Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 449: This feeling, up!
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 449: This feeling, up!

Xu Ran and Gu Yuena hugged each other for a long time, and they didn\'t say a word, they were immersed in this hard-won closeness.
Gu Yuena also relaxed, lying on Xu Ran\'s body softly, soft as if boneless. The waiter lifted up Jiao\'s weakness, and it was Xincheng Enzeshi. The needle doesn\'t poke!
"Na\'er, I like you. I have liked you since the first time I saw you. If you want to set a deadline for this love, I hope it will be 100 million years." Xu Ran said affectionately, looking down. With the beautiful coquettish woman in her arms, she was a little greedy.
"Do you like that? You are greedy for my body." Gu Yuena was moved in her heart, but when she saw Xu Ran\'s slick eyes, she couldn\'t get angry.
Xu Ran is still Zulong! Unexpectedly, it was still such a dragon!
"If I don\'t greedy your body, how can our dragon clan continue to prosper in the future?" Xu Ran said with great righteousness: "Our dragon clan is sparse in number and it is not easy to reproduce. If we don\'t work hard in other aspects, the one who welcomes us Is extinct."
"For many years through the ages, countless powerful soul beasts have died, not in battle, but in blood. The blood is cut off and disappeared naturally."
"Countless powerful soul beasts are struggling to chase power and are not interested in other aspects. This is also the reason why they are extinct. Although our dragon clan is strong, we are more capable in other aspects. This is why we have gone through the years and the vicissitudes of life. The reason why the dragon clan still exists."
"But after a long time, you have also forgotten the essence of life, and you are ashamed of it. The world is really going down." Xu Ran said sadly, when did sepi become a derogatory term? When did the gestation of life become an unspeakable thing?
This is simply forgetting one\'s own roots.
If there is no old-fashioned criticism, the world will not last a few years and become desolate.
just happened to have thousands of old-fashioned critics, and made important contributions to the inheritance and development of world civilization. Therefore, if you are an old-fashioned critic at this moment, please continue.
Everyone knows that a woman is a poison and a burial mound of heroes, but Xu Ran has a fearless spirit, so what about giving up to death?
"Huh?" Gu Yuena was dazed, and she was preached by Xu Ran, and she felt a little fidgeting while sitting on Xu Ran\'s body. Although she thinks Xu Ran\'s words are very reasonable, she always feels a little weird.
"No, I always feel that you are lying to me."
"Even if you are Zulong, I won\'t...Don\'t even think about it." Gu Yuena blushed. Although Xu Ran is Zulong, don\'t even want to order her. If Xu Ran asks her to spread her legs, she will follow. Is she shameless?
She is the Silver Dragon King at any rate, half of the origin of the Dragon God.
Even if he is not better than Xu Ran, he still has his own pride.
Although the multiplication is also a major event for Longlun, the sword of the gods is still firmly locked on their heads. The sword of the three realms of judgment is terrible, and she is not in the mood to think about other things.
Although her body is attracted by Zulong. Spring is here, and it is the season of reproduction and growth of all things, but she can restrain it.
Even if the hormonal aura exuding from Xu Ran Zulong\'s body is very strong, she will not go bad directly, let Xu Ran deal with it.
"Really?" Xu Ran frowned his eyebrows. Gu Yuena has become smarter?
"Of course it is true. I won\'t agree to your rude request." Gu Yuena pouted and said quietly. Gong Long, there is no good thing, even if she has not experienced that, it does not prevent her from having such an idea.
"Forget it, anyway, you will beg to stick to me later." Xu Ran doesn\'t matter, for Gu Yuena right now, the most important thing is to become the Dragon God. The Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King each hold half of the origin of the Dragon God. Both physically and psychologically, Gu Yuena\'s desire to obtain the origin of the Golden Dragon King is real.
"What do you mean, I wouldn\'t be that kind of person!"
"Don\'t think about it!"
Gu Yuena widened her eyes and looked at Xu Ran with spine.
She is not the bad women outside, how could she beg Xu Ran? Is it possible that Xu Ran disagrees, can she still climb up?
Impossible, absolutely impossible, she Gu Yuena would never say anything like this.
Unless Xu Ran insists on provoking her and makes her unbearable, that kind of situation is possible.
"No, take a bite." Xu Ran cut a small mouth on his index finger, and scarlet blood flowed out. The blood of Ancestral Dragon is a great tonic, Gu Yuena will understand later.
"What is this?" Gu Yuena looked at Xu Ran suspiciously, except that the blood on Xu Ran\'s finger stood on the finger like a red gem, as if to seduce her.
Especially in her body, the silver dragon power that belongs to her seems to have encountered something particularly tempting. The same **** repels each other, the opposite **** attracts each other. The Zulong is stronger than the Dragon God. Naturally, the Zulong\'s blood also has the profound meaning of the golden dragon\'s blood that Gu Yuena needs.
"Include it."
Xu Ran commanded.
"I don\'t want to contain it."
Gu Yuena shook her head. She always felt that Xu Ran had no good intentions, and Xu Ran\'s words were ambiguous. If she didn\'t know what Xu Ran meant, she would suspect Xu Ran was thinking about something bad.
"Then I\'ll go straight in." Seeing Gu Yuena\'s chirp, Xu Ran stretched out her index finger directly when she saw Gu Yuena\'s chirp, and put it in deeply when Gu Yuena opened her little cherry mouth to speak.
The index finger stirred in the small cherry mouth, letting Zulong\'s blood mix evenly in it, and the moist small mouth and the soft tongue suddenly made Xu Ran\'s chicken skin cock.
hiss, it\'s killing me!
And Gu Yuena\'s eyes widened, her small mouth opened slightly, and Xu Ran\'s fingers were allowed to stir in her mouth, but she didn\'t react for a while.
"Woo." Gu Yuena was so ashamed that she wanted to pull Xu Ran\'s fingers out, but the next moment Xu Ran\'s Zulong blood exploded in her body.
Xu Ran\'s strength is not necessarily stronger than Gu Yuena, it may even be weaker. After all, Xu Ran is still only a hundred thousand years old, even if his bloodline is against the Xiu base is still nonsense if he hasn\'t kept up with everything.
However, Xu Ran\'s bloodline strength is much stronger than Gu Yuena\'s. The Ancestral Dragon\'s bloodline is full of the profound meaning of countless dragon bloodlines, and it contains the profound meaning of the Golden Dragon\'s power that Gu Yuena needs.
According to the description of the system lady, Gu Yuena can swallow the power of the Golden Dragon King and become a real Dragon God, or she can draw the nutrients of the Golden Dragon blood from him to slowly evolve herself, and finally evolve into the Dragon God.
The latter is not only clean, but also safe.
Sure enough, for a while, Gu Yuena was intoxicated, completely intoxicated in the pleasure of absorbing the Ancestral Dragon\'s blood.
That kind of feeling can only be described in two words, above.
"Hmm." Gu Yuenayu held Xu Ran\'s arm tightly with her hand, her small mouth pouted into an o shape, greedily licking the blood that seduce her almost crazy.
Gu Yuena is half of the Dragon Gods origin, and is incomplete. At the moment when Xu Ran\'s energy is obtained, she feels that she is almost to be filled, and her incomplete body seems to be blocked.
That kind of substantial, powerful sense of power, that long-lost power that belongs to the Golden Dragon makes it difficult for her to hold on to herself.
At this moment, Gu Yuena couldn\'t wait to **** Xu Ran dry, of course, he sucked Xu Ran\'s blood dry.
But after Gu Yuena knows that there are other ways to obtain this power, the same is true. As the saying goes, essence and blood, essence and blood, these things are more precious than blood.