Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 311: Brother Xue, whats wrong with you?
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 311: Brother Xue, whats wrong with you?

"I think it should be that Brother Xue has been in the Prince\'s Mansion for a long time, and he rarely walks outside worrying about national affairs, so his complexion is so bad." Xu Ran said with deep approval, "Brother Xue, sometimes you have to go outside more often. Its also extremely important to understand the sentiments of the people. And the wild flowers outside are sometimes better than the ones at home."
Qian Renxue was so angry when she heard Xu Ran\'s words.
What is Xu Ran talking about? The food outside is better than the one at home...
Such shameless Zhiyou words Xu Ran can also say so confidently!
But fortunately, he is Xue Qinghe now. Otherwise, I don\'t know that Xu Ran\'s face is so ugly. On the surface, he looks like a gentleman, but in fact he has a human face and an animal heart!
"Brother Xu, we should talk about national affairs now. Other things can be a little bit later." Qian Renxue said, her complexion darkened.
"Huh? Brother Xue, what\'s the matter with you? You can talk outside, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Maybe it is, Brother Xue, you can\'t. Actually, I have good medicine here..." Xu Ran got together Ren Xue said before.
Ever since I have had more contact with Qian Renxue, Xu Ran has discovered that Qian Renxue has a special spice on him, and under the suppression of the spice, there is also an extremely rich and mellow feminine fragrance. The taste is extremely weak under the suppression of spices, but it is extremely attractive.
"No? How could it not? I am very good as a prince." Qian Renxue\'s heart jumped and her body suddenly tightened. Suddenly, he suddenly discovered this problem.
In the past, he left Xue Qinghe\'s concubine in the cold, and arranged some people in the Wuhun Hall to be her concubine, but it would not arouse anyone\'s suspicion for a while. After all, no one would pay special attention to how His Royal Highness went to visit the concubine.
Now he is only a prince, very young and healthy, so the officials don\'t pay much attention to his offspring.
But Xu Ran, the bastard, has been in the flowers, and I don\'t know how many girls have been dealt with.
If she didn\'t pay attention, she might show her feet in front of Xu Ran.
One is that it is extremely likely to reveal his identity, and the other is that Xu Ran may think that he is not interested in women, Xu Ran\'s orientation is inherently unstable, and it seems that everything can be dealt with. If Xu Ran got it wrong, wouldn\'t she think that she also likes men, and then there would be a reason to run into her?
Suddenly, she became nervous.
She even wondered if she should go to the harem more in the future?
Its okay to pretend. Lest Xu Ran will be suspicious.
"Let\'s go." Xu Ran took Qian Renxue\'s hand and walked outside. Although Qian Renxue\'s appearance is still Xueqinghe in disguise, her skin is very soft and delicate. Even though Qian Renxue had done the old treatment, the feeling in her hand was different.
Qian Renxue was stunned, stretched out her hand to get her hand out, but shook it twice but failed. Therefore, Xu Ran was allowed to hold it.
There was a flow of people on the street.
Many people looked at Xu Ran and Qian Renxue with weird expressions, and pointed them from time to time.
For nothing else, it was really weird that the two men walked hand in hand together like this.
Qian Renxue\'s face was also a little ugly. But fortunately, she is not wearing a prince\'s clothes, otherwise, her reputation will be ruined by Xu Ran.
"Brother Xu, shouldn\'t you be taking me there..." Qian Renxue looked at the place in front of Xunhuawen Liuzhi, suddenly shocked, even more annoyed. Xu Ran is so unrespectful. And if she goes there, she will have to expose herself.
"Brother Xue is a prince, a daughter of a thousand gold, how could I take you to such a place?" Xu Ran curled his lips and looked at Qian Renxue. Is his image in Qian Renxue\'s heart that bad? Although he was a little bit bothered, it was impossible for anyone to attract his attention.
In his capacity, wouldn\'t it be easy to get something clean?
"Oh, that\'s good." Qian Renxue let out a sigh of relief, she was really worried that Xu Ran would be muddled. However, if that time comes, she can directly shirk her as her prince.
But now, she must pretend to be in front of Xu Ran, lest Xu Ran discover her true identity.
Xu Ran led Qian Renxue towards a secluded exquisite attic.
The wine and food have been arranged there.
"Brother Xue, let\'s talk about something here," Xu Ran said.
Qian Renxue looked at the environment here. The loft was on the lakeside. When he came to the window and looked out, he could see the beautiful scenery outside. This place is not bad, but...
Qian Renxue was thinking about it, and she heard a soft female voice.
"the host."
Ye Lingling wore a black long skirt, underneath was a pair of tight-legged black pantyhose, without shoes, her small and delicate jade feet were wrapped in black silk as if she had nowhere to rest, her toes kept twisting.
The sound of "Master" immediately brought back Qian Renxue\'s thoughts. Qian Renxue stared blankly at Ye Lingling, who was wearing a maid costume in front of her. When he was in the palace, he was dressed modestly as the prince of a country, and he rarely wore women\'s clothing. Even if you see it in the palace, its not like this...
Although not revealing at all, but how tempting you look at it.
With a pair of small and exquisite beast ears, it\'s almost...
Qian Renxue opened her mouth slightly and looked at the young and beautiful girl in front of her. Such a girl, with such a look, should be regarded as a superb existence in the mainland.
This kind of girl is usually extremely proud of her heart. Why do she serve as a maid for Xu Ran?
Ridiculous, simply ridiculous!
Xu Ran is simply lewd!
Suddenly Qian Renxue\'s resentment towards Xu Ran reached a peak.
She wanted to rush forward and beat Xu Ran fiercely to let Xu Ran know how good she was. Bring her to watch him play with women? This is shameless! She had never seen such a brazen person.
Qian Renxue\'s chest was slightly ups and downs, and the emotions in her heart were almost unbearable.
Damn, Xu Ran is really damn!
Had she not been Xue Qinghe now, she would have done something to Xu Ran a long time ago. As Qian Renxue, the young master of Wuhun Palace, she didn\'t receive as much anger as Xu Ran from a young age.
However, she is Xue Qinghe now, even if she is angry, she has to hold back. But she had already figured out when she would secretly come out of the women\'s clothing, and then she was very angry with Xu Ran, and by the way, let\'s see how Xu Ran harmed the girls. This bastard, she didn\'t want to teach him a lesson, she would be so angry if she didn\'t let out so much anger.
"Brother Xue, what\'s the matter with you? This is my personal maid. Even if Brother Xue takes a look, it\'s not acceptable." Xu Ran said, taking Ye Lingling into his arms, feeling the softness. If there is no bones in the slender waist.