Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 483: Raksha God, Fallen
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 483: Raksha God, Fallen

"You may take it seriously?" Xu Ran said lightly after hesitating for a moment.
"Of course, if you die, all grievances will disappear. I can swear by my god, as long as you die, I will not be embarrassed by the people around you." Raksha God said, constantly sneering.
"Okay." Xu Ran nodded, looked at Qian Renxue not far away, and agreed without hesitation.
For the time being, he didn\'t think of a good way to deal with it, so he could only adopt this method. As long as Rakshasa underestimates the enemy, he will be able to kill him immediately.
Xu Ran looked forward, Qian Renxue was wearing a long golden dress, her body curve was intact, like a troubled phoenix, she was still so noble.
In fact, Xu Ran\'s mentality is very good. If the catastrophe survives, the relationship between him and Qian Renxue will be even better.
In the past, there was always a gap between him and Qian Renxue. Qian Renxue was dissatisfied with his dissatisfaction. Although she loved him, she could not accept this. But after this time, the relationship between them may have new developments.
Xu Ran secretly mobilized his own Ancestral Dragon bloodline, Qilin Rui Beast bloodline protected his body.
Even if he took back his martial soul, his body far exceeded too many people.
"Improve my Ancestral Dragon bloodline to 200,000 years." Xu Ran secretly said in his heart, and after a while, he felt that his physical fitness was rising again.
"Xu Ran, no, I don\'t want you to have an accident. You can\'t give up."
"The God of Raksha deceived you. If you take back your martial soul, we won\'t be able to live." Qian Renxue cried loudly, her voice was so desperate. At this moment, she finally understood her feelings for Xu Ran. .
She can\'t live without Xu Ran, she can\'t live without it for a moment.
She didn\'t want Xu Ran to die, even if she died, it should be him.
If she hadn\'t come to Xu Ran and was caught by the **** Raksha, Xu Ran would not be in danger.
Blame her, blame her!
If Xu Ran really had an accident because of her, she would never forgive herself for the rest of her life.
"Even if there is a silver lining, I have to fight for it. Even if I die, I can\'t let you have an accident." Xu Ran said affectionately, and his mind was relieved by the words of Miss System.
There is a system lady, if something happens to him, it will be strange.
Taking advantage of this life and death effort, it happened to completely capture Qian Renxue\'s heart.
A woman like Qian Renxue is very arrogant, and her ordinary rhetoric may be able to make her heart sprouting, but if you want to really impress her, you really need something else.
This time, it was a good opportunity.
"Xu Ran, I don\'t want you to die. If you die, I will accompany you." Qian Renxue said affectionately, no longer wanting to suppress her feelings for Xu Ran. She loves Xu Ran, she wants to be Xu Ran\'s woman.
"Then I won\'t die, do you want to..." Xu Ran couldn\'t help asking.
"If we are all alive, you can do whatever you want." Qian Renxue\'s silver teeth clenched, the tears in her eyes stopped. Xu Ran is still so shameless, even at this dangerous time, still thinking about those things.
But if they are really lucky, they are still alive, then what if she gives Xu Ran?
In this life, except for Xu Ran, she will not fall in love with other men.
Only a man like Xu Ran can conquer her. Others, whoever wants to ride on her is impossible.
"I\'m relieved with your words. Help me take care of Lingling." Xu Ran stretched out his hand and threw Ye Lingling onto Qian Renxue\'s body. The martial spirit on her body was also retracted into her body. An ordinary person.
"Haha, Xu Ran, you also have today."
"I want you to suffer the cruelest punishment now."
Rakshasa god\'s voice sounded and looked at Xu Ran in surprise, but he did not expect Xu Ran to really want to die for a woman. In this case, he would not stay Xu Ran.
In the sky, several huge chains of order appeared and fiercely inserted into Xu Ran\'s body.
"Grass." Xu Ran exploded in his heart, and the huge pain caused Xu Ran\'s face to twitch, his face pale.
"After this time, your little girl\'s skin must be dealt with by the family law. You used to hide with me? This time you want your **** to bloom." Xu Ran said silently in his heart, the severe pain almost made him faint.
High in the sky, endless blood spilled out.
The warm scarlet blood fell downward, falling on Qian Renxue\'s pretty face below. Her pretty face, neck, arms, and skirt were all stained with Xu Ran\'s blood.
At this moment, Qian Renxue sat there motionlessly.
The small mouth opened slightly, and Xu Ran\'s blood flowed down to her delicate lips.
Qian Renxue stared blankly at the shocking scene in front of her.
For several days, a long black chain would penetrate Xu Ran\'s body, and the shocking scene made Qian Renxue burst into tears.
Is this still Xu Ran who used to have flowers on his mouth and always likes to get rid of flowers?
Xu Ran used his life to protect in front of her.
"Xu Ran, don\'t."
"You don\'t want to die, I don\'t want you to die."
Endless tears gushed from Qian Renxue\'s eyes. Qian Renxue at this moment had already become a weak woman, and she would never see the majesty of the Young Master of Wuhun Hall anymore. Now she is just Xu Ran\'s wife.
"Dead hair. When I get better, I won\'t be called Xu Ran if I don\'t want to enjoy it." Xu Ran curled his lips. Although he was suffering from pain, it would not kill him. He is an ancestor dragon anyway, a group of strong physical qualities.
He was just looking for an opportunity, taking advantage of the fact that Rakshasa was not paying attention, and killed him with a sword.
In his hand, the power of the Three Realms Judgment Sword is still condensed in the Divine Killing Sword.
As long as his body attributes are still there, and the five supreme attributes continue to merge, the three realms will not disappear between trials.
"Haha, Xu Ran, you die for me."
"When you die, Tang San will dominate the mainland, and my inheritor is the The **** Raksha raised the Raksha sickle in his hand, and rushed towards Xu Ran, dark purple energy surged. Powerful.
Seeing Raksha\'s movement, Xu Ran\'s mouth showed a smile, the smile was brilliant, but it was extremely cold.
If the God of Rakshasa has been very close to Qian Renxue, he really can\'t help him. After all, he is not a ruthless person, Qian Renxue is his wife, and he can\'t even kill Qian Renxue together.
And now that Rakshasa God has left Qian Renxue, he has no scruples.
"It\'s you **** it."
"The sword of the Three Realms Judgment. Burst the ring."
Xu Ran shouted, the sword of the Three Realms Judgment, and his seven spirit rings suddenly appeared, and the seven spirit rings exploded at the same time, and all the energy was absorbed into the Excalibur Sword.
"Impossible, why do you still have such strength?" God of Raksha looked at Xu Ran in amazement, his soul froze.
But Xu Ran couldn\'t give him another chance to say a second sentence. With a sword falling, Rakshasa God was crushed by Xu Ran\'s blast.