Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 515: The jealousy of women, you know
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 515: The jealousy of women, you know

"You wait outside for a while, Xueer and I, Bah, brother Xue needs to discuss something." Xu Ran found a luxurious hotel, opened the door and stopped, letting Bibi Dong wait behind.
"You! Go to the hotel to open a room to discuss things??"
Bibi Dong is very angry, Xu Ran is insulting her IQ?
If Xu Ran just took Xueer to the teahouse or somewhere, she might still believe that Xu Ran was only talking about serious things.
This hotel opens a room, is this going to talk about serious matters? If Xueer enters, she is afraid that Xu Ran will not eat it up.
If it had been before, seeing Xu Ran hurt so deeply, she wouldn\'t have any suspicions, and Xu Ran wouldn\'t be able to do much anyway. But she still remembers what Xu Ran was doing when she first met Xu Ran? It was shameless to develop such a posture with a **** a night without people, which opened her eyes.
She didn\'t want Xue\'er to follow Xu Ran\'s studies too.
Girls must be reserved, not active, let alone on top.
"Are you teaching me to do things? As my caregiver, it\'s good to do your own duty." Xu Ran glanced at Bibi Dong and motioned to Bibi Dong not to get excited. If Bibi Dong is exposed, he will be very sure in the end. Hard to end.
When the time comes, all three of them are embarrassed.
After all, Bibi Dong slept with him for several days. Although there was no substantial progress, Bibi Dong had always been sleeping in his clothes. But it was embarrassing for Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue.
Although Qian Renxue didn\'t care about Bibi Dong and even hated Bibi Dong, the relationship between the two could not be reversed. Before Qian Renxue wanted him to help drive Bibi Dong out of the Wuhun Hall, he promised well. If Qian Renxue knew about the fact that he and Bibi Dong mingled on the same bed now, it would be terrifying to think about it.
Bibi Dong opened his mouth and suppressed his excitement and anger.
If it is exposed, she is a pope who takes care of Xu Ran, and is called by Xu Ran like a maid, then she will be embarrassed.
The most important thing is that Xue Er seems to be very caring about Xu Ran and like Xu Ran very much. What would she think if she let Xueer know that she and Xu Ran both slept on the same bed?
At that time, Xueer probably thought she was here to grab a man from her!
Then their relationship will be worse.
So, in any case, she must not be exposed!
At least with Xueer\'s side, she can\'t reveal her identity. When Xueer is gone, she will tidy up Xu Ran.
Xu Ran simply deceived people too much, and moved her hands in front of Xueer, and now he took Xueer to open the house and asked her to wait behind. Xu Ran is too much!
"Dead bastard, when I am better than Bibi Dong? When I regain my strength, I will cut off your stuff to see if you dare to harm Xue\'er." The door was closed and Xu Ran and Qian Renxue entered the house, Bibi Dongqi stomped his feet straight, but he couldn\'t help it.
This feeling of powerlessness upset her.
When she was still the pope, everything about her went smoothly, and no one dared to disobey her. And Xu Ran this bastard, his woman bullied her, he bullied her, and now she bullied her.
It is simply tolerable, which is unbearable!
"Shamelessly, if you really dare to bully Xue\'er, the old lady will break your body into pieces even if you have defeated all of the Martial Spirit Palace." Bibi Dong cursed angrily, her big eyes turned around and she could not see far. A small wooden table at the place got an idea.
"Asshole Xu Ran, I have received so much anger today, I will not let you go." Bibi Dong struggled to hold a large wooden table and lost her strength. She seemed to be struggling to carry a solid wood table, which made her Very angry, she hates such a weak self.
But with a table, she could finally see the movement in the room through the windows along the wall.
She wanted to look at Xu Ran, and if Xu Ran dared to mess around, she kicked the door and rushed over to teach Xu Ran to be a man.

"Xu Ran, who is that person?" After entering the house, Qian Renxue hugged Xu Ran to the sofa, took off Xu Ran\'s shirt, and checked Xu Ran\'s injuries.
She knew that the people around Xu Ran were naturally not ordinary.
This so-called nursing is probably Xu Ran\'s confidante.
Although she can\'t see her face with a mask, it can be concluded from the enchanting figure and the noble temperament that this is a top-quality middle-aged woman. In terms of appearance, it is no worse than the others around Xu Ran.
But what puzzled her most was that when she saw Xu Ran making each other out, the masked woman was always very angry, and she seemed to know her.
Moreover, she also had a sense of familiarity with the eyes exposed through the mask. She should know this person, but she couldn\'t remember who this person was for a while.
"Well, it\'s the nurse I got, who specially changed my dressing to help me with rehabilitation training." Xu Ran squinted comfortably. Qian Renxue\'s small hands were very soft, and touching his chest gave him a different touch.
Qian Renxue was pretty originally, but when he thought of Bibi Dong just looking outside, he felt more comfortable.
The lady Bibi Dong kept shouting and screaming at him, and she chopped off his stuff when she said she recovered her strength. She was a violent spider. Bibi Dong is unkind, so I can blame him for his unrighteousness.
Bibi Dong wants to see, the **** menstruation is out of balance, don\'t blame him.
"Really? That person seems to know me, and he is very angry when he sees us making each other." Qian Renxue looked at Xu Ran suspiciously, and saw Xu Ran\'s expression of enjoyment, she couldn\'t help but massage Xu Ran more cautiously, for fear of Xu Of course there is any discomfort.
"The mother-in-law liked me because she stayed by my side to serve me because of some accidents. She would be so angry no matter which woman I was approaching. You know the jealousy of a woman." Xu Ran yawned and said with a smile .
"Oh, it turned out to be like this." Qian Renxue suddenly realized that she was thinking too much.
Before, she heard that Xu Ran was very angry with other women, so she couldn\'t wait to tie Xu Ran to the secret room and let Xu Ran serve her alone.
"Xu Ran, you bastard, will my old lady like you as the pope?"
"My old lady is still jealous that you are with other women?"
"You dream."
"Even if my old lady is dead, outside the dead, starved to death, it is impossible to like you."
"It\'s just a shameless person like you who only speaks rhetoric. It\'s only blame for me to like you."
Bibi Dong gritted her teeth straight, and her two small fists were clenched tightly. If it weren\'t for her loss of strength now, she would really wish to go in and teach Xu Ran a lesson. Does Xu Ran talk like that?
If she really likes Xu Ran, what is this between her, him, and Xue Er?
Whatever the reason, it is impossible for her to like Xu Ran.
Xu Ran, a bastard, a lascivious, greeted her for Bibi Dong\'s beauty. As the pope, she doesn\'t know how many people have nasty thoughts about her, and Xu Ran is no exception.