Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 457: Teacher, you are so showy
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 457: Teacher, you are so showy

"Ah! It hurts!"
Huge pain struck, Tang San, who was at the critical moment of refining the Eight Spider Lances, was directly interrupted. The Eight Spider Lances that had almost merged into his body were pulled out abruptly by Xu Ran, and Tang San was of course in pain.
"Ah! Who is it?" Tang San suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood, and the absorption of the attached spirit bone was interrupted, or was interrupted so strongly, his spirit power was suddenly disturbed, and his aura suddenly became weak.
Tang San was angry, who was targeting him?
Why can\'t he feel peaceful after he absorbs a piece of external spirit bone?
"Xu Ran, is it you?" Tang San\'s eyes widened, seeing Xu Ran\'s face, his pupils suddenly shrank, obviously Xu Ran had left a deep shadow on him before.
"Xu Ran, what are you doing? Go away." Tang San spouted blood again, and he was horrified to find that his external spirit bone was being stripped by Xu Ran. After a brief period of horror, he felt a deep pain. Swept the whole body.
The dark red color of the ribs reflected on him, and he looked a little terrifying.
"I came naturally for the Eight Spider Lances. The treasure of soul bone attached to it is naturally home to the capable." Xu Ran said lightly. The external spirit bone was one of Tang San\'s strongest cheaters in the original work, but it\'s not anymore.
"Xu Ran, no, you can\'t deprive my external spirit bone. You are so powerful, so talented, and so rich, and you don\'t lack my soul bone." Tang San turned yellow, looking at Xu Ran in horror. , Mentality collapsed.
Xu Ran is so rich, rich and inferior to the country, and he is willing to give the precious soul bone to Bai Chenxiang that little bitch. Does Xu Ran still lack his soul bone?
This is just the external spirit bone of a human face demon bead that has just passed ten thousand years, and it is not particularly powerful. Why is Xu Ran?
Can Xu Ran not let him go?
"Who says I don\'t lack, the soul bone attached to it is a treasure recognized by everyone in the world."
"But your external soul bone is willing to give Bai Chenxiang, my external soul bone, you must look down, absolutely not. This spider soul bone has nothing to do with your martial spirit. It won\'t do you any good." Tang San\'s mouth was constantly overflowing with blood, his body\'s spirit power was disordered, and his manic spirit power impacted his body and caused him to die of pain, and he wanted to faint immediately.
The refining and absorption of the soul bone was interrupted. If an ordinary person had been mad and even bleed and died, it would be very difficult for him to survive.
But at this moment, he still can\'t fall down. The external spirit bone is very important to him. It can greatly increase his strength, and he must not lose the Eight Spider Lances. What\'s more, now this external spirit bone is already connected to his body, if Xu Ran forcibly snatches it away, he will suffer to death, and even the foundation will be unstable because of this.
"I can\'t use it myself, can\'t I give it to others to use it?" Xu Ran smiled, looking at Tang San\'s little aggrieved eyes, it was absolutely amazing, how could I feel so comfortable in my heart?
"You, there is no Spider Martial Spirit by your side. Other Martial Spirits are not suitable. My Martial Spirit is Blue Silver Grass. Spiders can strengthen Blue Silver Grass." Tang San analyzed, looking at Xu Ran with great desire. .
"No, I don\'t have it by my side, but I can go and pick up girls. The Pope Bibi Dong in the Wuhun Temple is a spider Wuhun." Xu Ran smiled and looked at Yu Xiaogang in the distance.
Yu Xiaogang\'s face turned dark and his eyes were cold.
"You Xu Ran, you really didn\'t have a good heart. Eight Spider Lances are definitely better than Tang San compared to Bidong. Why didn\'t I expect that?" Yu Xiaogang\'s expression changed wildly, and Xu Ran scolded him all over.
But just now he didn\'t expect that the external spirit bone of the Human Face Demon Spider had a very good effect on Bibi Dong, but in his eyes, Bibi Dong was just a plaything of him, just a stepping stone on his road to success.
The stronger Bibi Dong is, the more he appears incompetent. Although he wants to be with Bibi Dong and wants to use her pope\'s reputation, he can\'t wait for Bibi Dong to become a trash woman to accompany him.
In this way, when they are together, no one will gossip. Otherwise, the man of the peerless and powerful generation of Pope is a trash, and he will be scolded by the backbone.
As for Tang San, Tang San is his disciple, so naturally the stronger, the more powerful the better. Tang San was invincible, only his teacher could raise his head.
"Xu Ran, are you going to be against me? Can\'t you spare me this time?" Tang San was about to cry. How could Xu Ran just let him go?
Did Tang San die by Xu Ranke?
Can the soul absorb the soul ring and soul bone be able to touch Xu Ran?
Could he be a little more unlucky?
Tang San felt extremely wronged, tears were almost streaming out of his eyes. The self-confidence that was hard to gather was defeated again.
The outside world is terrible, he wants to go to Wuhun City as soon as possible. When he arrived at the Martial Soul Palace, Xu Ran would be helpless if he wanted to do anything with him.
"I can\'t forgive you. But I promise you, this time, I won\'t take your soul bone next time." Xu Ran said, and his soul power was attached to Tang San\'s back, with a slight force, eight spider lances and eight small spider leg bones. Stripped from Tang San\'s body.
"Ah, Xu Ran, I hate you!"
"Ah ah ah ah ah!"
"I won\'t let you go!"
"Xu Ran, wait for you to die. Sooner or later I will clean up you!"
Seeing that Xu Ran was determined to **** his external spirit bone, Tang San no longer begs for everything, cursing Xu Ran angrily, and constantly wailing in pain.
"Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining the Eight Spider Lances with external soul bone."
"Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining two thousand skill points for the task."
"Yes, yes, these eight blood bones have a faint evolutionary trend." Xu Ran said, and the Eight Spider Lances were stripped out of Tang San\'s body, still stained with Tang San\'s blood, they looked like blood bones. .
"Xu Ran, you want you! Give me back my external spirit bone." Tang San was desperate, looked at Xu Ran sadly, and completely ignored the strength gap between the two and waved towards Xu Ran. fist.
He is about to collapse, why is Xu Ran so punctual every time he comes, as if he came in good time. No matter what he does, he goes to the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect, soaks in his cousin, absorbs soul bones... Xu Ran can suddenly arrive and shoot him.
Xu Ran, is this intentional?
Tang San naturally didn\'t know, Miss System could know his whereabouts, so Xu Ran could show up at the right time every time.
"Your strength is too weak, you can\'t." Xu Ran waved Tang San away.
"Face the gap between us, and have nothing to do and daydream less. Also, if the saint of the Spirit Hall loses a hair, I can only ask you." Xu Ran said, turned around and left.
"Ahhhh. Paralysis, you want to use the Eight Spider Lances to soak the Pope, and you want to attack the saint? Brother Xu Ran, you fart, I want you to regret it. I will become the saint of the spirit hall and do everything. What you should do." Tang San roared angrily. What should the Son of God do? Of course it was a saint. The saint is the wife of the saint son, and when he becomes the saint son of Wuhun Hall, Xu Ran will be cold.
Xu Ran still wants to shoot the saint? wishful thinking.
"The plot is wrong, it\'s time to fight!" Xu Ran turned his head, and a palm wind slapped Tang San away and then slammed to the ground with a high-altitude rotation of seven hundred and twenty degrees.
"Little San. Don\'t..." Seeing Tang San still want to continue, Yu Xiaogang hurriedly covered Tang San\'s mouth. At this time, a cold smile appeared on his face.
"Little San, don\'t worry, I just secretly left the medicine powder I developed on Xu Ran\'s body..." Yu Xiaogang\'s face showed a cold and happy smile. His powdered medicine had a great enticing effect on soul beasts, a little powder of medicine could make countless soul beasts mad, not to mention that he still left a whole bottle of powdered medicine on Xu Ran\'s body.
This kind of medicinal powder trained with peerless treasures can attract powerful soul beasts for tens of thousands of years, and even more terrifying soul beasts, especially female soul beasts. These are enough for Xu Ran to drink a pot.
Although Xu Ran is strong, Xu Ran didn\'t notice his little movement just now. It seems that Xu Ran is nothing more than that.
"Haha, sir, you are so showy, you are so showy, you have to use this method to deal with Xu Ran." Hearing Yu Xiaogang\'s remarks, Tang San became excited, and the depression and pain that had just disappeared instantly. He just wanted to see Xu Ran eating Karma and even suffering.
No matter how strong Xu Ran is, his two fists are hard to beat four hands. If it really attracts countless crazy soul beasts, it will die without a whole body, and even the powder attracts countless female soul beasts, and Xu Ran\'s death will not be peaceful.
"Haha, well said, let Xu Ran insult our master and apprentice, he should be in this way." Yu Xiaogang laughed, he just thought he was a show. This tactic of borrowing a knife to kill people and using the soul beast to kill Xu Ran is simply too showy.