Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 271: The mission is released, draw the Yu Xiaogang martial soul, the blood of the ancestor d
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
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Chapter 271: The mission is released, draw the Yu Xiaogang martial soul, the blood of the ancestor d

"That fairy grass will be given to you as a breakup fee, and stay away from my Longer in the future. Otherwise, you should know the consequences." Xu Ran said playfully.
Yu Xiaogang, it\'s just a waste, although he can play some conspiracy, but in the face of strength, he is nothing.
"Xu Ran, I..." Listening to Xu Ran\'s words, Liu Erlong\'s pretty face lost a trace of blood in an instant. How could Xu Ranmian say that? Although she and Xu Ranmian had an agreement, she was not his...
She was a little desperate, did Xu Ranmian fall in love with her?
But how is this possible?
Xu Ranmian\'s strength is so strong, it can even be called invincible in the world. His talent is also amazing.
Why would such a person like her? What can attract such a strong person in her body?
"Don\'t talk, it would be nice to have me here," Xu Ran said, looking at Yu Xiaogang.
Now in Yu Xiaogang\'s heart, Liu Erlong and him are in a romantic relationship.
Although it\'s still a misunderstanding, it doesn\'t matter, it won\'t be too far from becoming a reality.
But this still needs Yu Xiaogang\'s assist.
However, he believed that Yu Xiaogang would actively push Liu Erlong to his side.
"Okay, Xu Ran, you are fine." Yu Xiaogang looked at Xu Ran coldly, feeling that his dignity was trampled on by Xu Ran, and wished to throw the 9th grade Zizhi in his hand directly onto Xu Ran\'s face.
"How can labor and capital Yu Xiaogang greet you for this treasure? Labor and capital would rather not!" Yu Xiaogang really wished to roar like this. It\'s better for a man to feel this kind of frustration.
But as soon as the words came to his lips, when he was about to swear at Xu Ran, he couldn\'t say it again.
Wuhun is his heart disease, if he can rely on this medicinal material to help him recover, that would be great. As for Liu Erlong, she has already followed Xu Ran, what can she do?
As long as he swallows this fairy grass, he can become stronger, prove himself again, and conquer everything with his strength!
"Okay, Liu Erlong will be yours from now on, and I, Yu Xiaogang, and Liu Erlong will not have the slightest relationship." Yu Xiaogang said coldly. He knew that if he didn\'t agree to Xu Ran like this, it was absolutely impossible to give the fairy grass to him with Xu Ran\'s mind.
Xu Ran gave him fairy grass because he wanted him to leave Liu Erlong forever.
But this doesn\'t need Xu Ran to say more, Liu Erlong has been touched by Xu Ran, and it is impossible for him to have anything to do with him in the future?
He Yu Xiaogang used to love Liu Erlong very much only because she was a affectionate person, even if they knew that they were cousins, they still wanted to guard him like a jade. Such Liu Erlong is worthy of his love.
But now, Liu Erlong has become like this, it is impossible to have anything to do with him.
Listening to Yu Xiaogang\'s words, Liu Erlong looked at Yu Xiaogang blankly, and watched Yu Xiaogang\'s face suddenly becoming unjust and unreasonable.
A deep pain swept through the body.
There was even more disappointment in her heart.
Has the once high spirited Yu Xiaogang become like this now? Even if you don\'t even ask the reason, do you just treat her like this?
Suddenly, she gritted her teeth and couldn\'t figure it out.
Is that the person who has been fond of for so long?
In the past, was it obsession or love?
Her delicate body trembled slightly. At this moment, even if she was Liu Erlong, the strong woman who founded the Blue Tyrant Academy by herself looked so weak and helpless.
Tears poured in her eye sockets, but she still resisted and did not cry.
"Don\'t be sad, Yu Xiaogang has a lot of trash, why should we cry for him?" Xu Ran patted Liu Erlong\'s jade back and looked up at Yu Xiaogang in surprise.
He didn\'t expect Yu Xiaogang to be so unfeeling, regardless of whether there was any hidden feelings between them.
But thinking about it, Yu Xiaogang has been bullied and humiliated all his life, and his psychology has long been distorted. Watching him hug Liu Erlong so affectionately, the accumulated emotions burst out. Moreover, Yu Xiaogang\'s waste has always been calculated for himself, and whether the true feelings for Liu Erlong and the others exist remains to be discussed.
Now that Yu Xiaogang got the immortal grass, he could heal his martial soul, naturally his shameless nature was also exposed.
"Alright, let Liu Erlong see you clearly first, and then I will expose your true face directly." Xu Ran\'s mouth turned upside-down, thinking about this, and showing a smile. Liu Erlong is also a big beauty, Yu Xiaogang doesn\'t want it, he wants it.
"Xu Ran, I hope your herb is effective."
Yu Xiaogang said solemnly, after thinking about it, he swallowed the fairy grass directly in front of Xu Ran.
My own woman was embraced by Xu Ran, and they didn\'t know what happened between them. If the fairy grass Xu Ran gave him in the end was still rubbish, then he would be at a loss.
Taking Yu Xiaogang and swallowing the 9th grade Ganoderma lucidum, a stronger medicinal fragrance came out, and Yu Xiaogang also felt the extremely majestic medicinal power. In the depths of his soul, he could feel that something was being Bred out.
"Is this my martial soul?"
"I understand."
"I understand everything."
Yu Xiaogang felt the changes in his body, his body trembled slightly, he finally understood.
His spirit is not Luo San Pao, but the Golden Sacred Dragon!
It\'s just that when he awakened his martial soul from a young age, he hadn\'t fully awakened, and finally made the incompletely awakened Golden Sacred Dragon look like Luo Sanpao.
When he and Liu Erlong, Flender used the martial soul fusion skills, they absorbed enough powerful energy, so they could inspire the golden sacred dragon!
"It turns out I am the Golden Sacred Dragon, haha, it turns out I am the Golden Sacred Dragon..." Yu Xiaogang seemed crazy, his face full of uncontrollable ecstasy.
The golden sacred dragon is stronger than the blue electric tyrannosaurus!
It turns out that he is not a trash, but a peerless genius, the world\'s number one beast, the spirit beast, should be him!
Now his martial spirit was stimulated by the medicinal power of this herb. Although he still hadn\'t completely turned into a golden sacred dragon, he could feel that the shackles that had been pressing on his heart had disappeared, and he could practice normally in the future~www.novelhall .com~ As long as he can practice and slowly nourish the martial soul with his soul power, he will surely make the golden holy dragon martial soul reappear!
"Ding, the mission is released, with the help of the system, extract Yu Xiaogang\'s martial arts soul, so that Yu Xiaogang can completely become an ordinary person."
"Ding, task reward: Ancestral Dragon Bloodline [Equivalent to Dragon God Bloodline], 3000 points."
"The host\'s Ancestral Dragon bloodline and Qilin Ruimon bloodline can share the soul beast years."
Listening to the voice of Miss System, Xu Ran couldn\'t sit still in an instant.
Originally, under the prompt of the system lady, he would give Yu Xiaogang the Nine-Rank Zizhi, and he knew that this might bring him a high return. But I did not expect that there would be so many good things.
Since the Qilin bloodline, he can once again have a powerful bloodline, which is the same as the Dragon God\'s Ancestral Dragon bloodline, and can earn so many points.
As expected of Yu Xiaogang.
It seemed that even the system thought that Yu Xiao was the real oss playing with Douluo Continent just now.