Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 546: If you want to become a god, only I can help you
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 546: If you want to become a god, only I can help you

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"Xu Ran, shouldn\'t you be playing with me sincerely?" Bibi Dong said angrily. She always feels that Xu Ran is joking, offending the entire God Realm, how is this possible?

There is more than one **** in the God Realm. If Xu Ran said it, even if Xu Ran\'s strength is now comparable to that of a god, he would die without a place to bury him.

Even if Xu Ran had Gu Yuena this powerhouse next to him, it was impossible to protect him.

"I also think I was joking." Xu Ran shrugged helplessly. He is also very helpless, but his identity is destined to be enemies between him and the God Realm, and it is impossible for him to allow himself to have a force that can suppress him.

However, he didn\'t expect everything to come so quickly, much faster than he thought.

Originally, he planned to go to the God Realm again when he was invincible, and suppress the God Realm in one fell swoop.

"Oh. It\'s a pity that I can\'t help you." Bibi Dong replied lowly and looked at the free and easy smile on Xu Ran\'s face. Suddenly, she was a little restrained. Even if she is the pope, she may not be able to become a god.

And now the possibility of her becoming a **** is even slimmer. The God of Raksha seems to have chosen Tang San as the inheritor. Although Tang San\'s cultivation base is lower than her, the Raksha aura in him is far better than her.

In other words, Tang San had a better chance of becoming a Rakshasa **** than she did.

She bears the inheritance of the Raksha God, if she fails to break through the Raksha God, she will no longer have the chance to become a God in this life.

"I am enough. If you really want to help me, then marry me, maybe I will feel comfortable all at once, and the possibility of success against the gods will increase a little bit." Xu Ran was very interested. Said, looking at Bibi Dong\'s beautiful, noble and stunning appearance.

Bibi Dong\'s beauty is far better than others.

Before the others had grown up, Bibi Dong\'s beauty was only inferior to Gu Yuena.

"It\'s so stinky, I won\'t marry you. But I won\'t kill you either. You are Xueer\'s future husband, and you will also be from the Spirit Hall in the future." Bibi Dong said seriously.

After several days of thinking, she no longer regarded Xu Ran as an enemy.

Xu Ran is Qian Renxue\'s favorite person. If she opposes Xu Ran, wouldn\'t she push Xue\'er against her?

Based on this, she couldn\'t really fight Xu Ran at all.

And with her current strength, even if she lost the entire Wuhun Palace, she might not be Xu Ran\'s opponent.

Although Xu Ran had never taken a shot in front of her, the aura of a natural king on Xu Ran was not something she could match. She had a hunch that if Xu Ran made a move, all Title Douluos in the entire Spirit Hall would not be able to beat Xu Ran.

In this case, she can only seek cooperation with Xu Ran.

Besides, after Xue\'er and Xu Ran were together, Xu Ran was also considered to have entered the core of Wuhun Hall. With the identity of Xue\'er\'s husband alone, Xu Ran\'s status in the Martial Soul Palace would not be low.

Even though she is the Pope now, in the eyes of the core elders and worshippers in the Elder Hall, Qian Renxue will become the well-deserved helm of the Wuhun Hall. And Xueer is a daughter again, so her husband\'s status is very high. Coupled with Xu Ran\'s own strength, Xu Ran will probably cover the sky with one hand after going to the Martial Soul Palace.

But after getting to know Xu Ran, all of a sudden, she only felt that the previous days in Wuhun Palace were so boring. Even if he became the pope, he was still weak and pitiful compared to Xu Ran.

What\'s the point of being this pope?

Even if Xu Ran snatched her pope position, she would not feel distressed. Now she cares about becoming a god!

Xu Ran can become a god, so naturally she can too!

"Huh? Are you not going to kill me?" Xu Ran looked at Bibi Dong and said seriously. Bibi Dong looked like he was going to fight and kill him before. In order to avenge Yu Xiaogang, he could pay any price.

Now this attitude has become a bit quicker.

"Don\'t think too much, I am for Xue\'er and Xiaogang. I personally hate you very much. Just for the sake of justice, I decided to make peace with you." Bibi Dong straightened his proud chest. As expected.

She didn\'t like Xu Ran, Xu Ran was so shameless, even if it was big, she wouldn\'t like it.

"Really?" Xu Ran frowned.

"Of course it is true, and now Wuhun Temple is not valued by me. My goal now is to become a god." Bibi Dong proudly raised his white neck and said proudly.

What Xu Ran can do, she can do too. Even if her talent is not as good as Xu Ran\'s height, she still has to become a **** first.

Maybe, if she becomes a **** faster, then there will be a chance to teach Xu Ran.

"Become a god? Raksha god?" Xu Ran snorted. Bibi Dong had the aura of the Rakshasa **** in his body, and under normal circumstances he could not inherit other gods.

"How do you know?" Bibi Dong\'s pupils shrank. She hadn\'t told anyone about her inheritance of the Rakshasa god. For a long time, she had hidden deeply, and she didn\'t expect Xu Ran to see through her in just a few days.

"You are my woman, I know it naturally."

"But now you can\'t inherit the Rakshasa god, Tang San has already won the favor of the Rakshasa god, and you should be able to feel it. He has a purer Rakshasa divine power in him." Xu Ran said sharply.

Tang San\'s ability to inherit the Rakshasa **** also had his help, in order to prevent Bibi Dong from inheriting the Rakshasa god.

Bibi Dong was originally the Killing God of the Slaughter Capital. If it weren\'t for the interference of the Rakshasa God, now she would have inherited the Killing God Realm and become the Shura God.

"Why do you even know these?" Bibi Dong was dumbfounded. UU reading www. she looked at Xu Ran dumbfounded, Xu Ran was like a wise man who knew everything in the world, and knew everything in the world.

"There is nothing in the world that I don\'t know, including what color of swearing pants you are wearing today." Xu Ran\'s mouth turned up. The dress Bibi Dong wore today was a little thin, and they were so close that Xu Ran could faintly see those shapes and colors.

"Shameless. I am so strong, I don\'t know how to use it in the right way." Bibi Dong blushed as Xu Ran said, looking down at his body, a little uncomfortable. Facing Xu Ran\'s eyes, she always felt like she was stripped naked.

With Xu Ran\'s strength, he can naturally see the essence through his coat. It can be said that as long as Xu Ran wants to see, he can see everything. It\'s just that he doesn\'t use this ability much, only occasionally. In essence, Xu Ran is still a gentleman.

"Then can you help me? You are so powerful, I can\'t inherit the **** of Rakshasa, you can always help me to get a certain **** position." Bibi Dong rolled his eyes without angrily, and said deliberately.

Xu Ran\'s strength is indeed very strong, but Xu Ran\'s divine position is not something Xu Ran can give.

She didn\'t believe Xu Ran still had this ability.