Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 459: Little 3, please help the teacher
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 459: Little 3, please help the teacher

Tang San, who was hiding behind a big tree and preparing to watch a good show, saw the spirit beast rush away in front of Xu Ran, and they were immediately bewildered.
Three faces are dumbfounded.
Didn\'t these soul beasts come to Xu Ran?
Why did you run away suddenly?
"Teacher, these powders of yours won\'t expire, right. What\'s the matter?" Tang San said in a daze, obviously these spirit beasts are ready to trample on Xu Ran, but the next moment, before they get close to Xu Ran Just ran away.
"It\'s impossible. Maybe Xu Ran also has something that soul beasts hate, so he ran away?" Yu Xiaogang was also bewildered. These medicinal powders are all good things he has studied with great concentration, and there should be no problems.
He has studied spirit beasts for so many years, and he knows the habits of spirit beasts very well. The aura in Xu Ran\'s body is very nasty, which can arouse the cruel side of spirit beasts, causing them to constantly raise the idea of ??trampling Xu Ran.
But now, he doesn\'t understand at all!
"These spirit beasts look more like running away. Is Xu Ran really strong?"
"But even if the titled Douluo is here, with the immortal relationship between humans and soul beasts. So many soul beasts will never run away when facing a human."
The three of Tang San stared at this scene in horror, and they were directly frightened, with an ominous premonition in their hearts.
At this moment, many soul beasts fled from Xu Ran\'s side, leaping like flying dogs, looking like they are fleeing for their lives, many of them have many powerful soul beasts that have been cultivated for tens of thousands of years.
"Master, young master, don\'t scare yourself. It may be that the soul beasts were scared away by the acacia ape."
"The soul beasts are strictly hierarchical. The Albizia ape family should be considered the most powerful among these soul beasts. Therefore, they want to monopolize Xu Ran before they drove all the other soul beasts away." Titan analyzed.
"Yes, so many acacia apes have stayed. It turned out to be like this. It scared me to death. I thought Xu Ran could have any ability to make these soul beasts feel terrified."
"Haha. Isn\'t this better? So many apes, taking turns, are enough to make Xu Ran pay the most painful price." Yu Xiaogang laughed three times and patted the big tree beside him dancing and dancing.
What is the acacia ape?
is naturally a literal meaning. Only when you are together can you be happy.
This is an extremely terrifying soul beast, not strong, but there are many tricks. For thousands of years, powerful spirit masters would directly strike as long as they encountered this kind of spirit beast, so they were almost extinct, but Xu Ran had good luck and encountered this terrible spirit beast.

"My lord, what do you want us to do?" The acacia ape leader looked at Xu Ran shiveringly. They didn\'t know that Xu Ran was Rui Beast, they only knew that Xu Ran\'s strength was terrifying, and the oppressive force it brought to them was very strong.
"You can help me deal with those three people and don\'t kill them." Xu Ran turned and looked in the direction of Tang San and the others, revealing a deep smile.
Fighting him in the Star Dou Forest, what do you think?
In the human world, there may be a little chance. But in the place where the soul beasts gather to find trouble with his auspicious beasts and ancestor dragons, isn\'t this trying to kill himself?
"Humans?" The amphitheater leader was a little puzzled, and looked at Tang San and the others excitedly.
"We must guarantee the completion of the task." The leader of the apes promised.
At this time, it was still under that big tree.
Tang San leaned against the big tree, secretly stretched out his head and looked in Xu Ran\'s direction, sneakingly, he was extremely expecting, what Xu Ran would do in the face of these acacia apes, more than twenty, each body Strong, well-developed limbs.
If such a race appeared in the outside world, it would directly cause a sensation. And now they have to deal with Xu Ran, it is conceivable that Xu Ran is going to be cold this time.
"Xu Ran, I didn\'t expect it, bullying me will eventually pay a heavy price." Tang San said, looking at Xu Ran, he couldn\'t help but feel a little excited.
This time, with the help of a teacher, he finally smashed Xu Ran once.
Waiting for him to record Xu Ran\'s tragic experience later, and then hand a copy of Xu Ran\'s women. They will spit Xu Ran and break up with Xu Ran in an instant.
Especially Xiao Wu, if Xiao Wu knew that Xu Ran was so miserable, his attitude towards Xu Ran would get worse. At that time, if he manipulated it again, wouldn\'t it be possible to let Baby Xiao Wu return to him again.
He figured it out. In his heart, Baby Xiao Wu is the one he really loves.
When he kills Xu Ran, he can get Xiao Wu. As for the other people around Xu Ran, he can just play around.
"Tang San..." Xu Ran smiled and looked at Tang San at each other.
Tang San was stunned, the smile on his face stopped abruptly, and he was shocked.
Why does Xu Ran look so happy? Shouldn\'t you cry fiercely when you meet a terrifying soul beast like the acacia ape?
Could it be...
absolutely impossible.
Tang Sanchao stepped back a few steps, and there was a deep panic in his eyes.
Because when he met Xu Ran, he also saw the eyes of the acacia apes looking at him. At this time, the group of acacia apes were looking at him with an unkind look. It looks extremely horrible.
More importantly, the group of soul beasts just looked at him, although their eyes were extremely weird, but they didn\'t seem to have moved Xu Ran at all.
Only in a moment, he understood.
They were scammed again this time, and the acacia ape was not here to target Xu Ran at all, but to target them.
"Teacher, run, run quickly, it will be too late if you don\'t run."
"Run away, or the integrity will be gone."
Tang San only felt that his back was cold, and when he thought of the spirit masters recorded in the book after being caught by the acacia apes in the cave, such a tragedy was terrifying just thinking about it.
He Tang San is still a virgin, and he hasn\'t even touched a woman. How can he let him experience these sad things?
No, absolutely not!
"Little San, what\'s the matter? What\'s going on? Didn\'t you watch Xu Ran\'s good show?" Yu Xiaogang said puzzledly, wondering why Tang San showed such a scared expression.
But the next moment,
"Bang Bang Bang" sounded, and with the constant vibration of the ground, a group of acacia apes ran towards them.
Yu Xiaogang turned His body was frightened in an instant, because he saw a group of strong and energetic acacia apes running towards him.
"Little San, save me." Yu Xiaogang screamed sternly. As an ordinary person, he couldn\'t run at all, and was instantly caught by a powerful acacia ape.
"Ah, no, my Yu Xiaogang shouldn\'t have such a tragic ending."
"I\'m going to find Dong\'er, baby Dong\'er, come and save me. Don\'t you love me, Dong\'er?" Yu Xiaogang yelled in fear, one of his legs was grabbed by the acacia ape and let him No matter how hard his body struggled, he couldn\'t get rid of it, but he threw a few big pits on the ground.
Yu Xiaogang is desperate, his eyes are blood red.
This Nima is totally unscientific.
If these soul beasts don\'t trouble Xu Ran, why would they come to them?
I wanted to make a routine once, but I didn\'t expect it to be like this.
was caught by the acacia ape, and he couldn\'t survive, and he couldn\'t survive. He Yu Xiaogang would rather die than live so humiliatingly.
"Ahhhh, Donger begs me. Xiaosan, please help the teacher."
Yu Xiaogangs miserable cry made Titan and Tang San feel extra oozing, their faces were scared of bloodlessness, where would they dare to stop? I feel like running outside with my legs.
was caught by other soul beasts, at most was eaten. They dare not think about being caught by this kind of soul beast, they absolutely don\'t want to see that kind of encounter.