Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 569: Goodbye Don 3
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
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Chapter 569: Goodbye Don 3

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The final of the Advanced Soul Master Academy Contest is located in the main city of Wuhun Hall. This city is located at the border of the two countries, and neither of the two empires has ownership of it. Most importantly, the Papal Hall, which symbolizes one of the two most lofty halls of the Wuhun Hall, is located in it.

The Popes Palace is known as the most magnificent building in the Douluo Continent, and Wuhun City has become the holy place in the hearts of all soul masters because of this newly built Popes Palace. It was also a capital-like existence established by the Wuhun Temple for itself.

The Shrek team traveled for about ten days, and they set off with the Heaven Dou Royal Team. After all, they were equivalent to representing the Heaven Dou Empire. Several colleges, there are hundreds of royal knights to protect. However, considering Xu Ran\'s strength, the Heaven Dou Empire did not appoint a strong person to protect them. Xu Ran\'s strength is enough to protect this group of people. If it really encountered a danger that even Xu Ran couldn\'t solve, it would be useless for the Empire to send a few Contras.

For the Heaven Dou Empire, Contra was almost a top powerhouse. If other Title Douluo ranks belonged to other sects, or they were casual cultivators.

Originally, Xu Ran should have played on behalf of the Xingluo Royal Academy of the Xingluo Empire. However, Xu Ran does not have a strong sense of belonging to this world country. After all, he is a traverser, in comparison, Xu Ran\'s time in the Heaven Dou Empire is stronger.

It\'s not just Xu Ran, people from other colleges also don\'t have a strong sense of belonging to the country. On the contrary, it is the academy, and the forces of the sect can be their backing.

The most important thing is that Xu Ran\'s task is not to win the game.

Along the way, Xu Ran and the others were not in a hurry, but leisurely admired the roadside scenery. Xu Ran sometimes plays with the girls, and spends most of his time on cultivation and understanding.

After the increase in strength, Xu Ran had a deep understanding of the general trend of the coincidence of heaven and earth. Xu Ran\'s current cultivation base is very solid. Under the same cultivation, Xu Ran\'s spirit power reserves are almost comparable to those of Titled Douluo above level ninety-five. As for the quality of spirit power, they are even more powerful.

The quality of energy determines the power of your attack. The divine power of the gods is far greater than the soul power of the lower realms. This is why the spirit masters of the lower realms can\'t defeat the gods no matter how defying the sky and how they can leapfrog the challenge.

Xu Ran was able to defeat the Rakshasa god, because although it was soul power, the various supreme attributes were mixed in it. Although it was not a god, the power system still belonged to the soul power system. But the quantitative change caused a qualitative change, and with so many supreme attributes mixed, Xu Ran\'s spirit power could not be weakened by the divine power of the first-level god.

"What a magnificent Wuhun City, it is worthy of being the largest city in the mainland."

When he arrived in Wuhun City, Flender couldn\'t help feeling shocked when he looked at the magnificent building.

It is worthy of being a martial arts palace that can suppress almost all the forces in the mainland with its own power.

"Yes, Wuhun Palace is the largest city in the mainland, and it deserves it." As the deputy dean of Shrek Academy, Liu Erlong rode a horse, dressed in strong clothes, and looked at the majestic walls of Wuhun City. Can\'t help being surprised.

There is such a shocking building in the mainland, so towering, just looking at it gives people a sense of oppression. No wonder there are so many believers in Wuhun Hall.

"That woman is still the Pope of the Martial Soul Palace, it\'s really stressful." Liu Erlong curled his lips, showing a complex color on his beautiful face. Bibi Dong is the Pope of Wuhun Temple, and is naturally overwhelming her.

It turned out that when Yu Xiaogang was, Bibi Dong wanted to be better with her.

Now she saw through Yu Xiaogang\'s character and truly fell in love with Xu Ran. But Bibi Dong also followed.

Does Bibi Dong have hatred with her?

Obviously she was with Xu Ran first, but Bibi Dong was noble and at the helm of the Martial Soul Palace, she was a strong woman in the true sense, and could even arouse Xu Ran\'s desire to conquer. Although Xu Ran likes to watch her wear teacher\'s makeup in the college. The shirt and the black silk-wrapped hip skirt are indeed very charming, even she is proud of herself. After all, she can make her husband obsessed with herself. This is the happiest thing to be a wife.

But no matter how good she was, no matter how beautiful she was, Bibi Dong wouldn\'t be wearing a pope dress.

He looked high, ruling the world, sitting in the supreme position of the Popes Palace overlooking the world, no man can withstand this temptation.

"Should Bibi Dong not retaliate against me? Last time I teased her so hard, taking advantage of her lack of strength to make her so cruel, her body is limp. Now that she has recovered her strength, she has returned to the Martial Soul Palace, shouldn\'t she look for me? Come back in revenge." Liu Erlong\'s face collapsed, suddenly feeling that something was wrong.

"It\'s so strong. It\'s much stronger than our Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect."

The women were also curiously looking around Wuhun City, the temperament and strength of the people around them were far beyond the reach of people in other places. As for Xu Ran, a dozen or so breaths of nearly twenty Title Douluo had already been sensed.

Just the Martial Soul Palace family gathered so many powerful people. Even if you add up the title Douluo from other parts of the Douluo Continent, there are not as many Title Douluos in the Soul Palace.

The Wuhun Hall controls the Wuhun awakening of six-year-old children in most parts of the Douluo Continent. Most talented soul masters will be accepted into the Wuhun Hall. Therefore, it was not unreasonable that the Wuhun Palace would be so powerful.

Douluo Continent is a place to eat with talent. It has mastered a group of talented people, and naturally it can mix well.

As for Yu Xiaogang\'s sentence "There is no waste of martial arts souls, UU reading only has waste soul masters", just take a look at this sentence and have fun.

Tang San\'s talent is one of the few twin martial arts souls in the history of Douluo Continent, and the first martial arts soul has the hidden blood of the Blue Silver Emperor. Didn\'t Yu Xiaogang think he could really train an ordinary blue silver grass spirit spirit master?

"Brother Xu, you are welcome to be a guest in the Wuhun Hall. I am so happy that you come to our Wuhun Hall." In the distance, an extremely proud voice sounded. The guardian, attracting the attention of many people in an instant.

Everyone looked at Tang San and couldn\'t help being a little surprised, how many people could actually talk to Xu Ran about brothers and sisters. Moreover, looking at Tang San\'s outfit, you can also tell that his status in the Wuhun Palace must not be low.

"Tang San, what\'s the air? In front of Xu Ran, it\'s not a bullshit." Ning Rongrong saw that Tang San was so rampant, and he didn\'t yell at him. Obviously, he was very annoying to Tang San.

"Tang San is despicable and disgusting. The last time he left from Shrek Academy, he did not expect to come to the Spirit Hall and was reused by the Spirit Hall. However, some people, no matter how bright and beautiful the clothes are, they can\'t hide him. Dirty in his heart." Xiao Wu uttered disdainfully, with a loud voice, and it pierced Tang San\'s ears, making Tang San very worried for an instant. The heart is dripping blood.