The World Civilization Million Lords
Chapter 4245: ,Giant trees
The World Civilization Million Lords
Author :Flying de lazy cat
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Chapter 4245: ,Giant trees

After Prince Ajer, Prince Ivan took his own initiative to meet the messenger of the Seven Star Alliance!

This news quickly spread among the citizens of the Elven Kingdom.

Suddenly, countless people were discussing this matter.

The wind that was released before was naturally also associated with this matter by the people.

This makes many young elves seem a little excited.

As for the elves of the older generation, the response was more complicated.

Some people agree, while others oppose it. What\'s even more important is of course those who stand neutral and watch the show.

Among them, the objection must be the oldest group of elves. After all, they are the elves who have experienced the war period. This makes them not have a good impression of the outside world, and their rejection is the heaviest in the country.

But in the next few generations, the times they lived in tended to be peaceful, and their ideas were obviously not so unified.

For Jason Luster, this is undoubtedly enough.

He couldn\'t really wait until the old batch of elves were all dead before implementing his plan.

The implementation of the plan itself takes a lot of time. When that happens, he himself estimates that he will soon retreat, and at the same time he is getting older. Where can there be so much energy to implement such a big plan?

Therefore, for overall consideration, this time is the best time for Jason!

In the following period of time, various uncertain rumors caused public opinion in the Elven Kingdom to be heated up.

It was in this situation that Ye Qingxuan and others in a deer cart officially arrived near the Elf City...

The Elf King City is undoubtedly located in the center of a large expanse of forest, and their current location is outside this forest.

Peering out half of the body from the window of the deer cart, Ye Qingxuan saw a towering tree that can be called a landmark at a glance!

The term towering trees is basically used to describe the height of trees, but it is obviously exaggerated.

However, the tree that appeared in front of them at this time, Ye Qingxuan called it a towering tree, but there was no exaggeration.

Because this tree is so high!

A large section of the main trunk towered into the sky, straight into the sky, and at the position where Ye Qingxuan was, at this glance, it was completely impossible to see where the crown of the tree was!

"Prince Ivan, what is that big tree? Why is it so tall?!"

Down the road, Ye Qingxuan was undoubtedly familiar with the talkative Prince Ivan, at least on the surface.

Ye Qingxuan didn\'t feel that he had misread the other party\'s slightly meaningful smile before.

This Prince Ivan is probably not as simple as it seems.

Therefore, Ye Qingxuan\'s heart also maintains the most basic vigilance.

Faced with the question of Ye Qingxuan at this time, Prince Ivan smiled slightly, even if he didn\'t go out to check, he knew what Ye Qingxuan was asking.

"That is the sacred tree of our elves, the ancient elves."

"According to historical records, the ancestors of our elves planted the seeds of ancient elves here. Since then, the elves have taken root here and have developed to this day."

"Therefore, the age of the ancient elves is basically as long as the development history of our elves."

Listening to Prince Ivan\'s explanation, Ye Qingxuan, who was looking at the old elven tree from a distance, secretly smacked her tongue.

As long as the development history of the elves? Then the age of this ancient elven tree is probably beyond her imagination.

"Then how tall is this ancient fairy tree?"

"Well, I don\'t know."

Faced with this problem, Prince Ivan spread his hands innocently.

The ancient elves are too high. For their elves, it is very inconvenient to measure them.

At the same time, as far as the situation of their elves is concerned, there is actually no need to measure the height of the ancient elves. In their opinion, this action is of no substantial significance.

Is it useful to measure it out?

The answer is that it\'s useless, it\'s just a waste of time.

At this time, Ye Qingxuan was simply a little curious, after all, she had never seen such an exaggerated tree!

"Luo Ji, can you scan the height of the ancient elven tree?"

Hearing this, Luo Ji quickly flew out of the car window, controlling the cube-shaped secretary robot, then locked on the ancient elves in the distance and started scanning.

In the process, Prince Ivan in the car also cast a curious look.

Although their elves are not interested in taking measurements, if they can know the answer, then Prince Ivan still doesn\'t mind listening.

However, after a while, Luo Ji\'s answer was disappointing.

"Exceeding the detection range limit, the target height cannot be confirmed."

This answer stunned Ye Qingxuan. The secretary robot that Luo Ji controlled at this time was not the black technology of the mechanical clan, but it was also the latest model developed by the Ye\'s Chamber of Commerce in the secretary robot.

The internal configuration belongs to the most sophisticated level among the same type of products.

Of course, the secretary robot is a secretary robot after all. For a secretary robot, the most important function of UU reading is the information processing capability.

Functions like long-distance detection are obviously beyond the scope of the secretary robot\'s responsibility. This is a function that a reconnaissance robot should have.

Although according to Ye Qingxuan\'s request, taking into account Luo Ji\'s special situation, they have modified and strengthened other aspects of this secretary robot within the limits of what they could do.

But the secretary robot, to put it bluntly, is a large Rubik\'s cube. The size is just that big. The main thing is that it is easy to carry when going out. Even if it is strengthened, the overall performance is actually the same.

"How do I feel that this ancient fairy tree can be clearly seen even if it is outside the atmosphere?"

While speaking, Ye Qingxuan cast a questioning look at Prince Ivan.

In response, Prince Ivan nodded.

"You can see it."

Well, the old elves are huge to this point.

However, when they arrived outside the main planet, Ye Qingxuan and the others were in a slightly bad state because they had performed two subspace shuttles and two deep dormancy in a short period of time.

One by one, they basically stayed in the lounge to rest, adjust their state, and be prepared to deal with the next various situations. This actually caused them to miss a scene of wonder.

Fortunately, this old elven tree can\'t run, as long as you negotiate a cooperation with the elven kingdom, if you want to see it, there will be opportunities in the future.

As thoughts flew around, the deer cart passed through the outer forest, and everyone quickly saw the Elven King City.

Compared with the elven settlements I have seen before, the royal city of the elven kingdom is still more decent.

Although there are many tree houses, at the same time, they are more large-scale buildings, and the ancient elves are in the core area of ??this royal city...