Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 482: Raksha God contempt, 1 deal
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 482: Raksha God contempt, 1 deal

Rakshasa God\'s gaze was placed on Qian Renxue\'s body, and a flash of desire flashed in his eyes.
Even if Qian Renxue\'s appearance was placed in the God Realm, it was not weaker than the Goddess in the God Realm. Such a posture is enough to make any man desire desire, let alone a hellish deity like Raksha God.
"The goddess of the gods have all eyes higher than the top, and it would be nice to meet such a beautiful mortal."
"For so many years, I haven\'t experienced what such a beautiful Jiaoer tastes." The **** Raksha spoke with a hideous face. He stretched out his hand and discarded Qian Renxue randomly a few meters away.
"Don\'t act rashly, otherwise, you know the consequences. I can easily kill her at such a close distance." God Raksha glanced at Xu Ran and said disdainfully.
Seeing the deep worry in Xu Ran\'s heart, a flash of happiness flashed in his eyes.
It seems that Xu Ran cares about this woman very much, so this is easy to handle.
The **** Raksha walked towards Qian Renxue step by step, and Qian Renxue fell to the ground, feeling that his bones were about to be broken, but seeing the hideous face of the **** Raksha, he still moved towards the back step by step. Retreat.
At the corner of her mouth, blood overflowed.
At this moment, there was a touch of death in Qian Renxue\'s eyes.
How arrogant she is, in this life, he will only accept Xu Ran.
Others, don\'t want to get a bit of her.
"Haha, don\'t be afraid. As long as you are willing to be my woman with me, I can let you have a life, how about?"
"Follow me Rakshasa, I can make you live forever and give you everything you want."
Rakshasa said with a smile.
It would be interesting if Qian Renxue betrayed Xu Ran and was willing to be his woman. He just wanted to insult Xu Ran in this way.
Under the threat of life, all feelings are fragile and vulnerable.
If Qian Renxue agreed, he would still enjoy this woman in front of Xu Ran.
Haha, what is Xu Ran? Dare to fight against God is a dead end.
He wants to tie the woman in front of him to him forever for him to enjoy. Every time I see her, I can think of Xu Ran as a waste.
"You should be the inheritor of the Angel God. Yes, if you follow me, I will protect your prosperity and prosperity for your life, and the premise is that you become my woman."
"How? Do you take it off yourself, or me?"
The voice of the Rakshasa **** reveals amusement. He couldn\'t help but feel a little jealous, Xu Ran was so lucky as a trash, surrounded by such top-quality women, just like the son of luck. I think back then, he was also a peerless genius on a certain plane, why didn\'t he enjoy so many best products?
Qian Renxue\'s golden eyes were extremely cold, looking at the Rakshasa god, with a bitter intent to kill.
If she could, she really wished to kill the shameless dog thief in front of her.
But she knew that the Rakshasa god, one of the main gods, and the angel gods were strong at the same level.
Such a character, even in the God Realm, is a strong person who can call the wind and call the rain. Such a strong person wants to kill her easily.
However, she would rather die than to tolerate her body being defiled, let alone allow herself to be...
That way, it made her feel more uncomfortable than killing her.
She is not afraid of death, it is enough to be by Xu Ran\'s side and see Xu Ran is still safe. Xu Ran is very strong, and will definitely become a peerless power in the future, watching the world.
Qian Renxue smiled, that smile was overwhelming, like a hundred flowers blooming, enough to eclipse everything in the world. Not only Xu Ran, but Rakshasa God was a little moved at this moment.
He had never seen such a sad and beautiful smile.
"Xu Ran, I thought my life would have passed so boringly."
"But I didn\'t expect that I would still meet you in my life. You are special, and I like it very much."
Qian Renxue said, her palms opened, and there was a small bow hairpin on her snow-white soft hand. That was the time when Xu Ran went to see her and bought it at a stall passing by, but for her, it was the first time a man gave her a gift.
It has a different meaning.
"Xue\'er, what are you doing? Don\'t be impulsive." Xu Ran said, killing intent on the Divine Killing Sword, if something really happened to Qian Renxue. Even if he killed the Rakshasa **** now and was an enemy of the God Realm, he would not hesitate.
"In my heart, even if you are a god, you are tens of thousands of times worse than Xu Ran. You will never compare to Xu Ran\'s worth." Qian Renxue said, blood pouring out from the corner of her mouth.
After Rakshasa heard this, his face changed wildly, and he was extremely gloomy.
It\'s nothing more than being despised by Xu Ran, a woman beside Xu Ran, weak and pitiful, dare to despise the gods so much. How humble ordinary human beings can be compared with God?
"Want to die? I want you to die!" The God of Raksha yelled angrily, and with force, he sucked Qian Renxue into his hand. His power of Raksha turned into a strong vitality and instilled towards Qian Renxue\'s body.
"In front of God, even death is an extravagant hope."
"Let me appreciate your beautiful posture now. Also let Xu Ran take a look, he probably hasn\'t touched you yet." Raksha God said, using his hand to explode Qian Renxue\'s clothes. open.
He was about to move in his heart, and for those who dared to despise himself, he would give the most tragic punishment.
Not only him, his heirs, and many others will be interested in such people.
"You!" Qian Renxue was desperate. She didn\'t expect that she couldn\'t even find death.
"Stop it, if you act against Xue\'er, I will cut you with a sword in the next moment!" Xu Ran\'s voice was full of anger, and the sword in his hand was raised, the sword is like a rainbow~www.novelhall. com~\'s monstrous sword power makes the space seem a bit unbearable.
Rakshasa **** also stopped at this moment, looking at Xu Ran, with a touch of palpitations.
Xu Ran\'s strength far exceeded his expectations, no wonder Tang San was not his opponent, even he was not Xu Ran\'s opponent.
"Xu Ran, you are really strong. It is hard to imagine that a human soul master in the lower realm can also possess such terrible strength."
"It\'s a pity that I found your weakness. You can only become waste." The evil voice sounded, and the **** Raksha was not ready to do anything to Qian Renxue. Do you use Qian Renxue to kill Xu Ran first?
As long as Xu Ran died, even if he was to be sanctioned and punished by the God Realm Committee, he had to make the people around Xu Ran, especially his confidante, pay the corresponding price.
This is the price they have made with Xu Ran.
"Xu Ran, how about we make a deal?"
"As long as you take back your martial soul and put down the sword in your hand, I will let her go. What do you think?" Raksha God said evilly. As long as Xu Ran takes back his martial soul, that will be Xu Ran\'s death.