Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 589: 0 Renxues little abacus, Im afraid my stomach wont live up to my stomach
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
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Chapter 589: 0 Renxues little abacus, Im afraid my stomach wont live up to my stomach

"Starting to capture the goddess from Douluo (

"How do I feel that you are lying to me?" Qian Renxue stared at Xu Ran, his heart pounding. As Xu Ran said, this is indeed a good opportunity to overtake a corner.

Qian Renxue was also arrogant, and only put down her figure in front of Xu Ran.

Competitive and eager, she has always been worried about the late time she met Xu Ran. Because I got acquainted with Xu Ran late, I married Xu Ran in the future, and I probably couldn\'t hold my head up in front of so many women in Xu Ran. When she was with Xu Ran, the women beside Xu Ran were already more than one hand.

If the family status is ranked according to the children in the future, then she will not be too slow. She is so strong that she might be able to get ahead.

Suddenly, Qian Renxue remembered a word: Mother is expensive by son.

If that were the case, she really couldn\'t refuse.

"Am I the kind of person who doesn\'t count?" Xu Ran touched his nose. He Xu Ran has always been a good citizen who is honest and trustworthy.

"Hmph, you are. Last time you said that it was just rubbing, but you went in before I was noticing, and the victim was not ready before you were..." Qian Renxue pouted and said shyly.

"Ahem, isn\'t it too dark? I didn\'t see it, plus the road was too wet and too slippery." Xu Ran said with a smile. It\'s not to blame him, the road is heavy and the driving has to be slippery.

"But I didn\'t lie to you this time. I\'ll tell Xiao Wu and the others too in a few days. It\'s fair and just, so that you won\'t fight and wrangling at that time." Don\'t look at Xiao Wu and they are getting along very well now, it\'s because of them. They haven\'t officially married Xu Ran, so there is no difference between big and small.

When the time comes, once you become a biological baby, even if you are eating, you will have a seat on the same table.

Xu Ran looked very open. They were all his women, they were all darlings, and he would treat them as equals. But Qian Renxue and the others would definitely not think that way. For their own benefit, they will inevitably fight when they are arrogant and arrogant.

The prosperity of the world is for profit, and the hustle and bustle of the world is for profit.

Even the most generous people will care about things. Religious culture believes in wealth and beauties. Some people who are not greedy for money and bad are able to quarrel with others in terms of belief and culture. People who seem to be generous are nothing but The things I care about are different from the public, so I dont compete with the public. It seems to be a little more magnanimous.

Qian Renxue and the others were very open about other aspects, immortal grass, treasures, soul bones, they never competed or snatched, and they didn\'t even care. They care about Xu Ran, and naturally want to compete for Xu Ran\'s love.

Just like Xiao Wu and Zhu Qing, he and Zhu Qing fell in love first, but it was Xiao Wu who became his first woman. If this benefit is not transferred clearly, gaps will inevitably arise.

"Hee hee, that\'s good. From then on, I will follow you for what you do. I love you to death." Qian Renxue jumped up, lying on Xu Ran\'s body like an octopus, on Xu Ran\'s face Take a peck fiercely.

Excited, she had already put some feminine gestures behind her head.

"Do everything depend on me?" Xu Ran looked at Qian Renxue with a smile, he didn\'t expect this trick to work so well. It seems that no matter what you do, you can\'t do it hard, you have to be outsmart.

"Well. As long as you are not too much, and I will not walk you through the back door, you will die of this heart." Qian Renxue said in a low voice, lowering her head. Anyway, there is only one way to have a baby, so she won\'t let Xu Ran play other tricks.


Xu Ran was dumbfounded, and didn\'t know if he should be happy or sad. Originally, watching Qian Renxue open up to him, he could live a happy life in the future. But now the other roads seem to be blocked.

Qian Renxue seemed to want to make up his mind to only let the water from the faucet flow to one place.

"Xue\'er, I think it can be remedied..." Xu Ran gave a light cough, preparing to tell Qian Renxue some other knowledge.

"I don\'t listen, I don\'t listen, let\'s go shopping in Wuhun City." Qian Renxue took Xu Ran and walked outside, closing her ears, not listening to Xu Ran\'s foul language. Listening to Xu Ran\'s changes every day, she almost turned into a dirty girl.

She was originally a seraph and should be holy. She was indeed like that before, but under Xu Ran\'s leadership, her thoughts slowly became unclean. What she thought she couldn\'t do before was also done by Xu Ran.

"Okay." Xu Ran readily agreed, and now there is nothing to do anyway.

Just to go shopping, buy Qian Renxue some nice clothes, miniskirts or something.

The streets of Wuhun City are more lively than Heaven Dou City. Wuhun City is the true center of the Douluo Continent, at least for spirit masters. Here, the existence of a powerful soul master can be felt at any time, which is unimaginable in Heaven Dou City.

It is also because of the strong people in Wuhun City that Xu Ran and Qian Renxue appeared on the street, although many people were amazed by their faces. The man is handsome, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com women are all over the country, beautiful and beautiful. But even if Qian Renxue was so beautiful, those people only dared to look at it from a distance. There are countless powerful people in Wuhun City, and these people are also very self-aware, knowing that Xu Ran and the two are people they can\'t afford.

"Xu Ran, do you think this skirt looks good." Qian Renxue took a black dress with gold patterns from the hanger and gestured on her body, facing the big floor mirror, she became more and more satisfy.

After returning from Tiandou City, she was also used to wearing girl\'s clothes.

But it was the first time that she went shopping like a real girl. Seeing all kinds of things, she was immediately inspired by the shopping genes in her bones.

"It looks good, everything you wear looks good, if it is shorter, it will look better." Xu Ran sat on the bench beside him, with his hands resting behind his head, and Erlang\'s legs, leisurely admiring Qian Renxue\'s beauty.

Qian Renxue is beautiful, with a black and gold skirt, but it has a special flavor. Qian Renxue is naturally beautiful and looks good even in coarse linen.

It\'s just that if it\'s shorter, you can show your beautiful legs. Qian Renxue is also a leg-playing year, even if it is not as good as Xiao Wu, it is definitely the best.

"Vulgar." Looking at Xu Ran\'s eyes, Qian Renxue gave Xu Ran a blank look.

Men dont have a good thing. Day by day, without thinking of other things in my mind, I knew to toss her. She couldn\'t figure it out, Xu Ran just thought about this, why the cultivation is so fast, it is incredible.

However, although Qian Renxue said no, she still carefully selected a miniskirt from the shelf.

A scholar dies for a confidant, and a female is a person who pleases oneself.

Especially after knowing that she had a chance to be the lord of Xu Zhuang\'s palace, Qian Renxue was very happy.