The World Civilization Million Lords
Chapter 4243: , Different attitudes
The World Civilization Million Lords
Author :Flying de lazy cat
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Chapter 4243: , Different attitudes

This time, there was no rest.

The galaxy of the Elf Kingdom, in terms of scale, should be of a relatively small type in the galaxy. Although there is a long way to go from the border to the main planet, it is not necessary for the subspace shuttle. Move in two points.

It was two long periods of dormancy in a short period of time, which made Ye Qingxuan and the others, when they awakened from the second dormancy, the state of that whole person was a little bit embarrassed.

This kind of ignorance can probably be understood as the feeling that the whole person is a little silly after sleeping for too long.

Fortunately, under the premise of setting the time, the dormant warehouse wakes them up in advance.

There should be about five days away from the main planet of the Elf Kingdom, allowing Ye Qingxuan and others to adjust their status slightly.

Five days later, the space gate opened near the main planet of the Elf Kingdom, and the fleet sailing at high speed completely separated from the subspace channel and reached the outskirts of the main planet of the Elf Kingdom.

Not far away, the Elf Kingdom came to pick up their ships, already waiting there.

After the two sides converged, the fleet maintained its efficiency, quickly broke through the atmosphere, and landed at the port inside the main planet.

When the ship settled down, Prince Ajer led them down.

Just two steps, the leader of the team below who was in charge of welcoming them made Prince Ajjer look stunned.

Ye Qingxuan was keenly aware of this change, and his sight quickly fell on the opponent.

It was a handsome male elf with gorgeous clothes.

In fact, for the elves who are rich in handsome men and beautiful women, it is difficult to see which elves are not good-looking.

However, from the other party\'s clothes and facial features, Ye Qingxuan still guessed something in her heart.

After approaching, Prince Ajer introduced...

"Miss Ye, this is my brother, Ivan Last."

Under the introduction of his elder brother Ajel, the second prince Ivan Last nodded at Ye Qingxuan with a smile on his face.

"Hello, Miss Ye."

In this regard, Ye Qingxuan is also polite.

"Hello, Prince Ivan."

In the outline of the facial features, this Prince Ivan is six or seven points similar to Prince Ajer. In addition, the clothes and attire that are not ordinary elves at first glance, Ye Qingxuan just guessed that the other party is probably also a relative of the emperor, and even very It may be the brother of Prince Ajjar.

Now it seems that it is so.

However, the two brothers differ greatly in temperament.

Perhaps because of his professional background, Ajer\'s overall temperament should be sharper, and his every move also gives people a stronger feeling.

And the temperament of the Prince Ivan was much softer.

Moreover, this temperament is directly reflected in some of the attitudes of the two princes.

Prince Ajels attitude towards Ye Qingxuan and others was undoubtedly full of hostility from the beginning, but now Ye Qingxuan and the others have helped the Elf Kingdom a lot, but the attitude of the prince Ajjel is not salty. Not light.

On the other hand, the Prince Ivan, although it was the first time they met, they were greeted with smiles.

And it\'s definitely not a smirk.

Ye Qingxuan has seen a lot of people, usually smirking, it is impossible to fool her.

She could feel that the Prince Ivan in front of her was not hostile to them, and even the whole attitude was relatively kind.

"Ivan, why are you here?"

Looking for an opportunity, Ajel lowered his voice and asked his own doubts towards his brother Ivan.

In Ajer\'s view, his father asked him to bring Ye Qingxuan and his party over, which was enough to show that their Elf Kingdom attached great importance to the Seven Star Alliance.

Under this premise, sending Ivan over again will appear to be overly important, and it will inevitably make people feel that they are weak and even please the other party.

For this situation, Ajer certainly disagrees.

At this moment, looking at his frowning brother, Ivan smiled.

"I applied to my father."

Hearing this, Ajer bluffed a few times, but he was stunned that he couldn\'t say a word, except for the headache, he still had a headache.

For this younger brother who is more than three hundred years younger than himself, Ajer is still more spoiled.

In fact, it is not just him, but also his father and mother.

For women of their elven race, the burden of childbirth is much higher than that of other races, because the child will absorb and take away part of the mother\'s power during the process of pregnancy and birth.

Therefore, their Elf Kingdom has regulations that if a female Elf who has already given birth to a child wants to have a second child, there must be at least three hundred years apart.

After giving birth to the second child, their elves are basically middle-aged and it is impossible to have a third child.

This also made the elven family especially pampered with their young sons, even the Rast royal family, who is the elven royal family, is no exception.

But even if his father spoiled Ivan again, UU reading would not be spoiled to the point of disregarding the overall situation of the country.

In this way, Ivan is here for only two reasons.

Either Ivan sneaked out by himself, or Ivan\'s actions did not conflict with his father\'s intentions, so his father would take advantage of the trend and let Ivan welcome them.

It\'s impossible to sneak out, it should be the one behind.

As the prince, Ajer naturally knew some of the ideas his father had always advocated.

Judging from the current situation, his father made it clear that he wanted to use this momentum to reach a cooperation or even an alliance with the Seven Star Alliance, and then take advantage of the trend to open the country.

In the past, Ajer had always supported and agreed with his father\'s ideas.

However, after experiencing a series of recent events, Ajer\'s mentality has undoubtedly changed a little.

Of course he will not violate his father\'s decision, but in his heart, he obviously no longer agrees with him as he did at the beginning...

"Oh, don\'t be angry, brother."

Looking at Ajel with frowning brows, Ivan said, and put his arms around his elder brother\'s shoulders.

"Father is also worried that you are running around, too hard, so he asked me to meet the representatives of the Seven Star Alliance. I will leave the rest to me. Brother, you can rest well."

While talking, Ivan winked at Ajer, and then, before Ajjer could respond, he ran to the deer cart that Ye Qingxuan and the others had configured, and went straight in, looking at the one standing outside. Ajer sighed.

Next, what Ivan wants to do, he already knows roughly in his heart, but he has nothing to do.

In the end, he had no choice but to accept it.