Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 349: Tang 3 scolded, Xu Ran was shameless
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 349: Tang 3 scolded, Xu Ran was shameless

"Tang San, what are you talking about? There is no gratitude at all. Xu Ran is even better to you than to me." Ning Rongrong pursed his lips and looked at Tang San coldly, very dissatisfied with Tang San.
Xu Ran treated Tang San with good intentions, and even was willing to accept Tang San as a disciple, but Tang San opposed Xu Ran time and time again, angering her quickly.
Xi Shi was in the lover\'s eyes, and with Xu Ran\'s perfection in Ning Rongrong\'s heart, everything Xu Ran did was for Tang San\'s good.
"Fart, Xu Ran is despicable and shameless. He is good if he doesn\'t cheat me. I am paralyzed, Xu Ran will definitely have nothing good this time." Tang San\'s eyes were red, watching Xu Ran holding Ning Rongrong\'s leisurely and cozy appearance. It feels so dazzling. Why could Xu Ran\'s life be so moist, and that Tang San would have to endure such torture.
Being tortured by Xu Ran time and time again, but also called justice.
Is it also a righteous act that his Xiao Wu was snatched by Xu Ran?
Haha, just shit!
"Tang San, I\'m sad when you say that. I think your hidden weapon talent is outstanding, so that you will try to save you from the dire straits over and over again."
"Maybe my tolerance before was the wrong way to make you the way you are now. Now I have to use a harsher approach. Jade can\'t be a weapon, I must restore you." Xu Ran said, the awe-inspiring righteousness on his body Inspire it and bring people a very comfortable feeling.
"Rong Rong, you go out first, I still have something to do." Xu Ran kissed Ning Rongrong\'s forehead and said.
"Well, then you hurry up." Ning Rongrong blinked beautiful eyes and left reluctantly.
Then Xu Ran called a jailer in.
"Xu Ran, what are you doing?" Tang San\'s heart jumped, with an ominous premonition.
Although Xu Ran pretended to be just as disgusting before, at least he didn\'t attack him. What does Xu Ran want to do now?
He saw that the jailer\'s hand was densely covered with a whip with long thorns, and the whip went down... Tang San slapped his spirits abruptly.
In this place these days, he often heard the screams around him, which was strangely infiltrating.
"My lord." The jailer glanced at Xu Ran in awe. The strength of the guards here was naturally not low, with a cultivation level above the Soul Sovereign, naturally knowing Xu Ran\'s current identity.
At the same time, he was extremely dissatisfied with Tang San. Do you dare to talk to Xu Ranmian so that you don\'t want to live anymore?
This is the third patron saint of their Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect, and the existence of the elder guardian sect can be slandered by others at will?
"Go ahead." Xu Ran nodded, sat aside, picked up a cup of tea and drank casually.
"call out!"
The vine whip made a huge noise in the air, and a whip was drawn on Tang San\'s body.
"It hurts!"
Tang San let out a scream, his complexion changed drastically, the cane was not only covered with thorns, but also soaked in salt water.
"Xu Ran, I want to kill you!"
"Still pretending to be justice here, one day I will not let Tang San let you go."
"I will kill you and take away your woman."
Tang San screamed and howled, and even yelled at Xu Ran.
Originally, he was thinking about coming to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School as an aunt, and no matter how bad he was, he could do business with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and earn a lot of money, but as soon as Xu Ran appeared, the direction of things completely changed.
Not only did the uncle of the Qibao Liuli Sect become Xu Ran, his hidden weapon was also plagiarized by Xu Ran. Not to mention plagiarism in the past, Xu Ran also said that the hidden weapon of his Tang Sect came from him.
I\'m paralyzed, my face is gone.
How can there be any shameless people in the world?
The more Tang San wanted to feel wronged, the sadness in his heart and the sharp pain in his body made him almost cry. Before the old injury was completely healed last time, Xu Ran acted on him again. Why is Tang San so miserable?
Is he going to be beaten to death by Xu Ran so alive?
"Tang San, as long as you are willing to help me make hidden weapons, I will let you go." Xu Ran glanced at Tang San casually. Didn\'t Tang San hate him? It doesn\'t matter, the more you hate the better.
"Xu Ran, you have a dream. Even if labor and capital are dead, they won\'t help you make hidden weapons." Tang San gave Xu Ran a cold look, and suddenly understood what Xu Ran wanted to do.
Xu Ran, this dog, hehe, became the uncle of the Qibao Liulizong, and didn\'t want to be forced to make hidden weapons, and then let him do hard work?
Anyway, the pain is temporary. It hurts him so much that he can\'t feel it when he faints.
"Tang San, don\'t waste it. If you don\'t agree, you won\'t be able to escape today." Xu Ran said with a smile, aware of Tang San\'s thoughts. A touch of green on his fingertips, the breath of life directly entered Tang San\'s body.
Only in an instant, Tang San\'s exhaustion was relieved, and his injuries were slowly recovering. The jailer who flogged Tang San with this hand was startled and admired Xu Ran even more.
But Tang San wanted to scold his mother.
Xu Ran stunned him all at once.
He was already fainting because of the pain, but now he is full of energy again. And the pain caused by the whipping on the body seemed to deepen.
"Xu Ran, what did you do to me? What\'s wrong with me?" Tang San looked at Xu Ran viciously, and he suspected that Xu Ran was playing with him again.
"I\'m healing your wounds. Otherwise, if you die, how much should I feel distressed?" Xu Ran smiled, seeing that Tang San is seriously injured, so he can be treated to help Tang San replenish the state. In this way, you can continue to fight.
"Xu Ran, beast, you are not human."
Tang San quickly understood Xu Ran\'s intentions, yelling and furious, wishing to rush forward and tear Xu Ran in half.
"Tang San, aren\'t you ready to accept this reality? If you promised me, I wouldn\'t be able to let you out. In this big prison, the gap between you and me will grow bigger and bigger, and in the end even my back I can\'t see it anymore." Xu Ran smiled and looked at Tang to make the jailer stop beating Tang San.
"Haha." Tang San snorted coldly, also a little desperate. If he were to be locked in this dark place for the rest of his life, it would be really hopeless. At that time, how did he develop to hammer Xu Ran?
It\'s just that he is aggrieved by doing things for Xu Ran!
He wanted to hammer Xu Ran, so how could he do something for Xu Ran instead?
At this moment Tang San didn\'t know that he was not only going to do things for Xu Ran, but also to do things for the Xu Clan behind Xu Ran, otherwise he would have to faint directly.
Paralysis is really deceiving too much!
"Tang San, I don\'t treat you badly and let you do things for nothing. We are also a cooperative relationship, and I will pay you." Xu Ran saw that Tang San was so wronged and couldn\'t stand it anymore. He bullied Tang San too hard. It\'s not good, but still give him some hope of survival.
"How much?" Tang San moved.
"A hidden weapon and five gold soul coins." Xu Ran thought for a while and said.