Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 409: Our journey is the sea of ??stars
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 409: Our journey is the sea of ??stars

Qian Renxuexiang was lying on the bed dripping with sweat, her skin turned pink. Sweat made Qian Renxue\'s long skirt soaked and pressed tightly on her perfectly developed body.
The exquisite and delicate body became more attractive. Bursts of alluring fragrance emanated from Qian Renxue\'s body, making the entire room waft with this fragrance.
At this time Xu Ran had stopped, and Qian Renxue\'s voice was also a little hoarse.
At first she thought she could hold it back, but she didn\'t expect that she would yell "Ao Ao Ao" in front of Xu Ran.
She wanted to cry, she didn\'t understand why her body was like this, she would feel so comfortable being bullied by Xu Ran. That kind of feeling is like going to heaven, not like being in the world.
After this was over, Xu Ran was afraid that she would often bully her like this in the future, ooh, thinking of that scene, Qian Renxue\'s eyes filled with tears, and the tears were held in her eyes, and she did not want to flow out.
Although psychologically, she didn\'t want to admit it, let alone be treated so shamelessly and rudely by Xu Ran. But physically, its an inexplicable enjoyment of that feeling,
Ah ah ah ah ah!
Qian Renxue felt that she was about to collapse.
What\'s wrong with her? How could she not realize that she was of that physique before. However, no one dared to do anything to her before, naturally not aware of it. But now Xu Ran has grasped her handle, I am afraid that in the future...
"How is it? Does it hurt?" Xu Ran looked at Qian Renxue\'s body covered with red marks, and after a while, he was about to recover. Qian Renxue\'s martial soul is very strong, and the resilience of angel martial soul is also very wrong.
"Huh, ruthless man." Qian Renxue snorted coldly, turned her head to look at Xu Ran, pouting, but her eyes became much softer. For women, she said she didn\'t like it, but she was very honest.
Especially after the body was repeatedly touched by Xu Ran, Qian Renxue did not resist Xu Ran too much.
Even if Xu Ran looked at her body now, Qian Renxue wouldn\'t say anything as long as it wasn\'t excessive.
I\'ve already been seen anyway, what are you afraid of?
"Where am I being merciless? Am I not good for you? And you told me to add gravity."
"I think your call is quite happy, that voice can almost be heard throughout the mansion." Xu Ran said. Qian Renxue\'s soprano is indeed okay, even more terrifying than Rongrong.
"What?" Qian Renxue\'s face changed, and she was a little panicked in her heart.
"Don\'t worry. I separated our place from the outside with a barrier. You can\'t hear your voice outside." Xu Ran smiled.
"You, then you scared me, scared me to death. If my identity is revealed, you too..." Qian Renxue looked at Xu Ran angrily, and Yu hand grabbed the pillow beside him and threw it on Xu Ran\'s body. .
"No, how could I bear the heart to put Baby Xueer in a dangerous situation? And even if things are revealed, it doesn\'t matter. When the sky falls, I will be by your side." Xu Ran said firmly. Qian Renxue\'s steadfast, upright and pure gaze made Qian Renxue dazed for a while, and her heart softened.
After all, Xu Ran is the only man who has touched her body. Although he has not done the last step, it can be said that Xu Ran has done everything except the last step.
She was touched by Xu Ran all over her body.
"Huh, ghosts believe you, you are not from our Wuhun Palace, you wish you were unlucky to see me." Qian Renxue said angrily, and she was upset at the thought of so many miscellaneous women outside Xu Ran.
And those women are
It is a person of the great power that is opposed to the Wuhun Temple.
She didn\'t believe Xu Ran would come to the Spirit Hall for her and help the Spirit Hall deal with those forces.
"How come? You are my baby Xue\'er. If you have an accident, I shouldn\'t feel sorry for it? Besides, our goal should not be at this small spot. Our journey is the sea of ??stars, the continent of Douluo, Even unification is meaningless."
On the Douluo Continent, there is the God Realm.
Even if the whole continent is unified, a **** will come down to the gods and cultivate a heir to the gods at will may threaten the rule. In that case, even if the whole continent is taken down, what is the point of being a soil emperor?
Douluo Xing is just a drop in the vast universe.
Xu Ran\'s goal is the sea of ??stars, how could the girl of Guang Douluo Continent satisfy him?
Qian Renxue\'s heart trembled, her beautiful eyes looked closely at Xu Ran, Junyi\'s face, deep eye pupils, jet black long hair, casual temperament, and the inexplicable and fascinating temperament. .
Is this the gap between them? She just wanted to unify the mainland, and for this, she has been lurking in this place for so many years and has been working hard for this goal.
But compared with Xu Ran, what are her goals?
Xu Ran didn\'t even pay attention to the entire Douluo Continent.
Perhaps it is because of these that Xu Ran has such a casual temperament in his body.
Qian Renxue thought in her heart, she couldn\'t help but enter the gods. With her qualifications, she would have the opportunity to become an angel **** in the future, and then she would be able to enter the **** realm. With Xu Ran\'s talent, becoming a **** is also a certainty.
Will Xu Ran\'s dissolute temperament make the world of God peaceful? Certainly not. At that time Xu Ran might still offend the gods.
"What\'s the matter? Are you in love with me?" Xu Ran said evilly when Qian Renxue had been staring at her. As he said, he threw himself on the bed, pressing Qian Renxue under him.
"Ah. You hurt me, shamelessly, don\'t touch me." Qian Renxue woke up from a daze, cried out in pain, and pushed Xu Ran aside forcefully. The injury that Xu Ran just inflicted on his body is still not healed, so naturally there is still some pain.
"I was just thinking that when you go to the God Realm, you will certainly offend those powerful gods with your character. Then you will be finished. You should reduce your character early, otherwise it would be better to be in Douluo. The mainland is a soil emperor. I don\'t have to go to the gods to be beaten." Qian Renxue reminded. She was really scared, and went to the God Realm with Xu Ran\'s character. She refused to obey the discipline and was suppressed by others.
Grandpa is the guardian of the angelic **** inheritance has some knowledge of the gods. Gods are extremely terrifying. After becoming gods, their martial arts may not be of much use, so they rely only on divine power.
There, all of her and Xu Ran\'s superiority and pride in the martial arts will disappear.
She worried that Xu Ran would not be able to accept this blow. After all, he was an invincible existence in Douluo Continent, and it was not necessarily true when he went to God Realm.
"Are you caring about me?" Xu Ran frowned. Qian Renxue, this Nizi, has a hard-mouthed duck, and she obviously loves him too much in her heart, and she pretends not to care at all.
"No. I just don\'t want you to die too fast." Qian Renxue denied immediately.
"Don\'t worry. When you go to the God Realm, you are not my opponent. If you should bully you, you will still bully you. And I haven\'t paid attention to the gods of the God Realm." Xu Ran said lightly. When he becomes a god, what are those crooked melons and cracked dates in the God Realm?
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