Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 222: Isnt this eye of destiny?
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 222: Isnt this eye of destiny?

"Why are you all here?" Xu Ran retracted his spirit and looked at the fierce beasts in the distance.
"Back to the lord, we see that the lord has a vision here, and we are worried that something will happen to the lord, so we came." Di Tian replied respectfully. Originally, as the head of the Star Dou Great Forest, he was in a similar position to Xu Ran. But Xu Ran was trusted and valued by Gu Yuena, and his status was a little higher than him.
"I have nothing to do here, you can go back." Xu Ran smiled, stepped forward, and held Zi Ji in his arms.
Xu Ran found that Zi Ji was more and more able to dress up now.
Such a tight-fitting cheongsam can perfectly reflect her figure, and a large section of snow-white calves is exposed at the bifurcation below the cheongsam, which is very attractive.
"Yes!" Di Tian and the other fierce beasts responded, looked at Zi Ji\'s figure, and couldn\'t help swallowing.
Zi Ji has a lot of suitors in the Star Dou Great Forest, and fierce beasts such as Chi King and Xiong Jun have also pursued her. But in the end, it was naturally rejected by Zi Ji.
Zi Ji was arrogant and arrogant, unless her strength was far better than her, otherwise, she wouldn\'t want to get her heart.
Although Xu Ran\'s strength is not enough, but there are enough methods, it is Rui Beast... The most important thing is that there are more routines. Xu Ran\'s set of routines, even Gu Yuena was stuck in one of them for a while and would be confused and unable to come out, let alone Zi Ji.
"My lord, what are you looking at?" Zi Ji **** her plump body and looked at Xu Ran with her autumn-shui-like eyes. There was a touch of pink on her cheeks, and she could feel Xu Ran\'s unbridled gaze constantly looking at her positions.
Such gaze kept staring at her, which made Baobaoru also get goosebumps and felt at a loss.
No matter how strong Zi Ji is, she is only a woman. Where can Xu Ran ever be played?
Xu Ran has a thick-skinned face, and he walks through the flowers without panic.
"What do you mean?" Xu Ran smiled playfully, rubbing Zi Ji\'s rather sensual waist. Not fat or greasy, the meat is just right.
"My lord, me, where would I know?"
"Besides, the adult is a beast with a noble status. You can watch whatever you want." Zi Ji turned her head, avoiding her eyes, not daring to look at Xu Ran.
"Huh? Can you watch whatever you want?" Xu Ran smiled when he listened to Zi Ji\'s bold words.
Zi Ji can\'t hold it anymore?
Take the initiative to show his mentality to him?
Maybe it was after seeing Qiu\'er\'s feelings for him, so he was anxious?
Oh yes! Qiuer!
Xu Ran felt a chill in an instant, and he couldn\'t help but shiver.
Qiu\'er seems to have not left here yet.
Xu Ran looked to the side, and saw that Wang Qiu\'er did not know where he took another piece of soul beast meat and was eating it with big mouthfuls. The appearance of the open blood basin made a cold sweat suddenly.
It seems we must help Qiu\'er change her mind first!
How else would you pick up girls? I only found out after making a lot of excuses with Xiao Wu yesterday.
Zi Ji also felt a strong killing intent, and immediately noticed Wang Qiu\'er\'s state, and quickly let go of Xu Ran.
"Baby Zi Ji, you go home first, wash and wash, and wait for me to come over at night." Xu Ran whispered to Zi Ji\'s ear, a gust of heat exhaled on her white earlobes, making Zi Ji blush. A tingling sensation spread from the earlobe to the whole body, making her even feel like going to heaven.
And Xu Ran\'s words made her very ashamed. However, she was also relieved. Only when she has a real relationship with Xu Ran can she feel at ease.
Otherwise, with Xu Ran\'s wandering appearance, his women will be indispensable in the future. What should I do if I forget her then?
The sooner things are done, the higher her status in Xu Ran\'s heart will be.
"Yeah." She agreed with a soft voice, and then her delicate body turned into a purple light and shadow and swept towards the distance.
"Qiu\'er, good morning." Xu Ran grinned and greeted Wang Qiu\'er.
"Huh." Wang Qiuer glanced at Xu Ran, still a little unhappy.
As a beast, she has never been so angry.
But as soon as Xu Ran came here, the weather was all right for her!
The key point is that she doesn\'t know what to do. The relationship between her and Xu Ran is not that kind, and she can\'t control him.
However, they are all auspicious beasts, they are destined by heaven!
Wang Qiu\'er couldn\'t figure it out, so she could only be sulking in her life.
"Okay, don\'t get sulking. If you are really angry with me, just beat me up?" Xu Ran said, walking to Wang Qiu\'er\'s side and touching her golden head.
The golden hair is very soft, soft and comfortable to touch.
"I\'m not angry with you again." Wang Qiu\'er blinked her eyes wide and was touched by Xu Ran, her emotions inexplicably calmed down. The irritability in my heart also disappeared instantly.
"That\'s good, I know that my family Qiuer is the best. In my heart, I am the only Qiuer." Xu Ran said, looking at Wang Qiuer in front of him curiously.
"Oh." Wang Qiu\'er was delighted, and did not notice the routine in Xu Ran\'s words at all. Xu Ran is her only, not that she is Xu Ran\'s only...
The soothed Wang Qiuer lay on the ground obediently, blinking big eyes, quietly enjoying Xu Ran\'s caress.
It\'s like playing a cat. People who use cats are cool, and cats are cool.
The hair of the beast is the same.
Xu Ran carefully observed Wang Qiu\'er while stroking her hair.
As a three-eyed golden dog, she does have a lot of similarities with herself.
But the strangest thing about Wang Qiuer\'s body is her third eye, the eye of destiny!
As far as he knows, the Eye of Destiny is where the Three-Eyed Jinya stores the power of destiny. And that place is quite strange, it seems to be able to connect the memories and even attributes of two people.
In Dou Er Zhong, Huo Yuhao\'s forehead touched Wang Qiu\'er\'s eye of destiny because of this, so that he and Wang Qiu\'er\'s memories could be shared. Wang Qiu\'er got Huo Yuhao\'s memory and developed a strange feeling for Huo Yuhao.
That\'s why she will go to the human world to find Huo Yu in her form. In the end, it was used by Tang San to become Tang Wutong\'s nourishment to become stronger. Finally, he watched Tang Wutong and Huo Yuhao make affection ~ Ah, poor child!
If she knew that Huo Yuhao would be sad to death because of Tang Wutong\'s departure. Because he was afraid of Tang San\'s authority and gave up the idea of ??resurrecting her, what would it feel like?
At that time, seeing Huo Yuhao\'s personality, she would probably regret her decision.
But now he can\'t...Do the two beasts get higher benefits?
Wang Qiu\'er\'s Eye of Destiny is not just about sharing memories. Can also achieve grafting!
Through that attribute grafting, Huo Yuhao derives the benefits from Rui Beast\'s enormous spiritual power and greatly broadens his spiritual sea...
Thinking of this, Xu Ran couldn\'t help but touch Wang Qiu\'er\'s eyes of destiny.
He always felt that this part was not that simple for Rui Beast, otherwise, why would Wang Qiu\'er have a different idea about Huo Yuhao when he touched it? Moreover, Wang Qiu\'er valued her own eyes of destiny more than everything else.