Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 347: Do you want to be the masters wife?
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 347: Do you want to be the masters wife?

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"Smelly Xu Ran, don\'t watch it again."
Ning Rongrong was surprised when he was cured by Xu Ran, grabbing Xu Ran\'s hand and pulling it out directly. Xu Ran scratched her skin with fingertips, making her tremble. Her eyes looked at Xu Ran fiercely.
"Oh." Xu Ran nodded. Suddenly, he found that Ning Rongrong had been cured with his life attributes, and Ning Rongrong had recovered as before. Wouldnt it mean starting over again next time? Just to the extent that he gave a finger, it is now the same again.
"What\'s the matter?" Ning Rongrong hesitated for a while, then asked. She always feels Xu Ran seems to have something to say.
"..." Xu Ran whispered in Ning Rongrong\'s ear.
Hearing Xu Ran\'s words, Ning Rongrong almost cried, tears welling up in his beautiful eyes.
Ning Rongrong was full of grievances. She was about to adapt, but she would experience that feeling again later. She even suspected Xu Ran was deliberate.
"Hey, don\'t cry. I didn\'t expect it to be like this. My life attribute was just acquired, and I am not very familiar with its abilities." Xu Ran shrugged, and he was helpless.
"Huh, who knows if you are doing it on purpose? You are so bad." Ning Rongrong pursed his mouth, remembering the hot pain yesterday, and raised his powder fist and punched Xu Ran\'s chest a few times.
"Okay, now that I\'m in good health, it\'s time to get up."
"Uncle just told me about this matter and asked you why you haven\'t gotten up at this time, if you can\'t get up." Xu Ran smiled and pulled Ning Rongrong up.
"It\'s not to blame you, my God, how I will behave in the future." After Ning Rongrong heard this, he was embarrassed, and gave Xu Ran several punches like a baby, and then quickly got up.
After half an hour, Xu Ran and Ning Rongrong appeared outside.
Ning Rongrong was wearing a light yellow dress, white knee socks, and a pair of delicate crystal shoes. Through the crystal shoes, Ning Rongrong\'s small jade feet could be faintly seen.
Ning Rongrong\'s eyes looked around, quite guilty of conscience.
Xu Ran was to blame for such a shameful encounter on the first day of returning to the family.
Ning Rongrong and Xu Ran were strolling outside. Everyone in the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect looked at Xu Ran in awe, and saluted Xu Ran one after another. Seeing Ning Rongrong and Xu Ran being so close together, I immediately understood why Xu Ran would become the guardian elder of the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect.
In order to become the guardian elder of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, in addition to strength, he also needs to have a closer relationship with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Otherwise, if one or two titled Douluo level experts come to the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect, if the motivation is not pure, it will be the disaster of the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect\'s extinction.
And now Xu Ran is obviously in a relationship with Missy.
"See Elder Huzong."
"See Missy."
"Go down." Xu Ran waved.
"Xu Ran, when did you become Elder Huzong?" Ning Rongrong opened his mouth wide and looked at Xu Ran in disbelief. The guardian elder of the Seven-Treasure Glazed Glass Sect is Grandpa Jian, Grandpa Bone and the others, and they still have to stay in the Seven-Treasure Glazed Glass Sect to become the elder of the guard.
"Oh. In the morning, I beat up your Grandpa Jian and Grandpa Bone, so my uncle pushed me to be the elder of the protector. But my uncle didn\'t arrange anything for me. I guess he asked me to take a free-time paddling. "Xu Ran said. Now he holds a lot of positions in big forces, and he is used to it. Take a few more brands and do less work, no problem.
"Liar, how could you be the opponent of Grandpa Bone and Grandpa Jian?" Ning Rongrong said proudly, remembering that Xu Ran had defeated him before facing the Titled Douluo in the Spirit Hall. His eyes softened.
Xu Ran was already considered a real strong man now, and even his father had to take it seriously, even the strong man in the Spirit Hall feared him.
"In the future, Grandpa Jian and Grandpa Bone will no longer be your opponents. You can bully me at will." Ning Rongrong said, his pretty face blushed. In the future, Xu Ran\'s strength is invincible in the world, who can control him?
Xu Ran has come up with so many bad ideas now, and I am afraid that it will get worse in the future.
"Don\'t worry, I\'m not that kind of person. And if you can\'t stand it, can\'t I still find another woman?" Xu Ran\'s mouth was fascinating. It\'s funny, every time Rongrong, Xiao Wu and the others disagree, he said that so and so served him like that. Then they half-pushed and agreed.
However, since the three women have become familiar with each other, they dare to talk about that, and after all, this trick hasn\'t been used much.
But at that time, day after day, their relationship was getting better and better, and there was no need to use this trick.
He Xu Ran has a lot of routines, otherwise why marry so many wives?
"You are not allowed to find another woman." Ning Rongrong became unhappy when he heard Xu Ran\'s words, and firmly held Xu Ran\'s hand. She would rather be tired than Xu Ran looking for another woman.
Although I was very tired with Xu Ran, but also very happy. Pain and happiness occur at the same time, it is not painful, plain, and it is impossible to go directly to heaven.
"Okay, that\'s right. I\'m going to form my power recently, Xu Men." Xu Ran thought for a while and said.
To establish a sect, someone needs to have land, but not everyone in the Xu sect can enter. They prefer not to waste, and only accept geniuses. Anyway, all his wives entered, and it was almost a small sect.
Xumen, the future will all be God\'s Mansion, which is a bit interesting. Then Xu Men will be directly deified in Douluo Continent.
"Establishing a force, okay, okay. I want to join." Ning Rongrong said excitedly. Ning Rongrong is still very concerned about this kind of thing. After all, building a power with their attributes, this sense of accomplishment is something else. Things can\'t be brought.
"Then are you going to be a or the wife of the master?"
"It turns out that Master Xu Ran and Miss Rongrong have this kind of relationship."
"It\'s no wonder that the lord will directly let Master Xu Ran be the elder protector. Looking at this, I am afraid that Miss Rong Rong would have been taken down long ago."
After Xu Ran and Ning Rongrong left, a group of people discussed. In just one day, Xu Ran has become the most popular topic figure in the Qibao Glazed Glass Sect.
"I was still thinking about how to marry Master Xu Ran, but in the face of the eldest lady, let\'s forget it."
"It would be great if I had a better figure. If I could marry Master Xu Ran and stay and fly with Master Xu Ran, how good would it be?"
Some girls looked at Ning Rongrong enviously, and looked at their bodies again, feeling frustrated. Xu Ran is the perfect image of the other half in their hearts. The strength is strong, the bearing is extraordinary, the appearance is handsome, it is perfect.