Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 421: Tang 3 is excited, his cousin belongs to him
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 421: Tang 3 is excited, his cousin belongs to him

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After Tang San went to the Min clan, he brought the patriarch of the powerful clan of Titan to treat Bai Hexiao, the clan chief of the Min clan, to a great deal. Tang San first exposed his proud talent, and then used a hidden weapon to seduce Bai He, and successfully subdued the Min clan.
The inheritance spirit of the Min clan is the pointed tail Swift, which only has speed and no attack power. When the Min clan belonged to the Clear Sky School, they were responsible for investigation and information transmission. Wuhun has no offensive power, which means that their demand for hidden weapons will not be smaller than those of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School sects.
In the original work, Tang San wooed the Min clan in this way.
Now that the old technique is repeated, the effect is naturally good.
Especially Tang San is now even more hardworking than in the original work. Under the spur of Xu Ran, the elder, Tang San\'s cultivation level has not fallen but has grown rapidly. Because he had been thinking about **** Xu Ran, his abilities in hidden weapons have also become much stronger.
Therefore, it was no surprise that Tang San was able to win over Xu Ran, a clan of Min.
At this time, on the street, Bai Chenxiang\'s long black hair was tied into a pair of ponytails. His figure was tall and his beautiful legs were slender, which looked no shorter than Xiao Wu\'s long legs. Especially wearing black shorts, the legs are longer.
The feet are different from the high-heeled crystal shoes that ordinary girls like to wear, but a pair of small white flat shoes with embroidered patterns on them, which also has a flavor.
A pair of high-waisted short clothes, showing a vertical belly button, slender hands holding a bottle of drink, his eyes look a little arrogant, beautiful eyes looking forward, it seems that everything is very interested.
At this moment, Tang San had just finished talking about work with Bai He, and he was extremely excited. The Min family was also his subordinate, and in the future, he was destined to rise to Tang San and defeat Great Demon King Xu Ran.
"Cousin." Tang San waved, his heart pounding as he looked at the beautiful girl in front of him. Bai Chenxiang\'s beauty is also of the national color and Tianxiang level, not much weaker than Xiao Wu.
Moreover, Bai Chenxiang is good at speed. Like Bao Xiaowu, he has slender legs and a slender figure, which is what Tang San likes.
The most important thing is that Bai Chenxiang is his cousin and younger sister, and he doesn\'t need to worry about the burden.
"Cousin?" Bai Chenxiang looked at Tang San and blinked beautifully. Now she knew that Tang San was her cousin. Tang San\'s talent is very powerful, and he is also a hidden weapon, which is of great help to the Min clan, and is now one of the people she admires most.
Bai Chenxiang only admired two people, one was Xu Ran, a legendary genius who had never met in tens of thousands of years; the other was cousin Tang San.
Tang San is a twin martial soul, and his talent is no worse than the legendary Xu Ran. The most important thing is that Tang San also knows how to use hidden weapons. At a young age, she still has such a terrifying ingenuity. This is what she admires most.
Talent is bestowed by God. In contrast, everything about his cousin is obtained step by step with his hardworking hands.
In this case, she naturally admired Tang San very much.
And Tang San naturally also enjoyed this kind of worship, and he felt a little fluttering in his heart.
When he was in Tiandou City, Xu Ran forced him to bully him, and because of Xu Ran\'s lewdness, it was impossible for anyone to admire him. If a girl likes him, she will be picked up instantly and dragged to the toilet by a group of Xu Ran\'s female fans to be severely punished.
Hey, Tang San is really miserable.
But now out of Heaven Dou City, Xu Ran\'s influence cannot affect the Min clan, and no one knows his grievances with Xu Ran. He can fully enjoy the respect and admiration of the Min clan for him.
The most important thing is Bai Chenxiang\'s admiration. Bai Chenxiang is still his younger sister. It\'s so beautiful, a winner in life!
It seems that starting from the four major families, his talents, powers, and lovers have all appeared. This is the time for his Tang San to rise!
"Cousin, can you give me some hidden weapons?" Bai Chenxiang blinked at Tang San with big pure eyes. This cousin\'s supernatural powers are vast, she knows very well.
"Hidden weapon?" Tang San casually took out the hidden weapon he had prepared for Bai Chenxiang a long time ago, and planned to use Bai Chenxiang\'s concealed weapon. It can be seen at a glance that they are women\'s hidden weapons, all of which are relatively small.
"Cousin, you prepared it for me a long time ago. You are so kind." Bai Chenxiang smiled, and Tang San\'s smile was directly stunned, and Tang San almost gave the hidden weapon to Bai Chenxiang.
No, he has to practice Bai Chenxiang and let Bai Chenxiang be his wife earlier.
"This can\'t be given to you directly. Cousin heard that you are very talented, and you are also known as the young generation first in speed, so we compete for speed. If you win, this set of hidden weapons will be yours."
"Then I lost?" Bai Chenxiang tilted her head, with her double pony tails swinging around behind her head, which was very attractive. No one can resist the temptation of double ponytails, not even Xu Ran, let alone single dog Tang San.
"If you lose, is there anything you can use to make a bet?"
"I don\'t seem to have it. The Min clan belongs to my cousin. What else can I take out to gamble with my cousin?" Bai Chenxiang pouted, she was very confident of her speed, even if Tang San was better than her. Strong, it is impossible to exceed her speed. But for a time, she couldn\'t come up with a suitable bet.
"Then your cousin will just use yourself as a bet. If you lose, you will be mine." Tang San said boldly, pretending to be gentle and upright. It seemed that even if Bai Chenxiang lost, he wouldn\'t do anything to her.
It\'s just that those eyes can\'t stop looking at Bai Chenxiang\'s double ponytails, exposed lower abdomen, and those slender legs, there is an unstoppable desire in his eyes.
After all, this is a girl!
Compared to others, it is more exciting.
And it looks so slender and It seems...
"At that time, I can also go to Heaven Dou City to show Xu Ran a wave." Tang San couldn\'t help thinking, feeling extremely excited. He gritted his teeth angrily when he thought of Xu Ran showing his affection in front of him every day. Now he can show his affection too.
At that time, he still kissed Bai Chenxiang, and the two slowly descended from the sky in a circle in front of Xu Ran. The romantic appearance was enough to make Xu Ran envy.
"Okay, cousin, I\'m sure to win anyway." Bai Chenxiang noticed the look in Tang San\'s eyes, but she naturally didn\'t care about anything, who was always arrogant. In terms of speed, she did not allow herself to be worse than anyone else.
"Then we will go from here to the city gate faster." As soon as Tang San\'s voice fell, Bai Chenxiang ran out with a whistle. The spirit ring is fully opened, and the speed is increased to the extreme.
Tang San was startled at the speed when he saw Bai Chenxiang, his face turned with a touch of excitement, the ghostly fascination started, and the speed was faster than Bai Chenxiang, and he caught up with Bai Chenxiang after a while.
"Cousin, you can\'t do this. You still need to work harder." Tang San tried his best to give Bai Chenxiang a calm smile, and then the next moment, a sudden force of gravity hit, Tang San bent his legs and fell on him. To the ground.