Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 254: Paralysis, why is Xu Ran so strong?
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 254: Paralysis, why is Xu Ran so strong?

After releasing the martial spirit, Zhu Ao had a huge black cat behind him, exuding an endless cold glow, Zhu\'s inherited martial spirit ghost cat.
Zhu Ao, the eighty-eighth-level Contra, the first strongest of the Zhu family, and the previous patriarch of the Zhu family.
"It\'s your turn." After Zhu Ao released his martial soul, he didn\'t rush to do it, but cast his gaze in Xu Ran\'s direction, with a satisfying light in his eyes. A normal person would be a little moved even if he was fearless and fearless when facing a Contra-level powerhouse. But Xu Ran didn\'t have a trace of emotion, and he was terrifying after generation.
But how did he know that the strength of every fierce beast Xu Ran saw in Xingluo Great Forest far surpassed him. Xu Ran even dared to take advantage of her efforts to heal Gu Yuena and take advantage of her. It is said that Tigers **** cant be touched, but Xu Ran dared to touch Dragons ass, still kneading and patted...
Xu Ran naturally wouldn\'t panic because of Zhu Ao\'s strength, not to mention that Xu Ran might not be Zhu Ao\'s opponent.
Whether it is strength or speed, Xu Ran will not be weaker than Zhu Ao.
Even without the Ten Thousand Beast Armor, Xu Ran would not be weaker than any Contra.
"Okay, I hope my grandfather will teach me." Xu Ran smiled. Zhu Ao is Zhu Zhuqing\'s grandfather, and naturally his grandfather.
The endless majestic spirit power on Xu Ran\'s body surged, and four huge black spirit rings flickered under him. He was holding the Excalibur Sword, and his temperament became cold and fierce.
Xu Ran\'s spirit power is very vigorous, although it is only level fifty, but in terms of strength, the reserve of spirit power is already equivalent to a spirit master of the Soul Saint level.
"Good condensed soul power." Zhu Ao, Zhu Chengrong and others looked at Xu Ran in surprise, and the corners of their mouths twitched. Generally speaking, people who practice fast, their soul power will become vain. Because you have been forcibly cultivated to become stronger, and forgetting to condense and compress your soul power will cause your soul power to float a little bit.
But Xu Ran did not look a little vain.
The cultivation base that the soul king can\'t reach, the soul power reserve can almost be compared with the ordinary soul sage.
Even those soul holy soul power reserves who took drugs and mixed up did not necessarily have Xu Ran much.
Xu Ran\'s fast cultivation speed is enough, his soul power is still so condensed.
Mad, is Xu Ran still an individual?
Why is it so difficult for others to cultivate? Xu Ran felt that he just started practicing casually.
At this moment, Zhu Ao, Zhu Chengde and others started scolding their mothers at the same time. When I think that I have only cultivated to this point when I am exhausted, I feel a little bit crying in my heart.
People are really maddening than people.
Moreover, the four spirit rings under Xu Ran\'s body were all black, which was extremely ridiculous. From ancient times to the present, I have never heard of how many people have such a powerful spirit ring configuration.
Xu Ran is going against the sky.
Fortunately, such a genius came from their Zhu family.
"Grandfather, what\'s the matter?" Xu Ran asked.
"You go first. I\'ll let you do three tricks." Zhu Ao said, standing with his hand in hand.
He was the first person in the family anyway, the titled Douluo of the eighty-eighth level, the Patriarch of the previous generation of the Zhu family, it was embarrassing enough to use martial arts to deal with a junior, so naturally he could not take the initiative.
Although Xu Ran was a devil, he was limited by his spirit power and would not be particularly strong.
He has released Wuhun now, and he doesn\'t believe Xu Ran will hurt him again.
"Let me do it first?" Xu Ran looked at Zhu Ao strangely, his expression a little weird.
As a swordsman, if he takes the first shot, he is worried that the old ancestor in front of him will be very shameless...
As a swordsman, his shots are like a surprise, and he takes away the enemy in a flash without dragging his feet. If he shoots first, and the two are so close, Zhu Ao doesn\'t even have time to react, I\'m afraid he will be defeated directly.
If the distance between the two is farther, it\'s better to say.
Isn\'t it looking for death?
"Granddaughter-in-law, don\'t hesitate, let\'s do it quickly. Just let me see your strength." Zhu Ao said, standing with his hand in his hand, an image of a master.
Zhu Pride saw this scene and couldn\'t help but admire a little. This was the **** of war of their Zhu family.
Whether it is tolerance or cultivation, they are all objects of their worship.
"Uh, okay." Xu Ran nodded, holding the hilt in his hand. At this moment, the air in the world where Xu Ran was faintly distorted, Xu Ran and the sword in his hand seemed to merge into one.
At the moment when Xu Ran understood the meaning of the sword, Xu Ran initially realized the unity of man and sword.
If Sword Douluo appeared here, he would definitely exclaim when he saw this scene. He was already over sixty years old when he realized that the sword was one. At that time, the man and the sword that he comprehended when he perfected the sword intent of the seven kills were one.
The unity of human and sword is the first step to open the field of kendo.
After comprehending this step, it is not far from what the domain comprehend.
At Xu Ran\'s age, his cultivation level is about to be close to comprehension, he is a talent that can be called a monster!
"What\'s this?" Zhu Chengrong and others have been observing Xu Ran, and they have also seen Xu Ran\'s abnormal changes at this time. It\'s just that they haven\'t touched this realm yet with their cultivation base.
"Heaven and man are one? It\'s not like it." Zhu Ao noticed the changes in Xu Ran\'s body, and instantly thought of that terrifying realm. Only by comprehending the realm of the unity of nature and man can one have the opportunity to enter the realm beyond level ninety-five.
However, Xu Ran\'s human-sword unity had the rudimentary form of the unity of nature and man.
"This son is talented close to a demon. It\'s terrifying, terrifying." Zhu Ao murmured, swallowing his saliva.
"Grandfather, I took the shot." Xu Ran reminded.
"Killing Kendo."
"Killing Sword Intent."
Xu Ran murmured, a terrifying sword light burst out of his hand and quickly swept towards Zhu Ao\'s direction.
After Xu Ran comprehended the sword intent, the spirit ring spirit ability was no longer important to Xu Ran. Sword intent is the purest power that belongs to the swordsman. The sword intent released according to the swordsman\'s heart is the most condensed kendo power.
With Xu Ran\'s fifty-level cultivation base, the sword intent released with all his strength is like a scarlet sword pillar, terrifying!
Zhu Pride and Zhu\'s elders watched this scene and were directly confused. The speed of this sword is almost to the extreme, the power of this sword is also terribly powerful, and the attribute power of this sword is so pure... Is this the offensive power that Xu Ran can release from his cultivation?
This sword could even threaten the life of Contra.
Therefore, at the moment when they saw Xu Ran\'s sword, they no longer knew what to say, just instinctively exploded.
"Fuck." Zhu Ao couldn\'t help but explode when he saw this.
He guessed that Xu Ran\'s strength was probably between Soul Sage and Contra, so he asked Xu Ran to make a move.
Also ready to let Xu Ran three tricks...
But how did he know that Xu Ran was so A young man, a fifty-level spirit master who didn\'t have a fifth spirit ring, had such a terrifying strength.
This sword is enough to threaten all Contras.
And because of his support, he hasn\'t even released any soul abilities now...
"Netherworld Demon Mask." Seeing this, Zhu Ao didn\'t dare to pretend to be forced. The eighth spirit ability was directly released, and a dark stream of light enveloped him, forming a black light shield to protect him.
But when the black mask had just taken shape and was still unstable, Xu Ran\'s sword light arrived.
This is the sword that contains the purest killing sword intent.
This sword fully evacuated nearly one-fifth of Xu Ran\'s soul power.
Sword intent, the purest kendo energy, the soul power consumed is also extremely terrifying.
"Bang." Jianguang smashed directly on the black cover of Zhu Ao\'s body, the black cover trembled, and then it shattered immediately.
Then the sword light directly struck Zhu Ao\'s body.
"Boom." Zhu Ao flew out directly, behind him, the solid tables and chairs in the hall were all crushed. Finally, Zhu Ao hit a thick pillar before slowly stopping.
"Grass." Zhu Ao fell to the ground, grunting, and couldn\'t help but explode again. Is Xu Ran still a human? Why is it so strong?
Is this still a descendant of the Zhu family? How do you feel that he is almost the same as this bad old man?
With Xu Ran\'s strength, even if he gets serious and goes all out, he will probably be as good as Xu Ran. If Xu Ran has other stronger cards, maybe...
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