Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 284: This set of swordsmanship is not ordinary
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 284: This set of swordsmanship is not ordinary

"Brother Xue, for those who are new to swordsmanship, it is more appropriate to teach them hand-in-hand. My teacher taught me the same way back then." Xu Ran said with deep conviction. Now that they were all carried, he naturally couldn\'t let go easily.
Since ancient times, a girl who disguise herself as a man is the best one. After teasing, it is even more desperate.
Anyway, Xu Ran has never seen a girl who pretends to be a man and is not scumbed in the end.
"You..." Qian Renxue gritted her teeth lightly, she didn\'t understand why her body reacted so strongly. Xu Ran\'s male breath rushed into her nasal cavity, making her feel a little dizzy.
Even if it is always a woman disguised as a man, as a prince of a country, how can anyone dare to be disrespectful to her?
Therefore, in the Heaven Dou Palace, she had never had such close contact with a man.
Suddenly, such close contact with the man suddenly made her squeeze in her heart, and the physical and psychological characteristics of countless oppressed women were all lured out by Xu Ran.
This can\'t be concealed by reason.
No matter how clever Qian Renxue is, she must admit that she is a woman.
"Does His Royal Highness hate me? So..." Xu Ran asked rhetorically. He knows Qian Renxue\'s character and retreats as an advance. Even if she knows that she is being taken advantage of, she will break her teeth and swallow in her mouth.
"No. Brother Xu is a marquis of a country with a noble status and unique talent in the world. To be able to communicate with Brother Xu, I can\'t ask for it." Qian Renxue\'s chest was slightly ups and downs, and her heart was unsatisfactory.
She suspected Xu Ran was deliberately trying to trick her, but she had no evidence.
"That\'s good, I thought His Royal Highness disliked me, so I thought too much." Xu Ran smiled, putting his palm on Qian Renxue\'s abdomen, feeling the body temperature of Qian Renxue\'s body.
Although Qian Renxue disguised well, she was disguised by her spirit skills after all. In front of Xu Ran and other veteran Hua Cong veterans, hehe...
Especially the limp body, it would be strange if it was a man.
"Brother Xu, let\'s start." Qian Renxue said anxiously, not wanting to go on like this with Xu Ran, otherwise she was worried that she would be unstable. She could feel her own mood caused by Xu Ran\'s appearance.
Xu Ran didn\'t agree with him, so he moved his hands and feet, and no girl could stand it up.
And Qian Renxue is still a woman disguised as a man, even if she is taken advantage of, she has nowhere to reason and can only resist everything herself.
Xu Ran held Qian Renxue close to each other, wielding long swords, and using swordsmanship.
Naturally, Xu Ran couldn\'t always take advantage of Qian Renxue\'s. He would still be able to teach.
What Xu Ran taught Qian Renxue was the woman\'s sword-handling method in the Jade Girl Sword Technique.
Wandering around the world, before and under the moon, small gardening chrysanthemum, colored pencil thrush, eyebrow lifting, bright wrist jade bracelet, cold moon peeping, a total of seven moves. The real power of this set of sword moves can only be brought out by both men and women.
In fact, these swordsmanship secrets are no different from self-created spirit abilities.
In this way, what is the Jade Girl sword technique like, creating her own soul ability fusion technique?
Xu Ran controlled Qian Renxue\'s waist, held her long sword in her hand and raised it lightly, floating forward, her posture fluttering like an immortal, the sword\'s front was even a few points forward, and the surrounding leaves were all hit by the long sword in the center.
From time to time, because the two did not cooperate properly, Xu Ran would accidentally hit her behind. Only Qian Renxue was obsessed with swordsmanship and didn\'t notice it.
"This..." Qian Renxue looked at this scene strangely. She didn\'t expect this sword move to have such power. He obviously didn\'t release the martial spirit, but only used the spirit power, but it seems that the power is no better than the spirit power used to release the martial spirit. weak.
"This is a self-created spirit ability?" Qian Renxue stared at this scene blankly, completely forgetting that there was a person behind her. As a peerless genius in the Wuhun Palace, her only interest in Tiandou Empire is to practice cultivation. Seeing such a mysterious scene, she was naturally a little fascinated.
"You can understand that." Xu Ran nodded.
"Is this your own creation?" Qian Renxue stood there blankly, a little unbelievable.
Xu Ran is so young that he can even vacate his own soul abilities? Where did he come from so much time?
I have to practice, I have to go to Merry, and I have to study my own soul skills...
Qian Renxue couldn\'t imagine that these things were vacated by Xu Ran alone.
"Of course. I worked hard for three years, searching all over the world, observing the various forms of life, and then creating this spirit ability." Xu Ran said directly, his face is not red and his heart is not beating, there is only him as a traverser, he said he is himself The one is own.
"What is the name of this spirit ability?" Qian Renxue looked at Xu Ran blankly, gritted his teeth, and couldn\'t help asking.
At this time, Qian Renxue had a trace of sympathy for Xu Ran.
That is the respect and pity for a martial arts wizard.
If a genius like Xu Ran died, it would be a great loss for the mainland and the spirit master world.
"It\'s called the heart and soul." Xu Ran\'s mouth turned up, and the jade girl\'s swordsmanship was just like the martial arts fusion skill two people had to open their hearts without a trace of reservation. If you want to bring out the true power of this swordsmanship, naturally, the two of them must...
See you, after Yang Guo and Xiaolongnv practiced this sword, how fast the Xiaolongnv\'s heart trembled.
He didn\'t believe that Qian Renxue would be a piece of wood.
Soon, she will be immersed in the sea of ??love.
At that time, he could also see the true face of Qian Renxue.
The number one beauty in the mainland, with a smile of Qingcheng\'s existence, will also lie in his arms and be his woman obediently.
"Brother Xu..." Qian Renxue turned her head, and was frightened by Xu Ran\'s gaze that wanted to eat people. Her legs were Microsoft. At this moment, Xu Ran\'s cheeks were almost touching her face. The snort hit her neck, causing her neck to be dyed pink all the way to her chest.
She couldn\'t help but feel anxious in her heart.
How did she meet Xu Ran, a pervert who is interested in men?
"His Royal Highness was born so Xu Ran also knew that Qian Renxue had misunderstood, so he simply said a rigorous remark, lest Qian Renxue know that he has seen through her identity.
"Brother Xu..." Qian Renxue said in her heart...just as she wanted to say something, she was suppressed by Xu Ran\'s words.
"Close your eyes and feel the sword in your hand, it will bring you a different feeling." Xu Ran said.
"Okay." Qian Renxue was stunned, and obediently closed her eyes according to Xu Ran\'s words. Right now, learning the secrets of Xu Ran\'s cultivation from under Xu Ran is the most important thing.
She has endured humiliation in the Heaven Dou Empire for so many years, and even served as a maid for Xue Qinghe. Is she still afraid of Xu Ran\'s perversion?
Soon, Qian Renxue sank into her mind, and under Xu Ran\'s guidance, she quickly became familiar with this set of swordsmanship. That kind of exquisite swordsmanship made her feel extremely excited and excited. That kind of mystery and magical touch made her feel that she has a different perception of the world.
After closing my eyes, I can\'t see anything, but it seems that I can perceive more things.
Especially, there seemed to be something on her hips against her.