Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 440: Wash the essence
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 440: Wash the essence

"Ding, congratulations to the host for completing the task."
"Congratulations to the host for gaining two thousand skill points. Five bottles of aptitude enhancement potion [can improve the cultivation aptitude of the people around you, so that those who can\'t practice can re-train, and those with weak talents have stronger talents. The improvement effect depends on the talent.]"
"Ding, congratulations to the host for adding another harem to get a reward of two thousand skill points."
"The host brother now has 9700 skill points."
Xu Ran woke up, Bai Chenxiang was still lying on the bed, her small cherry mouth was slightly open, her white saliva flowed onto the pillow, her petite body curled up, her lower abdomen was slightly bulged, her big eyes were crying red and swollen.
Last night, in order to punish Bai Chenxiang for his provocative behavior, he used a bit of strength. He felt comfortable, but Bai Chenxiang cried all night, his crying sound exhausted, and his voice still had penetrating power. Xu Ran could only seal off this space, otherwise any Bai Chenxiang\'s voice would be revealed.
In order to prove his strength, he took tens of thousands of shots. If he didn\'t know that it is impossible to catch fire in such an environment, Xu Ran was worried that there would be a fire similar to the principle of drilling wood to make a fire.
"Woo, stinky bastard." Bai Chenxiang woke up, sobbing, his small head twitched, and his red and swollen eyes looked at Xu Ran bitterly. Xu Ran is too rude, didn\'t she just question Xu Ran? Does Xu Ran need to punish her like this?
At this time, her whole body seemed to fall apart, and there was pain in her tendons and muscles, which made her love and hate Xu Ran. Xu Ran is very strong, but also too strong.
Fortunately, women are all made of water, otherwise she is worried that she will ignite spontaneously.
"It\'s not that you want to provoke me and make you doubt me."
"Woo, I don\'t know. Even so, you can\'t treat me like that, it\'s too bad for you." Bai Chenxiang looked at Xu Ran aggrievedly. Xu Ran, a **** who is as strong as a savage, is still so powerful. I can\'t run even if I want to escape.
Obviously, it looks very light, but it is heavy to death when pressed on the body!
"It\'s okay, don\'t cry, cry again and wait a while to go out and it will be unsightly. The eyes are swollen, and you let your grandpa see it by then, and think I have lynched."
"Is this different from lynching?"
Bai Chenxiang narrowed her mouth, but after hearing Xu Ran\'s words, she didn\'t cry obediently. The tears in her eyes were forcibly held back by herself, and Xu Ran was shocked.
Can this human body still have this ability?
"Then what should I do now? I can\'t move my whole body."
"I have a bottle of potion here. Try it if you drink it."
"Could it be a poison? Are you going to poison me." Bai Chenxiang pouted, but he opened his mouth honestly and asked Xu Ran to feed the potion into his mouth.
For a moment, the dazzling white light enveloped Bai Chenxiang\'s body, and the qualification enhancement potion, according to the description of the system lady, can improve the aptitude of the user, wash the muscles and marrow, and change their fate.
Its not useful to think that it was the plug-in that Miss System opened for him. Now there are more beauties around him. Except for Xiao Wu Zhu Qing Rongrong and the others who are talented enough, Huo Wu, Xue Ke, Tang Yuehua, Bai Chenxiang and others None of his talents are high enough, and if he continues to follow this trend, he has no hope of becoming a god.
Now it is obvious that Miss System is helping him.
For example, Bai Chenxiang, although the pointed tail Swift is a good martial arts spirit with amazing speed, but it is too bad in attack, compared to other agile attack type spirit masters.
When I was in the Haotian School, the Min clan was of great value as reconnaissance and information transmission experts. But for individuals, this Wuhun is a bit tasteless.
"this is?"
"my body"
The aptitude enhancement potion entered Bai Chenxiang\'s body, quickly transforming her body, and the effect looked very good. But just...
"Ah, it smells so bad."
Bai Chenxiang\'s body is covered with a layer of black slimy, which is caused by the modification and discharge of impurities in the body.
Bai Chenxiang blushed with shame, the pain on her body disappeared completely, she still felt as light as a swallow, but there was endless vitality in her body, but the smell of her body made Bai Chenxiang, who has always paid attention to her health, wished to escape here soon. .
Let Xu Ran see her like this, which made her feel a deep shame.
Girls all hope that she is beautiful in front of her sweetheart. Naturally, she can\'t bear to be so dirty in front of Xu Ran.
"I want to go now and take a bath." Bai Chenxiang pulled the bedding to wrap her body, and then ran away.
"This is the removal of impurities after washing the essence, which is good for your body." Xu Ran explained later.

Bai Chenxiang finished washing, and made his body fragrant, and he was relieved.
She stood in front of the bathroom mirror happily, looking at herself beautifully, and was amazed. After taking the potion Xu Ran gave her, her skin became more matte and soft, and her height seemed to grow taller. Some.
More importantly, after the external impurities are discharged, except for the eyelashes, beauty and hair, everything seems to be clean, and nothing else is visible.
"My martial soul seems to have evolved." In Bai Chenxiang\'s mind, a mysterious message was conveyed.
Storm Swift!
Her martial spirit has evolved, from the tip-tailed Swift to the Tempest Swift.
According to the information in my mind, Storm Swallows can master the power of the wind system, can launch wind attacks, and the speed of the wind attribute blessing will be faster!
"Oh my God!" Bai Chenxiang was stood there slim and motionless, completely shocked. Who on earth is Xu Ran, even has a treasure to upgrade his martial soul.
I gave her an external soul bone before, but now she can even take out this kind of treasure that can spur the evolution of martial souls and cleanse the essence.
"Hehe, it seems that I still have a very high status in Xu Ran\'s heart." Bai Chenxiang thought happily, and was swept away by Xu Ran\'s complaints last night, which made him cry all night.
As a woman, she needs to meet Xu Ran\'s needs. This is the responsibility of a wife.
She doesn\'t really blame Xu Ran, Xu Ran is so strong, so powerful. ****, indomitable. Xu Ran is an indomitable man.
She just felt that she was too weak to be worthy of Xu Ran.
But now she has obtained an external soul bone, and the martial spirit has obtained such a great evolution. As long as she works hard in the future, she won\'t be able to back down.
In addition, she should also exercise her body well. She can\'t always stop and solve it by herself every half of the time.
She still doesn\'t know now, and she thinks she can only be alone. After going to Heaven Dou City, she understood that her physique was actually quite good.
Xu Ran, this animal, even if it is the goddess of life, has to get down, let alone a mortal.