Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 353: Its over, Teacher Liu 2long is angry
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 353: Its over, Teacher Liu 2long is angry

"No. I have been thinking about the two grandfathers in my heart." Ning Rongrong blinked her beautiful eyes, and ran to Jian Douluo\'s side again, holding his hand with a cute and pleasant look.
"Xu Ran, I heard that you have had a good relationship with Qinghe recently and are still discussing peace talks between the two countries." Ning Fengzhi said suddenly. Xu Ran is from the Zhu family of the Star Luo Empire, and his influence over there is also not small.
"Yes. So, I plan to leave within these two days, otherwise His Royal Highness will be anxious. The matter of hidden weapons will be delivered to my uncle in the name of Xu Men after I set up Xu Men." Xu Ran said. .
"Xu Men? Are you going to establish a sect?" Ning Fengzhi was surprised, but it became clear when he thought of Xu Ran\'s strength now. Xu Ran is now starting a sect. With Xu Ran\'s talent and appeal, it is very simple for Xu Men to become a first-class sect.
"At that time, the upper three will be shuffled. Then I will wait for the good news from Xu Men." Ning Feng chuckled. Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo also looked at Xu Ran in surprise. It was indeed sufficient to establish a sect with Xu Ran\'s current strength.
"I can help you with the process of establishing the sect. Then you can go to Qinghe to get the land." Ning Fengzhi pondered for a moment and said.
"Then thank you Uncle." Xu Ran clasped his fists.
After staying in the Qibao Glazed Glass Sect for two more days, Xu Ran and Ning Rongrong returned to Heaven Dou City. Ning Fengzhi also properly prepared the Zongmen\'s seal and official documents and handed it to Xu Ran.

Shrek Academy.
Advanced class.
Xu Ran and Ning Rongrong walked together hand in hand, standing at the door instantly attracted the attention of many people. Ning Rongrong\'s reputation in Shrek Academy is not small, and the Ning family, from a noble background, is naturally liked by many people.
Although Xu Ran had never met in the class, many people knew Xu Ran.
Seeing Xu Ran coming, Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu greeted Xu Ran one after another, with unstoppable joy on Qiao\'s faces. Even if Xu Ran had only been away for a few days, they would already miss it in a panic.
"Hush." ??Seeing Xu Ran and the three class flowers are very familiar, and walking hand in hand with Ning Rongrong, there was a sigh of sound around me. Where did this fierce come from?
"Husband?" Liu Erlong looked at Xu Ran suspiciously, and said softly. But no one noticed Liu Erlong\'s strangeness.
At this time, Liu Erlong was in class, wearing a close-fitting white shirt on his upper body and a knee-length straight skirt on his lower body, drawing a perfect body curve. In particular, the two tufts with shirts upright in the front and the round and plump buttocks at the back make people seem to be able to smell the fragrance far away.
It seems that this kind of professional skirt is tailor-made for Liu Erlong, the curve behind it, and the long white straight legs that are exposed, are beautiful. Especially when Liu Erlong is standing on the podium now.
Why didn\'t I have such a teacher when I was in school in my previous life? Otherwise, I must work hard... Xu Ran remembered the speeches of those scumbags from the previous life. It\'s a pity that I really want to find someone like this for them. I\'m afraid that I have turned myself into a software bug before leaving the society.
"Teacher Liu Erlong, I am Xu Ran. I haven\'t reported before. You should have my name." Xu Ran said, and looked at Liu Erlong with a smile.
"Huh?" Liu Erlong looked at Xu Ran. She naturally knew that there was an academy in the advanced class, which was also called Xu Ran. She thought it was the same name. Because of Yu Xiaogang\'s arrival, and Xu Ran\'s influence, she had never paid attention to these things, nor had she ever asked about it. But unexpectedly, Xu Ran turned out to be...
"What\'s the matter? Teacher Liu? Is it handsome by me?" Xu Ran teased. At this moment Liu Erlong was leaning on the podium, his familiar appearance was simply tempting.
"Xu Ran, don\'t talk nonsense, Dean Liu is a very good person." Seeing Xu Ran being so rude to Liu Erlong, Ning Rongrong pulled Xu Ran\'s arm.
Many other classmates also looked at Xu Ran blankly.
"Fuck, where did the fierce come from?"
"I\'m afraid I don\'t know the temper of Vice President Liu Erlong."
"Even though Teacher Liu Erlong is beautiful, I just glanced at him secretly, but I didn\'t expect that this brother would dare to tease her like this. He is dead. With Teacher Liu\'s violent temper, Xu Ran will definitely lie down now. It\'s been many days in bed."
"But Xu Ran\'s strength seems to be very strong, and Teacher Liu Erlong shouldn\'t be able to do anything with him."
Suddenly, the students in the advanced class chatted with each other, and the look in Xu Ran\'s eyes became pitiful. Poor boy, he had to meet Liu Erlong\'s anger when he first came to the academy.
Liu Erlong is so beautiful, but not many people dare to provoke her, because her temper is not good, but a female tyrannosaurus, if it breaks out, Xu Ran at least...
At this time, these pure students still don\'t know that their beloved beauty teacher has a very deep relationship with Xu Ran. Even if it was going to burst into anger, it was hehe...undescribable.
When the time comes, he and Liu Erlong will fight, and it must not be him who will suffer.
When Liu Erlong saw Xu Ran, he met Xu Ran\'s naked eyes, and his legs were a little soft.
Since the last time I confirmed the relationship with Xu Ran, Shimune knows the taste, and she has become increasingly unable to hold herself in front of Xu Ran.
Dare to love and hate, Liu Erlong was like this before, but now Liu Erlong has obviously begun to awaken his original character and temperament.
Hearing the discussion around her, her face could not be restrained with a blush. Even if she suppressed it desperately and did not want to expose anything, she still couldn\'t help but blush, red, with a strand of hair sticking to her cheek, extremely Seductive.
But in the eyes of those simple students, this was a sign that Liu Erlong was about to get angry. Blushing is a sign of anger.
"It\'s over, UU reading teacher Liu Erlong is really angry, and his face is flushed."
"I\'ve never seen Teacher Liu Erlong so angry. Teacher Liu Erlong was like that before. Although he is beautiful, he is a good eel, and he is a very good person. But he is an old nun and hates those **** people the most. ."
"Ms. Liu Erlong\'s body is trembling with anger, and soon it will be cold."
"But he deserves it. Who told him to be so fierce and soaked Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, and Xiao Wu all at once. It just happened to let Teacher Liu Erlong teach him a lesson."
Seeing Liu Erlong\'s cheeks flushed, his legs trembling, and his body trembling, a group of people suddenly said. They were expecting Xu Ran to be taught a lesson. After all, Xu Ran was too owed, and he was still rubbing Rongrong\'s slender waist in front of them, making them envious.
It\'s numb, they want to rub it too, but how...
"Xu Ran, come out, I have something to tell you." Liu Erlong really couldn\'t bear it. If she continued to stay in the classroom, she worried that she would not be able to stand it, and then exposed.
She fell in love, even the look in Xu Ran\'s eyes was a little overwhelming. In just a few days, she thought Xu Ran couldn\'t think of it.