Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 355: Student Xu Ran, excellent in character and learning
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 355: Student Xu Ran, excellent in character and learning

Originally, Ning Rongrong was sitting in the middle, but seeing Xu Ran coming, he gave up his seat and went to sit next to Xiao Wu.
And Xu Ran is surrounded by Xiao Wu and Zhu Qing, and the different faint fragrance of the three women refreshes the heart, which makes Xu Ran extremely useful.
Liu Erlong staggered towards the podium, because his legs trembled, he almost fell to the ground when he stepped over the steps on the podium.
Now her legs are not only soft, but also a little numb. As for why it becomes like this, then I have to ask Xu Ran. Although it was only more than twenty minutes, Xu Ran played a lot of tricks.
"Xu Ran is too strong."
"That is. Didn\'t I tell you before? Xu Ran almost killed Tyrone with a single blow."
"Furthermore, the most popular genius on the mainland recently, the Marquis of the Star Luo Empire, is also called Xu Ran, you know."
"I suspect that Xu Ran in our class is a genius from the legendary Star Luo Empire. Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental that two such awesome people named Xu Ran appeared at the same time?" Although Shrek Academy is one It is a civilian college, but the senior class is from a good background, and Xu Ran\'s identity is quickly picked up.
Now Xu Ran is a celebrity by his size, but Xu Ran doesn\'t show up in the public much. Most people only know Xu Ran\'s name, but don\'t know Xu Ran\'s true strength. But it is precisely this, there are various versions of rumors of Xu Ran\'s strength outside.
"It turns out that Xu Ran\'s identity is like this."
"No wonder Xu Ran got their favor."
Suddenly, everyone looked at Xu Ran in awe.
When I thought that such a peerless genius who was famous throughout the continent was in their class, the original hostility to Xu Ran disappeared, only a strong admiration and admiration.
Being in the same class with a peerless genius is also an after-hours conversation!
"Let\'s welcome the new student, Xu Ran. Xu Ran is very strong and very strong. I hope that all of you will learn from Xu Ran and practice harder in the future."
"Xu Ran\'s achievements today are also due to his unremitting efforts." Liu Erlong listened to the discussion around him, with a look of shame on his face. Before, she regarded Xu Ran as a peerless powerhouse, and did not inquire about his identity. Now I have confirmed the relationship with him, knowing that his identity still depends on the students in the class.
"Senior Xu Ran, are you that fate? Can you tell us how you cultivated?"
A female classmate asked, she had a nice face and was wearing a loose skirt, but she still raised her chest and hips to make her figure more straighter. She hated it in her heart, why did she come out with such a simple dress?
Xiao Wu and the others saw that Xu Ran had become a core figure when they came to the academy, and they were sought after by everyone. They couldn\'t help but raised their necks high, feeling a burst of pride in their hearts.
Xu Ran is Xu Ran, a unique existence, no matter where he goes, he will stand out from the crowd.
Zhu Zhuqing has a softer gaze, wearing black tight-fitting leather pants, with a very good figure, and her beautiful eyes are full of affection. Xu Ran walked all the way from Zhu\'s family, no matter what happened to Xu Ran, he could easily resolve it, no matter where he went, he could become the existence that everyone admired. This is her fiance.
"The so-called cultivation is to cultivate people. The prerequisite of cultivation is to have a sincere heart and a body of righteousness. Only in this way can you be on the right path. If the mentality is not good, what about the cultivation of the world\'s strongest person? That will only bring disaster to this continent."
"Worry about the world\'s worries and worry, and happily enjoy the world\'s happiness."
"When you meet a billion people, you will lose your head, choose a city and die."
Xu Ran talked eloquently, saying nothing but useless empty words. But it made everyone in the class stand in awe of Xu Ran. Originally, they were only lagging behind Xu Ran in terms of cultivation base and strength, but now they understand that genius is not only a strong talent for cultivation, but also far surpasses them in terms of behavior.
Worry about the worries of the world, and enjoy the joy of the world.
What aspiration is this, what a stalwart person can think of such a famous sentence!
"Xu Ran is too good, is this the gap between people? I can\'t make it."
"The gap in cultivation cannot be made up, and the gap in the state of mind is even more divine."
All the students said, they all praised from the bottom of their hearts.
"It\'s too good to say that Master Xu Ran\'s saying don\'t be a small eel! Why didn\'t we understand this before?"
"In the future, we will also learn from the qualities of Master Xu Ran, and be a happy eel." Some female classmates said, all winking at Xu Ran, not knowing where they all thought of going. But the admiration for Xu Ran is true.
With Xu Ran\'s current strength and identity, as long as he is exposed, it is absolute to be liked and admired by girls. If Xu Ran had just crossed that formation, he might still have sex..., after all, even a slightly ordinary girl in Douluo Continent would not be comparable to a person from the previous life on Earth.
At least, no acne, no pockmarks, regular practice, no peculiar smell, and body fragrance.
In the previous life, Xu Ran still remembered that feeling. When he changed his breath while kissing, the woman suddenly struck with bad breath, and the feeling almost went to heaven.
"Palsy, you know bragging. If you are really good to improve your cultivation speed and talent, I suspect you should have lost all your cultivation base and your martial spirit will be completely useless." Tang San sat in a corner of the advanced class, watching Xu Ran could enjoy the admiring eyes of so many people by bragging casually, and felt a sorrow and grief in his heart.
Paralysis is also an individual, so the gap is so big!
If it weren\'t for Xu With his talent, the twin spirits still have memories of previous lives, so he should be able to get the admiring look like Xu Ran.
Xu Ran stole his limelight!
Unconsciously, Tang San\'s resentment towards Xu Ran grew deeper. He even felt that Xu Ran\'s existence was specifically aimed at him. Xu Ran is always robbing him of his things. The woman who originally belonged to him, his honor, and everything about him have now become Xu Ran\'s.
If it weren\'t for Xu Ran, he would be a wizard of Tianzong, he would be an advanced class, the most beautiful cub of Shrek Academy.
If it hadn\'t been for Xu Ran, his teacher would have embraced a beautiful woman, and he would have a backer like Aunt Liu. Xu Ran\'s dog thief killed him.
Thinking about it this way, Tang San sorted out his thoughts in an instant.
When Xu Ran did not show up, he was also the most beautiful boy at Notting College and was admired by his peers around him. At that time, with his talent, he could eat anywhere.
However, as soon as Xu Ran came, he was unlucky everywhere, and everything he did was not smooth. The dead ghost father watched him being beaten and didn\'t come out to protect him. This was the most annoying.