Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 499: If you die, Renxue and Yu Xiaogang will suffer a catastrophe
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 499: If you die, Renxue and Yu Xiaogang will suffer a catastrophe

"Xu Ran, what tricks do you want to play?"
"If you have the ability, you can kill me. You can kill me and not be insulted. It\'s bad luck to be planted in your hands today, but you don\'t want to do anything to me? I\'m not Bibi Dong like that."
Bibi Dong looked at Xu Ran coldly, and was a little flustered by Xu Ran\'s eyes.
Xu Ran, the villain, was brazen, and fell into his hands. What good result could he have?
The thought of becoming the first female pope in mainland China, and even the powerhouse of twin martial arts, was a little sad when he thought of being a wise one. Maybe it was fate.
But she would rather die than submit!
"Why do you always look at me like this? Am I so scary? I don\'t eat people." Xu Ran frowned. He was like this in Bibi Dong\'s heart?
"Huh, you are shameless, lustful, who doesn\'t know? It\'s my problem that I didn\'t kill you this evil demon today, but even if I die, I won\'t let you go." Bibi Dong looked at Xu Ran stepped back two steps, his jade hand stroked his chest, very alert to Xu Ran.
This time her goal was to kill Xu Ran, not only for Xiao Gang but also for her dominance of the mainland. But now, with such a powerful **** beside Xu Ran, it is obviously unrealistic to shoot Xu Ran.
"Okay. But if you die, the Spirit Hall will be destroyed by me."
"If it is destroyed, it will be destroyed, what did the Wuhun Palace do to me beforehand?" Bibi Dong said bitterly. The Wuhun Temple belonged to Qian Family. She took over the Wuhun Temple and wanted to destroy the Wuhun Temple and avenge herself.
Although she grew up in Wuhun Hall, she had no feelings for Wuhun Hall, only hatred, a deep hatred.
"What about Qian Renxue? Now she is in Tiandou City. If you die, what would you say to Qian Renxue?" Xu Ran\'s mouth was turned up, his arms folded behind his head and looked at Bibi Dong with interest.
Qian Renxue is his wife, so naturally he will not do anything with Qian Renxue, he will only spoil her.
But Bibi Dong didn\'t know the relationship between Qian Renxue and him.
"Xue\'er, do you know the identity of Xue\'er?" Bibi Dong\'s expression changed abruptly, and instantly turned pale. Qian Renxue\'s news is also classified in Wuhun Hall. How did Xu Ran know about it?
"Tiandou Empire\'s prince Xue Qinghe is Qian Renxue, am I right?" Xu Ran said lightly, looking at Bibi Dong, his voice was not hurried or slow. He wants to dissolve all Bibi Dong\'s pride and confidence step by step.
"You, what did you do to Xueer?" Bibi Dong\'s body trembled, and Qian Renxue appeared in her mind, a little lost. In any case, Qian Renxue is her only relative in this world. No matter how she hated the Wuhun Palace, Xue\'er was innocent.
Before, she had never known how to face Qian Renxue, so she was assigned to the Heaven Dou Empire. But for so many years, the pain of thinking of a girl has made her want to summon Qian Renxue countless times, but with her pride, it is impossible to abolish her previous orders.
She had done a lot of wrong things before, but Qian Renxue was still her closest person.
She absolutely can\'t tolerate Xu Ran\'s idea of ??hitting Qian Renxue. A brazen person like Xu Ran. According to Wuhun Hall\'s information, Xu Ran has friendly relations with at least a dozen women in a simple way. Such a person is despicable and shameless. She could never rest assured.
"How can I treat Cher?"
"Xue\'er is so beautiful, she is still the young master of Wuhun Palace, what do you think I will do to her?"
"By the way, there is Yu Xiaogang. You are dead, what do you think will happen to Yu Xiaogang?"
"The Great Elder of the Spirit Hall wanted Yu Xiaogang to die a long time ago, but he didn\'t want to let the Spirit Hall fall into civil strife, so he reluctantly allowed him to live. If you die, Yu Xiaogang might suffer the cruelest in the world. Torture."
"And I\'ll go to Yu Xiaogang and beat him up violently. To be honest, the feeling of beating Yu Xiaogang is really good. Fists to the flesh." Xu Ran said without fear. Seeing Bibi Dong still thinking of Bibi Dong in his silly heart, he really didn\'t know what to say.
What a stupid woman.
Big chest and no brain, it seems that this is not groundless.
Xu Ran couldn\'t help but looked at Bibi Dong\'s chest, towering high, it should be between D and E.
"Xu Ran, what are you going to do?" Bibi Dong was a little flustered by Xu Ran\'s words. For Xue\'er and Xiaogang, she really couldn\'t have an accident. In the event of an accident, Xueer might fall into Xu Ran\'s hands, not knowing what kind of grievance she would suffer. As for Xiao Gang, he would be directly beheaded by those elders in the Spirit Hall in Wuhun City.
The group of elders have long been dissatisfied with Yu Xiaogang, but only if she has been maintaining Xiaogang, Xiaogang can be safe and sound.
She was panicked now, and wanted to ask for death, but now she found that she couldn\'t die at all. Especially Xue\'er, if she dies, this **** already knows Xue\'er\'s identity, and will transfer his anger to Xue\'er at that time.
She was already very sorry for Xue\'er, and she absolutely couldn\'t let Xue\'er be in danger because of her.
"What am I doing?"
"You came to assassinate me in the middle of the night, you asked me what I want to do?" Xu Ran\'s mouth turned upside down. It seems that Bibi Dong is not as ruthless and unrighteous to Qian Renxue in the legend, but there have been many knots between the two for so many years. With the passage of time, the estrangement grew deeper and deeper, and finally turned into a scourge.
In the original work, Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue only resolved their knot when Bibi Dong was about to die.
Bibi Dong is indeed a poor person. He has been injured time and time again in the Wuhun Hall since he was a child. In the original work, he was forced to fall into the evil way step by step by Yu Xiaogang and Tang San, becoming a Raksha **** beyond disaster.
Perhaps Bibi Dong had already noticed what was wrong with Yu Xiaogang, but he just didn\'t want to believe his own eyes. Many people know that they are wrong, but they will go on resolutely, unless they really come to a dead end.
If Yu Xiaogang is bad, she has persisted for so many years, and countless years of persistence will be meaningless. UU Reading even, if she knew that Yu Xiaogang\'s character was like this, she would not choose to go for a living, but to choose herself.
Just like Liu Erlong before, the love for Yu Xiaogang has dissipated for countless years, but the obsession has always affected them. Bibi Dong was obviously more stubborn. With her pride, if she hadn\'t seen it with her own eyes, she would never doubt Yu Xiaogang\'s personality or her own choice.
"Xu Ran, what are you doing looking at me like this?"
"Why would I want you to be pitiful again? I am the Pope of Wuhun Temple."
Bibi Dong looked at Bibi Dong angrily, Xu Ran\'s eyes seemed to pierce her heart deeply. She Bibi Dongnai is the person with the highest status in the whole continent, so how could she need others to be pitiful.
"Who can tell whether it is strong or weak?" Xu Ran sighed, no matter how his eyes rolled, he looked at Bibi Dong. Yu Xiaogang can turn Bibi Dong\'s flickering around, isn\'t he Xu Ran the strongest?
Beautiful, strong, big chest, good figure, and a muscle in his head. It seems...Don\'t be too smart to be a wife, otherwise he may not be able to control it.
But now, Bibi Dong...