Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 304: Save some for brothers
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 304: Save some for brothers

Seeing that the get out of class was about to end, Xu Ran ran to the nearby flower shop and bought three bouquets of flowers for Xiao Wu and the others.
Life needs a sense of surprise and ritual, so that you dont feel bored and crooked.
After a while, a large group of young and energetic young girls gushed out from the entrance of the corridor.
Xu Ran stood there holding three handfuls of flowers, his handsome figure and extraordinary temperament immediately attracted the attention of countless people.
Everyone looked at Xu Ran in surprise. As a soul master, their knowledge is not low. Naturally, they can see that Xu Ran is either rich or noble, with a noble status, and that kind of demeanor is definitely not something ordinary people can have.
When a group of girls saw Xu Ran, they cast a wink.
In a world where the strong are respected, marrying well is also a skill. For female soul masters, this is the fastest way to improve their status and status, and there is no one.
In Douluo Continent, a continent where martial spirits are inherited from their families, everyone understands their talents and the limit they can cultivate to in the future. This is what the ancestors of similar martial souls in the family have tried continuously.
Douluo Continent is a world with distinct classes. The spirit of martial arts is inherited by the family, and it continues to solidify the class.
A pheasant can\'t become a phoenix. This is indeed the case in Douluo Continent.
For thousands of years in the Douluo Continent, the people who have stirred up the tide and disturbed the situation, after all, are the children of those big families. Occasionally, several mutant powerful spirits can emerge from the small family.
Clear Sky Hammer, Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus, Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Tower, Nether Cat, White Tiger, Phoenix... these martial arts are already rare in the mainland.
Therefore, for most people, marrying Bai Fumei and catching a golden turtle is the only way to succeed in life.
Xu Ran looked around and looked at the young and beautiful girls around. Because they are all monks, they dont grow too bad, especially now its summer. Uniform wears short skirts and shorts, all exposed. The big beautiful legs outside are extremely seductive.
It\'s free, don\'t watch it for nothing.
There is an old saying, see more beautiful women in good health, longevity and anti-aging.
"Smelly Xu Ran, looking around again."
Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing and their three daughters walked over together. Xiao Wu blinked her beautiful eyes and said angrily. The other two women couldn\'t help but roll their eyes.
Xu Ran\'s lascivious problem still cannot be corrected. He is not in the college these days, surely he doesn\'t know where to pick up other girls.
They are even a little worried, in a few days, will there be girls coming to their college every day to find Xu Ran to hold him accountable.
Even in Shrek Academy, this situation often happens. After all, its the academy, there are too many of these emotional things. They saw a girl crying outside the dormitory a few days ago, which was so pitiful.
But fortunately, Xu Ran should not be the kind of person who turns his face and refuses to accept the account when he lifts his pants. Huaxin is acceptable. People who lift their pants and run off after throwing a shot of blood will really look down upon them.
Xu Ran hid a house in the Golden House at most...
"Not as good as you guys." Xu Ran smiled and handed three bouquets of flowers to them.
Compared with Xiao Wu and the three girls, the other girls in Shrek Academy looked dim. Since Xiao Wu and the others came to Shrek Academy, the school flowers of Shrek Academy have also directly become three, which they occupy.
Because it was a hot day, Xiao Wu wore a pair of small white hot pants, exposing all the slender and straight legs to the outside, and directly interpreted what is leg play. The buttocks wrapped in hot pants also have a bit of flavor.
Ning Rongrong was wearing a white dress with two strings of crystal pendants hanging from his ears. His face was very delicate, with a rare extravagance.
Zhu Zhuqing wore a black silk knee-length skirt. Even in hot weather, her legs were still wrapped in tight stockings. Even with Xu Ran\'s existence in this life, Zhu Zhuqing is not so resistant to the outside world, and his heart is open. But this was only in front of Xu Ran and Xiao Wu. In the eyes of other people, Zhu Zhuqing was still the ice-cold goddess of iceberg, whose face was full of the iceberg goddess who should not enter.
It seems that she has developed a habit since she was a child. Even in hot weather, she would wear silk stockings and trousers to wrap her whole body.
"Huh, we don\'t believe what you said." The three women took the flowers from Xu Ran, and their hearts were full of sweetness, but they still said in unison.
These days, they have spoken out.
Xu Ran said the same to each of them, which ones are the most beautiful, and they are the ones he loves the most.
Humph, liar, scumbag.
But in fact, Xu Ran is not afraid of being exposed. Because what a woman enjoys is the appreciation and favor of her lover.
They would naturally understand that Xu Ran was telling a big lie, but every time Xu Ran said it, they would still love to listen. What people really want to listen to is not the answer, but your caring and pampering, see.
If Xu Ran told the truth, they would be unhappy.
So, blame him?
"Hey, I\'m just telling the truth." Xu Ran curled his lips. Xi Shi is in the eyes of the lover, not to mention his wife is all Xi Shi.
"Who will accompany me today?" Xu Ran said with a smile, his eyes swept towards the three women.
Facing Xu Ran\'s unabashedly greedy eyes, the three girls turned red at the same time, and then Xiao Wu and Zhu Qing pushed Ning Rongrong a hand. Before, Xiao Wu accompanied Xu Ran to the Star Dou Great Forest for a long time. Zhu Qing accompanied Xu Ran back to Xingluo City. The two women naturally wanted to give more time to Ning Rongrong.
"Ah. Zhuqing, Xiao Wu, what are you doing?" Ning Rongrong staggered, took a step forward, his pretty face blushed, and said softly. But even though she couldn\'t hold her face, she didn\'t go back.
She also missed Xu Ran a bit, even now she and Xu Ran can often see her.
But Xu Ran runs around like a prodigal son who is not returning home. It has been so long since I have been back to the academy. Except for a report from Flanders, I haven\'t attended a class.
Originally Xu Ran was also a member of the advanced class, but most teachers did not even know that there was such a student in the class.
Now many Shrek Academy students have no idea that Xu Ran still has such a powerful classmate in the Academy.
"Hehe, Rongrong, just enjoy it. Let\'s go first."
Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing showed a playful smile, and then walked straight on their long legs, leaving only Ning Rongrong standing alone, wearing a dress, fidgeting.
It wasn\'t until Xu Ran took her hand and felt Xu Ran\'s palm that the tension in her heart disappeared. Its not the first time anyway, what are you afraid of?
Soft energy overcomes rigidity, no matter how powerful Xu Ran is, it is impossible to cause too serious harm to her. No matter how strong the spear is, it can\'t break a soft and elastic shield.
"Don\'t think about it, let\'s go." Xu Ran pulled Ning Rongrong towards the independent courtyard where Xu Ran lived.
After Ning Rongrong and Xu Ran left, Shrek Academy broke out a great noise.
Everyone was stunned.
Ning Rongrong, Xiao Wu, and Zhu Zhuqing are just three of them who have just entered the academy. Moreover, their strength is extremely strong, and they have attracted a lot of attention just after entering the academy.
One school tyrant, Tyrone, took the initiative to strike up a conversation, and was directly beaten all over his body.
This made them admire the three schoolgirls more and more. A woman who values ??both beauty and talent can be called a true goddess.
But now, the three goddess-level school flowers have all been taken away by one person?
"My I\'m not having hallucinations anymore."
"Even Tyrone can\'t let them take another look. One of them is from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, with a very noble status. But..."
Everyone stared blankly at Xu Ran and Ning Rongrong\'s departure.
They are not fools, so they naturally know why they are walking together at so late. At this moment, countless people\'s hearts were directly broken.
They really couldn\'t understand why three schoolgirls would fall in love with one person at the same time.
Seeing that, the last step seems to have been done!
Paralysis, Xiongtai, no matter how good your appetite is, can you eat more slowly? Choke carefully.
Most importantly, save some for my brothers!
This was just the beginning. Soon after, Tianshui College, Tiandou Royal College, Blazing College... Xu Ran also directly gained the title of School Flower Harvester.