Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 322: Why is Xu Ran not a good person?
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
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Chapter 322: Why is Xu Ran not a good person?

"Start from Douluo to capture the goddess (!
"Really not?" Xu Ran looked at Liu Erlong playfully, the temperament exuding from her was really overwhelming.
This may be the special temperament unique to a woman of this age, which can make Xu Ran refreshing.
Now Xu Ran has some understanding of those pushy mad demons in the previous life.
I can\'t blame them for Lu Ziye, it\'s...too charming.
"Erlong has been a husband for the rest of his life, and he will serve a good husband for the rest of his life, and there will be no arrogance at all." Liu Erlong bowed slightly to Xu Ran and said aggrievedly.
The trace of pitifulness in the familiar charm was so touching that Xu Ran couldn\'t bear to tease Liu Erlong for a while.
"Okay. Let\'s not say, you are also my baby." Xu Ran said, hugging Liu Erlong tightly, and after some play, let Liu Erlong return to the academy, and he was heading towards the Prince\'s Mansion. Away.
According to the time arranged by the system, Tang San estimated that he was about to go on his way to Qibao Liulizong to brag about his hidden weapon. Tomorrow he is going to go to the Qibao Liuli Sect, and then he will have to play with him.
Still want to **** his baby Rongrong and tease him?
If according to the direction of the original work, after Tang San exposed his twin martial arts spirit and his hidden weapon talent, Ning Fengzhi did have the idea of ??arranging Ning Rongrong to him, and at that time Ning Rongrong helped her improve her martial arts. The soul had that kind of thought.
It\'s a pity that Tang San at that time was still a wood.
As for now.
Tang San should wash and sleep.
His Xu Ran\'s hang was much stronger than his Tang San\'s. Tang San used to hang on the Douluo Continent to act as a genius, but now he hangs on the Douluo Continent to kill indiscriminately, right?
Don\'t blame Tang San for cheating.
After all, he himself had come to Douluo Continent to bully the indigenous people.
"Furthermore, when the task is finally completed, I will also be proficient in hidden weapons, more proficient than Tang San. If Tang San saw that scene, wouldn\'t he be ashamed on the spot?"
"At that time, I will still be able to counterfeit Tang San Yibo. At that time, it is open to question as to where Tang San\'s hidden weapon drawings came from."
Xu Ran showed a smile, now he can\'t wait.
If he casually made a hidden weapon that was much more subtle than his hidden weapon, Tang San would be straightforward. At that time, Ning Fengzhi and the others would only think that Tang San had stolen his things.
After all, a person with mediocre appearance and mediocre appearance and strength, how could Tang San be such a genius, possessing such an exquisite hidden weapon?
And the other is a peerless genius, a great sage in the world, Xu Ran is a little bit against the sky, would it be surprising that he would use a hidden weapon?
Not at all.
But Tang San\'s so-called hidden weapon was originally stolen. Stealing the hidden weapon secret method of Tang Sect and Tang Sect\'s stunts, and finally jumping off the cliff and committing suicide, it became a righteous act. Why did you jump off the cliff to prove your innocence? Isn\'t it that Tang Sect elders forced him to be on the edge of the cliff and jumped for fear of being caught back? Where are so many plays, pretending to be, arent you tired?
Prince\'s House.
In addition to Xue Qinghe, who is accompanied by Qian Renxue, there is another beautiful girl in the room.
The girl has a graceful posture, wearing a noble imperial dress, wearing a phoenix crown, and a pair of beautiful eyes with a touch of extravagance.
Princess Xueke, the daughter of the Great Xueye, has a good relationship with Xueqinghe. Even though Qian Renxue is just a fake Xue Qinghe, she still has a good relationship with Xue Ke.
"Brother Emperor, do I really want to marry? But I don\'t want to marry. And the Star Luo Empire is so far away, if I marry away, will you be willing?" Xue Ke rubbed her shoulders behind Qian Renxue.
I have to say that Qian Renxue\'s concealment ability is really strong. Except for Xu Ran, a veteran of the flowers, and knowing the true identity of Qian Renxue only when he knows the original work, no one else can see Qian Renxue\'s strangeness.
"No, this matter cannot tolerate you."
"Furthermore, my father and I are still discussing the specific matters. I haven\'t decided yet whether or not I will let you go."
Qian Renxue shook her head and glanced at some innocent Xue Ke. The Heaven Dou imperial family will change its dynasty sooner or later. At that time, the Wuhun Palace took over the Heaven Dou Empire, and it was impossible for Xue Ke to leave here. She was planning to marry Xue Ke away from the Star Luo Empire, and also wanted to save her life.
Even if Qian Renxue was cruel, she was just a woman, and she couldn\'t bear the affection Xue Ke had always been to her and called her brother.
"Then the emperor can change someone else, I don\'t want to leave you, and I don\'t want to go that far." Xue Ke shook Qian Renxue\'s shoulder affectionately, blinked her beautiful eyes, and said proudly.
"Let\'s talk at that time. If you really want to marry, you are the best candidate. If you want to marry the prince of the Star Luo Empire, it is not too serious to choose other people to marry." Qian Renxue said, Xu Ran\'s figure appeared in her mind. , Xu Ran, a shameless person, wanted to see her sister last time.
If he were to see it, with his daring personality, he still didn\'t know what would happen.
Seeing that Qian Renxue hadn\'t let go, Xue Ke seemed to want to marry her, so she didn\'t say more.
For the time being, she doesn\'t have a view of love. Although she doesn\'t want to marry early, as a royal woman, she can\'t make her own marriage. It is very good to be able to marry a prince of another country.
"Brother Emperor, where is the fate of the Star Luo Empire?" Xue Ke looked around. The most important thing for her this time was to come and meet the legendary Marquis of the Star Luo Empire.
As a princess, she still knows the affairs of the two empires very well. She was also the first group of people who knew that Xu Ran had appeared in the Star Luo Empire. At that time she was very admired, and she was waiting to see this young genius.
Since ancient times, beautiful women love heroes.
She knows that her marriage can\'t be the master, but this can\'t prevent her from dreaming of being with a super genius like Xu Ran, wandering around the world, and living happily together.
Even, she was not particularly resistant to the marriage with the Crown Prince of the Star Luo Empire. Because Hou Xu Ran is the celebrity of the Prince\'s Mansion over there. If she was married, she would often see Xu Ran, and if she seized the opportunity, she might be okay...
Anyway, there are many things like this in the palace, and there won\'t be any problems.
At that time, she could often leave a secret sign by the window sill, so that the maid would pay attention at any time and let Xu Ran come in. In this case, her child may still have the genes of an invincible powerhouse.
"Sister, what do you think? Although Xu Ran is strong, she is too sloppy in life. There are countless women around..." Qian Renxue directly counted Xu Ran\'s shortcomings without even realizing it. At this time, how much resentment and care is there in her heart~
With her character, if she didn\'t really care about something, she would definitely not be so emotional.
It\'s a pity that the authorities are fans of the bystanders, and Qian Renxue hasn\'t realized that she has been too deep in the drama for the time being. After getting into the show, it is not so easy to come out again.
"Brother Emperor, is the Destiny Hou Xu Ran as unbearable as you said? It\'s not that you were oppressed by him when talking about official affairs with him, so let\'s avenge your personal revenge." Xue Ke blinked her big eyes, and she did not believe what Qian Renxue said. Because she didn\'t have the real disgust that she saw in the eyes of her emperor, only a trace of resentment.
Suddenly, the image of a man who worked hard for the welfare of the Star Luo Empire, and her emperor brother, pressed the emperor to death, and even kept hitting her emperor brother fiercely, gradually became fuller in her mind.
In the image of Ruiya as her emperor brother, a prince, she would have such a big grievance. Maybe that genius, Xu Ran, was too Forget it, you just need to know that Xu Ran is not a good person. "Qian Renxue squeezed her mouth, just Xu Ran, still doing business? The Xingluo Empire asked him to negotiate. It\'s blinding. The so-called two countries are all she is busy with. Xu Ran is only responsible for the final signing. .
"Brother Xue, I can\'t agree with you. What makes me not a good person?" A long voice sounded, and Xu Ran appeared directly at the door. He knew it. It turned out that his image in Qian Renxue\'s eyes was so unbearable. .
Hey, the normal love of men and women has been misinterpreted in Qian Renxue\'s eyes!
When did he Xu Ran become such a pervert? The color is a little bit lustrous, but it is also the true color of a man.
From Douluo to capture