Is this real?

Now I am really tired.

A sense of tiredness swept the whole body.


Bang bang bang...

There seems to be some movement around!

Alan\'s eyes widened and bloodshot, and he didn\'t take it at all.

He saw a ball of fireworks leaping out of space torn apart.

"Master! They haven\'t left yet!"


The purple-red fireworks were trembling, seeming to be quite frightened, and immediately wanted to escape.

At this moment, Ellen couldn\'t think of so much, and his body rose into the sky, and then he wanted to catch the fireworks, but how he scratched it was of no avail...

"This should be the so-called alien space."

"They must be hiding in this space fault."

"My chance, here comes!"

"Rush in! Rush in!"

Alan gritted his teeth, his whole body and heart gathered together.

Needless to say other things at this moment, stabilize your mind, and take off in an all-round way is the first.

As for the others, there is no need to care.

The more I thought about it, the faster my pace became.

Excited heart, shaking hands...

"Master Ellen, in case there is danger..."

Talha couldn\'t help but warn behind him, at this time, you must collapse your mind and not waver...

When a wave destroys everything, won\'t it just be cold?

This... can play a hammer...

Although Talha was a fierce general, he still subconsciously felt that something was wrong in it, so he quickly warned.

But obviously, how could Alan, the second-class **** of the Protoss at this moment, listen to him.

He waited long enough, and the resentment in his heart had already accumulated to the extreme.

He just wants to catch the guy in front of him in an all-round way, as for the others, he doesn\'t care, let alone care.

The mentality collapsed.

Hold the moment!

The key is the key!

take off!

Take off in full!

The magenta flame was in front and Allen was behind, so he went straight in.

Talha stood on the spot, taking a step forward subconsciously, but finally couldn\'t help taking it back.

He didn\'t want to take his own life to make a bet, he was afraid of death...

At this time, just...just stay steady, not wave, absolutely not wave.


Fang Fan looked at the semi-god powerhouse of the Protoss race in front of him so calmly following the God of Du\'e to break in, feeling a little strange.

Good guy, come here now?

All these aspects immediately felt interesting.

The fun in it is also being strengthened in an all-round way.

The corners of Fang Fan\'s mouth raised slightly, and a smile appeared on his face.

Interesting, really interesting.

Just... take your time.

Full takeoff and explosion...

After the second-class **** of the Protoss entered Alan into the Chutian Pavilion small world, the smile on his face suddenly increased.

Entering with him, there are about a dozen cultivators of the Protoss race, all of whom are in the Holy Venerable Realm.

"Ha ha ha ha!"

"Sure enough! It really is hiding here!"

"Is this a spatial fault?"

"The construction here is pretty good..."

"You actually want to go out to test..."

"Since I was sent to death by myself, no one can blame me..."

"If you want to die, I can only fulfill you!"

"In my protoss army, it must be dead to disrupt for so long!"

Allen jumped in excitement, and finally... finally saw the real person, and finally was able to wipe out this group of bastards.

But why is there no fear on these guys\' faces?

Are they not afraid?

Why is the expression on his face so calm?

What do they mean? Didn\'t you see me coming?

This God General is also a strong one in the weak and semi-god state of the Protoss at any rate, OK, you... you always give some face...

"Should... be frightened?"

"Um...probably like this..."

"Among these people, there is not a single demigod..."

"It seems that my previous prediction was wrong..."

"Accurately speaking, they are basically rookies below the Holy Venerable Realm..."

"Now you have a dead end!"

"Kneel down and surrender me, maybe...I can give you a way to survive..."

"Your ability to split space and create space faults is still a favorite..."

The second-class **** of the Protoss will continue to roar in excitement Alan.

But what he was speaking was the language of the gods, Fang Fan and others couldn\'t understand it at all. Anyway, he kept hearing this guy yelling there...

Just... nothing.

Then I saw a dozen or so powerful protoss holy monarchs standing behind the leader of the protoss, rushing towards Fang Fan and the others.

"Boy Fang Fan, people are here, hurry up... do it quickly..."

"Aren\'t you all bragging? Are you just a rookie?"

"Boy Fang Fan, you can\'t scare me!"

"So many protoss have been put in, if you drop the chain, we will all be done!"

Bai Piaoxu\'s talk, but it can show his character.

Fang Fan stretched out his hand, suddenly felt a trace of sleepiness, and then subconsciously said hello...

Then spit out...


The breath rushed to the ten or so Protoss Saint-Venerable Realm powerhouses before their eyes, and then their bodies began to disappear at a speed visible to the naked eye...

"Ah..." (Protoss language)

"It\'s painful... Get out! Get out!"

"I... I feel so uncomfortable..."

"Don\'t... don\'t control me like this!"

"Go away! Go away all!"

"My head... my head hurts! It\'s about to split!"

"Damn it! Damn it!"

"My hands... why are my hands gone..."

"My breast... my breast... has become a big hole!"


The dozen or so cultivators of the Protoss Realm couldn\'t help screaming. After Fang Fan sighed, their bodies began to corrode crazily...