Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 494: Bibi Dong arrives, Gu Yuena sparrow is behind
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 494: Bibi Dong arrives, Gu Yuena sparrow is behind

In the room, Ye Lingling persisted and couldn\'t help making a sound, loud and loud.
When Xu Ran saw this, he used his soul power to isolate this area to prevent Ye Lingling\'s voice from being heard.
At a high place, Gu Yuena stepped on the ridge of a house and looked around.
When she fled from the God Realm to the Douluo Continent, human beings were just a couple of existences, but now human beings have developed so well.
This also gave her a different feeling in her heart.
Although she has always had no affection for humans, the human confidantes around Xu Ran are not bad.
All of them are beautiful and have extraordinary qualifications.
These people are all glamorous when it comes to mainland China.
Xu Ran had a leisure time, and he didn\'t want to practice well. He ran around all day, searching for beauties, and got them all into his hands.
Naturally, Gu Yuena didn\'t know that Xu Ran was a traverser, and he knew exactly where there were beautiful women and where there weren\'t. This can be regarded as a big benefit for the traversers.
The beauty of the world is in my hands, this feeling is really good.
"Shameless, I still want to do this kind of thing at this time."
"I shouldn\'t have sent you back."
Gu Yuena\'s beautiful eyes suddenly looked towards Xu Ran\'s room, her pretty face flushed slightly, her chest was violently ups and downs, and Yu pointed her finger in the direction of Xu Ran\'s room, feeling out of anger.
Xu Ran, bastard!
It\'s all hurt like this, and I still want to play. What is even more hateful is that Xu Ran even invented such a shameless and hateful posture. The girl\'s physical fitness is inherently weak. Is this for Tian to farm the cows?
Gu Yuena gave a soft sigh, but her eyes couldn\'t help looking in Xu Ran\'s direction. Looking at Ye Lingling\'s red cheeks, her blurred eyes had a physique that seemed to have reached its limit.
It was originally to bully the girl, but I wanted to lie still and let the girl do the hard work. This is absolutely necrotic! I don\'t know Lianxiangxiyu at all.
After all, Gu Yuena had always lived in the lake of life and didn\'t know much about men and women. When she wanted to come, between men and women, it was nothing more than a girl lying down there, closing her eyes, and sleeping.
Ever thought that Xu Ran actually knew so many things.
Just looking at it makes people angry.
How does the body of a human girl endure?
I couldn\'t help but gritted his teeth, the body trembled wildly, and a feeling of no reason rose from the bottom of my heart.
Gu Yuena was wearing a white dress, her clean and white cheeks were blushing, she loved and hated Xu Ran.
"This bastard, I don\'t think about good things day by day. I don\'t look at it, I\'m a pure and innocent lady, and I don\'t even look at death." Gu Yuena couldn\'t help looking away from there. Although she was ashamed and angry, she kept admonishing herself. .
But even though consciousness tells itself not to peek, this kind of behavior is very disgusting.
But she still couldn\'t help but look over there, after all, this was also regarded as opening up a new world for her.
"Wait, this is..."
Gu Yuena looked at her energies, and suddenly felt a powerful spirit power fluctuation. Of course, in her eyes, this kind of fluctuation is no different from that of ants. In front of her, all those who have not become gods are ants, and none of them are her enemies.
However, this kind of aura was placed outside, and from the perspective of Douluo Continent, it was very terrifying and powerful.
The fluctuations of a full 96-level Title Douluo, the level of soul power is comparable to that of the ninety-nine level, and even the faint aura of a **** spreads out, obviously this is a inheritor of a god.
"Wuhundian, Pope Bibi Dong. Interesting?"
Gu Yuena turned her head, her red lips lightly opened, and a playful smile appeared on Qiao\'s face.
In the Lake of Life, she didn\'t know much about the outside world, but she was still very clear about the Pope of Wuhun Palace.
It\'s just that she didn\'t expect that the Pope of Wuhun Temple would sneak in here.
Could it be that the Pope of the Martial Soul Palace is the beauty of Xu Ran?
It shouldn\'t be, if that\'s the case, Bibi Dong would definitely be very worried when seeing Xu Ran injured and would not show such indifference. Faintly, she could still feel some killing intent.
"Couldn\'t Xu Ran provoke romantic debts and hurt the heart of the Pope of Wuhun Temple?"
"It\'s not impossible with Xu Ran\'s faith. Maybe there is any adultery between the two."
Gu Yuena curled her lips, very dissatisfied with Xu Ran.
Why is Xu Ran this **** having trouble with so many women?
The Pope of Wuhun Temple personally sneaked in and prepared to attack him, this is really...
"Shameless, can\'t you stop a little bit? If I don\'t stop today, it depends on how you end up." Gu Yuena said angrily. Seeing Xu Ran\'s look on Brother Pig in the room made him angry.
An ordinary human woman, although she looks a little more beautiful, but where is she pretty.
If she also resorted to this trick, Xu Ran wouldn\'t have to obediently surrender under her long skirt. If she was so submissive, she would talk to her every day to make her happy?
"The beauty of thinking, I won\'t."
Gu Yuena retracted her messy thoughts and gave a light sigh, focusing on Bibi Dong\'s body. If Bibi Dong dared to attack Xu Ran, she could capture her at any time.
Although Bibi Dong is the pope, there is nothing in front of her.
"Look at you guys and dogs, don\'t be ashamed, how will you end up later." Gu Yuena smiled, her purple eyes turned smartly, and there was a smile on the corner of her mouth.
That kind of situation should be very exciting.
Xu Ran is very likely to be frightened directly, his nerves become sluggish, and he can no longer transform. Uh, let\'s forget it, it\'s the woman, let her converge a little bit. Xu Ran belongs to her.
Although Xu Ran is bothersome, she doesn\'t want Xu Ran to be stuck with inconsistent women all day long.

Bibi Dong ran all the way from Wuhun City, UU Reading came directly to Tiandou City.
At this time, her body was wrapped in a black night walker, her perfect figure was tightly wrapped, but the charm of the mature body like a peach still exudes. The slender body is breathtaking. Although the cheeks are covered, it is just that kind of body that can be extremely desirable.
As a mature woman, Bibi Dong\'s body is much better than Liu Erlong. It should be thin and fat, and every part of her body is that perfect, golden ratio figure.
Compared with Qian Renxue, Bibi Dong\'s appearance is not inferior, but his figure is much more mature and plump. He always shows a different style while walking. This is the unique charm of a woman of this age.
The best, the absolute best.
After the pope\'s robe faded, Bibidong\'s body was a bit less noble and majestic, and there was more smoke and fire in the world.
After a long journey, Bibi Dongs body was covered with a thin layer of fragrant sweat, long hair shawl, and Bibi Dongs face was covered with a purple enchanting face, which could only be hidden from the mask. I can see the beauty of this woman from the snow-white skin she lives in.