Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 207: Still, you cant have that kind of thought!
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 207: Still, you cant have that kind of thought!

Seeing the golden soul beast in front of him leave directly, Meng still stayed with the snake woman, completely unexpected that things would develop like this.
They are even ready to die.
Their lies are absolutely pale in front of the strong.
But the soul beast powerhouse did not reveal their hypocritical compliments, and gave them a breath of his own.
In this regard, the snake woman was surprised and couldn\'t help herself.
She didn\'t want to worry about why the soul beast powerhouse in front of her was willing to keep them alive. As long as she could live, she would be fine, right?
But Meng still couldn\'t help but feel a little lost. Perhaps it was Xu Ran\'s reliance on Xu Ran\'s instinct by the golden breath that had penetrated her body, or Xu Ran\'s solo way of dealing with other spirit beasts. Meng still had endless curiosity about Xu Ran.
"Hey." Meng still looked at the beast shadow in front, hesitated for a while, and called out softly.
This sound almost sent the snake woman away. What\'s wrong with my granddaughter today? Now that they have gotten a great deal of money, what are they still asking that soul beast to do?
The snake woman was full of confusion, but it was still not like this before.
Wouldn\'t it be true that what was said just now, that soul beast would let them go.
My granddaughter is not a fool, right?
How can humans and soul beasts be together?
If the transformation is rebuilt, she can still accept it. But how does the animal body work?
Even though the body of the strong soul beast in front of him is not huge, it can only be regarded as small and exquisite. But it\'s not something that a human body can hold.
This girl shouldn\'t be really broken, right?
You can\'t have this kind of thinking.
The snake woman had a thousand thoughts in her heart, but at this time it was not when she was still preaching while pulling Meng, she did not dare to talk more, just pulled La Meng\'s still sleeves to signal her to pay attention to something.
"Huh? Is there anything else?" Xu Ran turned his head and looked at the girl in white clothes ahead.
"No, no."
"Um, thank you, senior, today, great kindness, if I still have the opportunity, I will definitely repay it with all my strength." Meng still bit her silver teeth, looking at Xu Ran\'s deep golden eyes, the kind of noble and majestic eyes that made her mind swing.
"No, maybe I can see each other in the future." Xu Ran shook his head and left without looking back.
"Oh." Meng still pouted his mouth into an O shape.
This time it was very rare for them to see such spirit beasts in the Star Dou Great Forest. There is almost no possibility of wanting to see you again.

"Smelly Xu Ran, you know to slap other girls." Xiao Wu sat on Xu Ran\'s body, her delicate body rising and falling along with Xu Ran\'s running.
At this moment, she looked at Xu Ran with beautiful eyes, and she couldn\'t help but give him a blank look.
Xu Ran is now in the form of a soul beast, and he has to tease other girls to scare them like that.
"I\'m saving their lives. When did you get it?" Xu Ran said. A real Sea King often speaks a few words and makes a few movements without his knowledge, and can pluck a girl\'s heartstrings. His technique is still far behind!
"Huh, it\'s just shameless and lustful, and sophistry. If it wasn\'t for the Star Dou Great Forest, you might have invited someone to the black house for tea." Xiao Wu pouted. Stinky Xu Ran, so shameless.
Zi Ji on the side, watching Xu Ran and Xiao Wu\'s dialogue, smiled coquettishly, without interrupting, she was thinking about how disgusting Brigitte would be when she reached the lake of life.
Women have always been enemies.
Although they are both fierce beasts in the Star Dou Great Forest, they are peerless Shuangjiao, but the comparability among women has always been strong.

Meng still and the snake woman looked at Xu Ran and they left, and they felt relieved.
They looked at the spirit beasts around them, and the spirit beasts that had been chasing them before also got up from the ground. But the strange thing is that they didn\'t attack them, just glanced at them, and left directly.
This change surprised them. The snake woman knew that it was the golden energy that the fierce beast had left in Meng\'s body. This ray of golden energy has the breath of that soul beast, making these soul beasts extremely respectful and fearful.
"That existence should be the most powerful group of soul beasts in this Star Dou Great Forest. Only this kind of existence can make all soul beasts surrender." The snake woman praised. Although I experienced a small beast wave this time, it was finally shocking. Today\'s experience has given her a deeper understanding of the Star Dou Great Forest. Star Dou Great Forest has peerless powerhouses, even if they can hunt spirit beasts here, they can\'t be too presumptuous.
"But still, you won\'t really put the crown on that soul beast..." The snake woman looked at Meng Wei with solemn expression. Meng is still at the age of a young girl and has an immature understanding of feelings. It would be bad if she really had that kind of thought.
That\'s a very taboo thing!
There will never be any good results between humans and soul beasts.
With the physique of the soul beast, if you do something, it is still directly disabled.
"Grandma, what are you thinking about? Am I such a nympho?" Meng was still angrily white as grandma. She Meng is still an idiot, she can\'t be an idiot to a soul beast.
Even the soul beast powerhouse is extremely handsome in terms of the soul beast\'s aesthetics. But as a human being, she cannot appreciate this beauty.
"That\'s good, that\'s good..." The snake woman breathed a sigh of relief.
"When will I take you to Tiandou City and let you be with the geniuses there. You are no longer young, and it is time to find a boyfriend to let him take care of you and help you collect that wild child." After thinking for a while, he said.
In fact, in her mind, Yu Tianheng is still the best candidate for the husband of Meng. Their alien beast family has some origins with the Blue Lightning Overlord Sect. Duke Long\'s martial soul also mutated from the Yu Family. If Meng can still be with the genius of the Yu family, she and Duke Long will be satisfied. But it depends on God\'s will.
"Oh, grandma. I\'m still young? You were anxious to marry your granddaughter as soon as you became an adult." Meng still stepped forward, hugged grandma\'s arm, and said coquettishly.
"No. UU reads Grandma can\'t rely on you for marriage events. You can go to Tiandou City to pick it up slowly. If it really doesn\'t look pleasing to the eye, our group of old bones won\'t force it." The snake woman rubbed Meng\'s long hair and smiled kindly.
"Okay." Meng was still stubborn and didn\'t take this matter to heart, but she didn\'t expect that one day she would see Xu Ran again in Heaven Dou City.

After a small episode, Xu Ran, Xiao Wu, and Zi Ji no longer stayed, and headed directly towards the core of the Star Dou Forest, the lake of life.
When she was about to reach the lake of life, Xiao Wu took the initiative to jump off Xu Ran. She couldn\'t let herself and Xu Ran leave a bad impression on the beasts of Star Dou.
[Good guy, the fourth season of Doupo is on the air today! ! The needle doesn\'t poke!
Wasn\'t Cailin sultry when she instigated Xiao Yan\'s fingers? There is also rhyme, ooh, the rhyme of the fourth season is beautiful, deeper and more temperament than the third season, the gentleness and sadness on that brow is really unstoppable. There is also a change in the model of Xun\'er, but Xun\'er is not too amazing. Paralysis, Xiao Yan, these will be Xu Rans women sooner or later]