The World Civilization Million Lords
Chapter 4244: ,national policy
The World Civilization Million Lords
Author :Flying de lazy cat
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Chapter 4244: ,national policy

Although the development of their elven kingdom has not changed much after so many years, the lives of the citizens can be called rich food and clothing.

In the Elf Kingdom, the pressure of life is very small, therefore, the pressure of work is naturally also very small.

The cost of living is very low, and the citizens do not need to work hard, and the life is basically very comfortable.

But this will lead to a situation.

That is the vast majority of the people, their life is too leisurely.

Every elves have a lot of leisure time, but they don\'t have much to do, so they will inevitably think about what they don\'t have.

For example, the outside world...

For the citizens of the Elf Kingdom who have been closed for many years, the outside world is full of mystery.

The elves of the older generation are fine.

They have experienced the turbulent period in their early years, so they are more comfortable with the status quo.

Even if life is boring, and a little interested in the outside world, it is limited to a few words when chatting nonsense with friends.

But that period, after all, some years have passed.

With the birth of a new generation of elves, especially the elves of his younger brother Ivans generation, their curiosity about the outside world will obviously become stronger, and some can even be said to be longing.

In the past few years, the voice of opening the door of the country is no longer small in their elven kingdom.

This is also the biggest reason why the elf king Jason Luster has such an idea.

After all, even the Elf King, it is impossible to advocate the opening of the country without the support of the people in the country.

As the youngest son of the Elf King, Ivan Rast is undoubtedly deeply influenced by the idea of ??the Elf King, and he is also a younger generation of elves, so he is full of curiosity and fantasies about the outside world.

The deer cart of the Elf Kingdom is still very spacious, but when Ye Qingxuan saw that Prince Ivan got into the cart, he was also surprised.

Even she did not expect that Prince Ivan would even ride a car with them.

But she didn\'t care much, just taking this opportunity to chat with the other party, and then see if she could get some information about the Elf Kingdom from the other party\'s mouth.

As a result, what made Ye Qingxuan miscalculate was that she did not expect that compared with the taciturn, slightly colder brother Prince Ajr, this Prince Ivan turned out to be a talkative...

Of course, this may not be very appropriate, and Ye Qingxuan would like to call him a curious baby with "Hundred Thousand Whys" in his hand.

He really has countless questions, his eyes like amethyst are full of curiosity about the outside world, and full of curiosity!

Ye Qingxuan originally wanted to gather some intelligence from the mouth of Prince Ivan.

As a result, he quickly turned from offensive to defensive in front of Prince Ivans countless questions and why, and finally defeated...

"Ah, my brain hurts, I can\'t do it anymore, Luo Ji, go answer Prince Ivan\'s question."

Inside the deer cart, Ye Qingxuan held her forehead with one hand, and with a headache on her face, she sent Prince Ivan to Luo Ji.

In terms of the amount of intelligence information, Luo Ji, who can be called the Encyclopedia of the Universe, definitely broke Ye Qingxuan.

In theory, Luo Ji can basically give the most standard, but also the most boring answer to any questions related to the outside world raised by Prince Ivan.

However, the Prince Ivan didn\'t seem to be bored with Luo Ji\'s encyclopedic explanation of the universe.

"Prince Ivan, are your elves so curious?"

Taking advantage of Prince Ivan\'s time to drink water, Ye Qingxuan, who supported her forehead with one hand, couldn\'t help but ask.

Facing Ye Qingxuan\'s slightly offensive question, Prince Ivan didn\'t care at all.

I saw him smile and said...

"Part of it."

"Part of..."

Ye Qingxuan, who whispered this sentence, nodded secretly in her heart.

This at least shows that some elves, including the Prince Ivan, are also very curious about the outside world. They are not for all the people, and they are unanimously exclusive. This is a comparison to Ye Qingxuan as an outsider. Important information will help her discuss cooperation with the Elf Kingdom in the future.

As his thoughts flew, Ye Qingxuan fell into a brief contemplation, and his eyes passed Prince Ivan unconsciously.

At that moment, I don\'t know if it was her illusion. From the smile on Prince Ivan\'s face, she actually saw a hint of meaning inexplicably, which made Ye Qingxuan a little surprised.

Then when she looked at Prince Ivan again, the other party had once again restored her previous state of the curious baby, and bombarded Luo Ji with various questions.

Luo Ji, on the other hand, relied on the super-strong information processing ability of his personal mastermind to answer Prince Ivan\'s various questions in an orderly manner.

In any case, their journey is probably not going to stop.

At the same time, inside the castle of King Elf City...

After receiving the latest news and learning that Ivan had successfully received the messenger from the Seven-Star Alliance and was now on the way to the Elf City, Jason Luster temporarily put down his work and turned his head to look. The guard beside him.

"How are you doing things for you?"

"Your Majesty, please rest assured, everything is done."

"That\'s good."

This time, for Jason Luster, it was his best opportunity to change the national policy and open the door of the Elf Kingdom since he took the throne for so many years!

In fact, as early as the signing of the agreement with the Black Iron Empire, he had already begun to take action gradually.

No matter whether the Black Iron Empire can prove its innocence and help them retrieve their abducted citizens, his plan will continue to be implemented.

Over the years, although their elven kingdoms are still prosperous, their development has basically stagnated. At the same time, they have cut off contact with the outside world and know very little about the outside world.

If this continues, the Elf Kingdom has no future.

One day, Jason Luster realized this very clearly.

What happened this time fully illustrates this problem.

Now, under the coordination of the Seven Star Alliance, they have not only recovered the abducted citizens, recovered a lot of stolen materials, arrested a large number of thieves, and even established diplomatic relations with their old neighbor, the Black Iron Empire. .

This one thing made Jason Luster\'s grasp even greater, and at the same time further strengthened his determination.

During this period of time, within the Elven Kingdom, Jason Last, as the Elf King, has begun to let his subordinates consciously let out some wind noise.

His approach is to further test the reaction of the people.

At the same time, they also publicized the smooth establishment of diplomatic relations between their Elven Kingdom and the Dark Iron Empire, and the help they provided to them.

All this is to reduce the resistance of conservatives in the Elven Kingdom.

If the people show very obvious resistance or even dissatisfaction with this matter, then this matter will naturally become a rumor.

On the contrary, if the people are not so resistant...

That means that after experiencing this incident, many conservatives in the country have been shaken.

This time, he agreed to the willful request of his youngest son Ivan Last, which is undoubtedly another test of domestic conservatives!