Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 272: Yu Xiaogang is just that kind of villain
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 272: Yu Xiaogang is just that kind of villain

In a lush wood behind Shrek Academy, with a winding path leading to a secluded place, there is a simple wooden house.
Between the wooden house and the fence, there is a small stone table.
Liu Erlong sat there elegantly, wearing a long skirt, her delicate appearance, it was particularly affectionate.
At this time, her beautiful eyes were red, and she had obviously cried for a long time, but there were still countless tears pouring out of her eyes.
In her mind, she kept recalling what Yu Xiaogang had said before, Yu Xiaogang was so unfeeling, so unreasonable. Although Xu Ranmian misled him, how could he say such shameless words?
Is her Liu Erlong really so unbearable in his heart?
For him, she wasted her best girl time. For a woman, with such precious youth, she has been helping him find a way to govern his martial soul.
And all of this is really worthless in Yu Xiaogang\'s eyes?
Her heart hurts very much. What she hurts is not Xu Ran\'s actions, nor the misunderstanding between her and Yu Xiaogang, but Yu Xiaogang\'s unreasonable reaction. It was the first time that she saw such a mean Yu Xiaogang.
How did Liu Erlong know at this time that the reason why Yu Xiaogang did this was entirely because of Xu Ran. Xu Ran pitted Yu Xiaogang more than once, and repeatedly exploded Yu Xiaogang\'s mentality. Although Yu Xiaogang didn\'t say anything, Xu Ran is definitely the person Yu Xiaogang wants to kill the most.
Even, since childhood, all the people who insulted him did not add up to the hatred that Xu Ran caused Yu Xiaogang to breed alone.
Therefore, at the moment when he saw Xu Ran holding Liu Erlong, and Liu Erlong let him hold him without resisting at all, Yu Xiaogang\'s mentality collapsed.
It exploded completely.
In that case, even if he knew that Liu Erlong and Xu Ran had a secret, he still exploded.
His mentality collapsed, watching Xu Ran put his arms around Liu Erlong, still stroking his hands at will, what else could Yu Xiaogang say about that kind of stimulation?
"Okay, don\'t be sad, Yu Xiaogang is that kind of person, you should have seen it clearly." Xu Ran said, looking at such a delicate Liu Erlong, a strange light flashed in his heart.
Liu Erlong, Bibi Dong, A Yin, Bo Saixi, Tang Yuehua... are all women of the same type.
Apart from strength and status, Liu Erlong is no worse than any of them in terms of appearance and figure alone.
Liu Erlong\'s body is also very good, very plump, compared to Zhu Qing and their slender waist, Liu Erlong\'s body is a little more sensual. It feels better to hold.
"Xu Ran, I..." Liu Erlong listened to Xu Ran\'s words, and for a while, he didn\'t know what to say.
"The reason why I did that before was to help you see Yu Xiaogang clearly." Xu Ran said politely, standing with his hands holding hands, like a master. What is deliberate taking advantage? He clearly wanted to save this ignorant beauty.
"I know." Liu Erlong nodded lightly. Before, she thought Xu Ran was greedy for her body, but after thinking about it carefully, she denied this idea. Xu Ranmian is unparalleled in strength, as long as he wants to, there will be countless young and beautiful women attracted by him.
Even he doesn\'t need to be too troublesome, countless women will wash their own fragrance and go to lie on the bed.
This is Xu Ranmian\'s strength.
A sword slashed through the abyss, and a song made countless people break through in an instant.
This kind of strength is enough to make countless people go crazy.
So, after thinking about it, she can only come to this conclusion. It\'s just that even Xu Ranmian thinks Xiao Gang is not a good person? why? She still can\'t figure it out.
Xiaogang is obviously not that kind of person. He can\'t be that kind of person.
How happy was he and she and Flanders when they formed the Golden Triangle? He is directing in the front, she is in the middle, and Flander is in the back to perform martial arts fusion skills together.
The Horn of Wisdom, the Horn of Slaughter, and the Horn of Flying, the three of them maintained this lineup, unleashing their martial souls, summoning the golden holy dragon, and making a name in the mainland. Unfortunately, due to some accidents, the Golden Iron Triangle can only end in dissolution.
why is that?
After thinking for a long time, Liu Erlong retracted his mind and looked at Xu Ran.
"Anyway, Xiaogang\'s martial spirit is already very good when it can be restored as before. Erlong is here to thank Xu Ranmianxia. In the future, I will keep in mind the agreement between me and Mianxia and will not breach the contract."
In any case, Yu Xiaogang\'s martial spirit was cured, that was enough.
"Recovery? Maybe." Xu Ran said, and he was ready to make excuses for himself. No wonder Yu Xiaogang\'s martial spirit was destroyed by that time.
"Xu Ranmian, what do you mean? Didn\'t you say that Xiaogang\'s spirit will be healed? And Xiaogang\'s spirit has been restored just now." Liu Erlong\'s heart condensed as he watched nervously. With Xu Ran. Is there anything else hidden in it?
"The immortal grass has a spirit, and it chooses the owner to die. Treasures such as the nine-grade Zizhi already possess the spirit and wisdom."
"Originally, as long as Yu Xiaogang is righteous, Xiancao will be absorbed by him with peace of mind, and then help him perfect the martial arts. But if Yu Xiaogang\'s heart is not correct, and the pure and awe-inspiring Xiancao will not Being absorbed by him comfortably, and even destroying his martial soul." Xu Ran said nonsense. Anyway, now he is the authority.
What the authority says is what it is, isn\'t it?
Those with big fists will be right in everything they say, because other people can\'t provide any reason for rebuttal.
"Are you saying that Xiaogang\'s mind is not right?" Liu Erlong\'s heart jumped, looking at Xu Ran\'s face, he also felt that Xu Ran\'s words made sense. But can Xiaogang be the kind of person who is not righteous?
"What do you mean? I said, Yu Xiaogang is not a good thing. Once his martial spirit breaks, it means that his mind is not right and he is a hypocrite."
"No, Xiao Gang is not that kind of person, and his martial soul will not be broken." Liu Erlong said, feeling a little panicked. What if Xiaogang\'s martial spirit is really broken?
How desperate should that Xiaogang be?
However, she had nothing to do. The fairy grass Xu Ranmian gave her did indeed help Yu Xiaogang heal the martial soul. You can\'t, Yu Xiaogang broke the problem because of his own problems, so let Xu Ranmian be blamed.
"Wait." Xu Ran smiled and didn\'t say much to Liu Erlong.
"You are very beautiful today, I like it very much, and you will wear it like this tomorrow. Come to me." Xu Ran turned around and looked at Liu Erlong in a professional skirt suit, the black woman wrapped in black, and the small heels The back of the foot...
"Okay." Liu Erlong was startled by Xu Ran\'s eyes, but still responded. Now that she agreed to Xu Ran, she was ready to feed the tiger with her body.
Regardless of the result, Xu Ranmian lost a treasure for Xiaogang, and she must satisfy Xu Ranmian as promised.