Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 458: Xu Ran should pay the price now, right?
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 458: Xu Ran should pay the price now, right?

"That\'s natural, wait for us to take a look at Xu Ran, Xu Ran should be unlucky later." Yu Xiaogang said with a treacherous smile. He is very confident. Although he is not particularly high in academic achievements in other areas, he has a high level of accomplishment in the study of this kind of drug powder in the crime of criminals.
"Haha, worthy of being a master, I want to see how Xu Ran can make a fool of yourself. With so many soul beasts surrounding him, he can\'t escape with his wings." The Titan said loudly, and he naturally hated Xu Ran very much. Xu Ran eats Karma.
"Xu Ran\'s strength is very strong, I am afraid it is impossible to kill him like this, but it is still very good to let Xu Ran eat Karma." Tang San said, expecting very much in his heart.
Isn\'t Xu Ran crazy? Isn\'t it by them now?
At this time, Tang San and Yu Xiaogang still didn\'t know Xu Ran\'s position in the Star Dou Great Forest. It can be said that Xu Ran\'s position in the Star Dou Great Forest could not even match Gu Yuena.

"Just want to do something about me? Naive." After Xu Ran left, he stopped not far away and said disdainfully. With his strength, would this little movement of Yu Xiaogang be invisible?
And there is also the system lady by his side, want to routine him? Dream it.
"Brother host, the things that Yu Xiao just sprinkled on you can stimulate the spirit beast\'s senses and make the surrounding spirit beasts addictive to you. Especially female spirit beasts." Miss System said, her heart pounding, and she couldn\'t help but Attracted by Xu Ran\'s current temperament.
"This... can Yu Xiaogang research this kind of thing?" Xu Ran was puzzled. He originally thought that Yu Xiaogang was just a waste of ignorance. He didn\'t expect that there was still something.
Under the prestigious name, there are no vanities. Although Yu Xiaogang was shameless and unworthy of his name, he couldn\'t beat the word "Master", but he still had something to do. Liu Erlong, Bibi Dong, and Tang San were all used by him as a tool to achieve his life goals. It is conceivable that Yu Xiaogang is not entirely a waste.
"The physique of soul beasts is different from that of humans. Just like cats have no resistance to catnip, cows are crazy about shaking objects... Human soul masters enter the Star Dou Forest, and they will bring some spices to drive away soul beasts for safety. Yes... and what Yu Xiaogang gave to the host\'s brother is something that can attract soul beasts. Now the host\'s brother has a very strong charm. If the host\'s brother goes to see Gu Yuena now, Gu Yuena will definitely follow." System Little sister said, her voice was soft, and Xu Ran felt something wrong.
Is even the little sister of the system dazzled by him?
He Xu Ran is really awesome.
"It\'s fine to provoke Gu Yuena so actively. The more arrogant a woman, the more I want her to beg me in person. Only in this way can she truly obey and love me sincerely." Xu Ran shook his head. These are all routines, and a little carelessness will leave a curse on future feelings.
For a woman who is arrogant and self-esteem, if you take the initiative to hold it, she will become more and more arrogant, and in the end you will be forced. For the kind of ordinary treasure girl, you can naturally hold it in your hand and have a sweet love.
"The host brother has a lot of routines. Then how will the host brother do me?" Miss System frowned her eyebrows in dissatisfaction. As expected, the host\'s elder brother, there is really enough scum, and there are so many routines, which catch the girl\'s mind to death.
"Miss System is so good, she is the closest person to me in this world, and she opened it to me. I will only use my sincere heart to seriously fall in love with you, how could I use other routines?"
"No amount of routines can beat a true heart."
"Hmph, it\'s best to do this, otherwise I will trip you up later." The system lady pouted, her face filled with a happy smile. Although she knew that Xu Ran\'s words were sweet words, she had no resistance to the words of a scumbag like Xu Ran.
The host is so handsome!
has no resistance at all to the scumbag and handsome host brother.
"Say what you say and do it." Xu Ran nodded earnestly, staring at the front.
Sure enough, after a while, Xu Ran had already felt many spirit beasts coming towards him. This Yu Xiaogang is really bad enough, which makes him exude a hormonal aura that can attract countless soul beasts. If he was an ordinary person, he would really be calculated by Heiyu Xiaogang.
Could it be that when Yu Xiaogang was young, he was researching the kind of drugs that could increase his attractiveness, which made Bibi Dong and Liu Erlong feel good about him, right?
This is not impossible. Otherwise, how could Yu Xiaogang attract Bibi Dong\'s attention in the genius Wuhun Hall.
"Oh, there was an unexpected discovery, it turned out to be like this." Xu Ran murmured.
At this moment, a large swarm of flying spirit beasts hovered above Xu Ran, and there were also many land spirit beasts, shaking the mountain while running, and it looked like a wave of beasts had occurred. However, the movement is smaller than the beast tide, and there are not so many spirit beasts.
But here is the inner circle of the Star Dou Great Forest, there are many powerful soul beasts.
"Haha, I\'m so ridiculous, Xu Ran is all right now."
"Even the Albizia Ape is here, and Xu Ran is going to be broken this time. If something happens to Xu Ran, we can also record the way Xu Ran was broken and show it to the confidante beside Xu Ran. If they see Xu Ran\'s appearance, they don\'t know if it is distressed or something?" Tang San and the others hid under a big tree. Seeing countless soul beasts attracted by Xu Ran\'s body, they suddenly laughed. .
This is too funny!
Even if Xu Ran is a top powerhouse, facing so many soul beasts, there are so many densely packed, I am afraid that they have to admit it.
"After these soul beasts leave, we will **** the Eight Spider Lances back from Xu Ran\'s hands. Hmph, Xu Ran, **** it!" Tang San said coldly, secretly looking at Xu Ran with a big smile. .
"Today, if you are Xu Ran will die in it. So many Albizia apes are enough for Xu Ran to drink a pot. Xu Ran still wants to attack my baby Dong\'er, wishful thinking." He Huan Because of the ape\'s bad temperament, spirit masters who hunt for spirit rings are often harmed by them, so this kind of spirit beast is almost completely beheaded by the strong.
But I didn\'t expect this place to be able to encounter this kind of soul beast.
Xu Ran\'s luck is too bad, Xu Ran can encounter such a terrifying soul beast on the verge of extinction. The strength of the Albizia Ape may not be considered a particularly powerful soul beast, but they are the soul beasts that countless soul masters are most afraid of encountering.
Because this kind of soul beast is really scary!

Numerous soul beasts ran towards Xu Ran, and when they felt the aura on Xu Ran\'s body, they were stunned and shivered. The spirit beast emperor\'s might emanating from Xu Ran\'s body made them tremble, and they did not dare to approach.
The soul beast race is strictly hierarchical, and Rui Beast is definitely the most terrifying top soul beast, not to mention Xu Ran has a more terrifying top bloodline than Rui Beast.
"You go back." Xu Ran said, his voice was terrifying, and all the soul beasts were so scared that they turned around and ran at a very fast speed, for fear of avoiding it.
"Sihuan Ape Clan, you stay." Xu Ran gave an order. If so many soul beasts in the Star Dou Great Forest were used to deal with Yu Xiaogang and the others, it would be too miserable.
But the acacia ape is enough for them to pay a painful price.