Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 351: How can the dragon body be comparable to anything else?
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 351: How can the dragon body be comparable to anything else?

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"Ding, remind the host brother. I just felt the breath of the **** Rakshasa." The voice of the young lady system sounded, and it was obvious that he had noticed the movements of the **** Rakshasa.
"Raksha God? What\'s the matter?"
Xu Ran\'s spirit was shocked, and suddenly there was a faint guess in his heart.
The reason why Bibi Dong was found by the Rakshasa **** was because Qianxunji and Yu Xiaogang had accumulated endless dark emotions in her heart. In addition, Bibi Dong was very talented, so Rakshasa **** would choose Let her inherit the position of Rakshasa.
But now that Tang San has been beating, the grievances in his heart have accumulated to the point of gushing out. Under such circumstances, Tang San has become the most satisfactory candidate for the inheritor of the Rakshasa god.
Not only that, Bibi Dong has a grudge against Raksha God. Because Bibi Dong was also the killer of the Slaughter City, it was because of the interference of the Raksha God that he missed the inheritance of the Shura God. And Tang San is now young and more malleable...
"Miss System, is Raksha God wanting to choose Tang San as the inheritor?" Xu Ran couldn\'t help asking, some expecting Miss System to ask. If the **** Raksha chose Tang San, then Bibi Dong would be free.
Now Bibi Dong is still a big beauty, and a pope, with unparalleled temperament, not everyone can match. Gentle, quiet, elegant and majestic, Bibi Dong was like this before he became a Raksha god. After inheriting the Rakshasa god, Bibi Dong\'s appearance, temperament and even personality will be greatly changed by the transformation of the Rakshasa god, which he did not want to see.
In the original book, Bibi Dong went the wrong way and became like this, the originally charming pope became a presence of blue-faced fangs. All this was forced by Tang San and Yu Xiaogang.
Now its not bad for Tang San to cultivate into a Rakshasa **** just like the ending of the original Bibi Dong.
Let the well-dressed great decent in the original book become the great villain in the evil camp. Tsk tsk, it is true that at the beginning of the human nature is good, the nature is similar and the habits are far apart. The so-called villains are all forced.
The wicked have their own wicked grind. Don\'t blame Tang San and Yu Xiaogang for being bad, you can only say that they are both demons.
Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue were forced to become big villains by Tang San and Yu Xiaogang.
And now he Xu Ran forced Tang San and Yu Xiaogang into big villains.
"It would be great if Tang San was really favored by the God of Raksha. At that time, Tang San\'s strength might improve very quickly. Tang San, Tang San, I hope you can hurry up, otherwise I won\'t be enough to fight." The corners of Xu Ran\'s mouth turned upwards, and he glanced back.
Tang San\'s talents were pretty good, twin spirits, enhanced control elements, and memories of previous lives. It would be a bit interesting if the Rakshasa **** had directly bet on Tang San when he was still so young.
"The host\'s brother guessed it\'s not far from ten. It\'s just that the Rakshasa **** just left a ray of breath on Tang San\'s body, and he is not completely sure that Tang San will become a Rakshasa god. After all, the Rakshasa **** has Betting on Bibi Dong. Bibi Dong\'s current strength is very strong. After mastering the Spirit Hall, he even thinks about destroying the Spirit Hall with his own hands."
"The **** Raksha is in charge of evil and negative emotions in the **** realm. Bibi Dong and Tang San are very in line with the requirements of the **** Raksha. Strictly speaking, Tang San is more in line with it, because he has been bullied by the host\'s brother. Now Tang San\'s resentment is about to come. Condensed into substance. It is such a powerful and pure negative emotion that attracted Raksha\'s spirit."
"However, Bibi Dong\'s strength is stronger, and he is a strong one already formed. It is difficult for God Rakshasa to choose." Miss System analyzed, her beautiful eyes blinked, thinking of Xu Ran\'s bullying of Tang San and she couldn\'t help but give up. Pouting.
If the host\'s brother had not bullied Tang San a few times, God of Raksha would not come to Tang San. The host\'s brother will not encounter such troubles. But how did Miss System know that Xu Ran wanted Tang San to inherit the Rakshasa God, so that Bibi Dong would not be interfered by the Rakshasa God.
"Understood, beat Tang San a few more times to make Tang San\'s negative emotions stronger. Or make Bibi Dong\'s negative emotions a little less, so that the last balance can be tilted to Tang San\'s body, right. "Xu Ran thought for a while, and couldn\'t help patting his thigh.
This idea is simply wonderful. Why didn\'t he think of it before?
"Uh. It seems to be like this." Miss System nodded, theoretically.
"Then I understand, Bibi Dong in this life can just lie down obediently." Xu Ran\'s eyes flashed a greedy light. Bibi Dong is stunning. Such a woman, if he does not win, he will be a traverser.
Bibi Dong is now Yu Xiaogang\'s only reliance, but this only reliance is also unreliable, because every time Xu Ran goes to beat Yu Xiaogang, the system lady sister helps to record what Yu Xiaogang said.
Many of them are about Bibi Dong. If these things are in Bibi Dong\'s hands, will Yu Xiaogang have a better life?
"Hey, life is so comfortable."
"This Raksha is good."
Xu Ran thought happily, in the future, he would open an extremely huge harem with three thousand beauties in the harem. What kind of loli elder sister, petite, mature, and all of them will be admitted to the harem. From then on, I will only envy you. Mandarin ducks do not envy the good life of immortals.
Think about it, this day is very comfortable!
"Smelly Xu Ran, what do you think? So happy?" Seeing Xu Ran\'s smile so badly, Ning Rongrong definitely didn\'t think of anything good. "I\'m thinking about when to take you to meet a few sisters and get to know each other. Then we go to the beach together, wearing swimsuits, only us. The sky is the blanket and the ground is the bed. We know each other\'s length and depth... "Xu Ran said, thinking of the Dugu Goose and the little maid Ye Lingling from Xingluo Royal Academy, Liu Erlong, the vice president of Yujie Meiwu, and Binger Yueer Xuewu from Tianshui College.
Three women in a **** scene I will have a headache later.
"Hmph, let\'s talk, how many women are you out there." Ning Rongrong\'s palm touched Xu Ran\'s waist and looked at Xu Ran fiercely. Xu Ran was embarrassed to say that he rarely stayed at the academy every day and lived outside. He was a normal person and knew that Xu Ran had many confidantes outside.
"I\'m counting. Not many, and only a few sisters." Xu Ran said, still far from reaching the level of three thousand beauties in the harem, as to? He Xu Ran is not bad.
It was Zulong and Qilin again. With the firepower on, Gu Yuena and the Goddess of Life came and couldn\'t hold it. Of course, it hasn\'t been checked yet, but Xu Ran estimated that it should be about the same.
The ancestral dragon, the first dragon in the wild, how can the dragon body be comparable to anything else?
"How many are they? Don\'t be fooled and just pass." Ning Rongrong pinched Xu Ran\'s tenderloin fiercely.
For Xu Ran, she regarded herself as three people, Xu Ran still had to go outside to find someone else. Humph.
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