Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 196: Comfortable? Where is it comfortable?
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
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Chapter 196: Comfortable? Where is it comfortable?

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"The task is here again?" Xu Ran was taken aback, and then smiled.
Its just this massage...
It seems that something is wrong, is it because you want him to give Gu Yuena what?
In that case, wouldn\'t he be able to appreciate the beauty of Gu Yuena easily?
Even, from top to bottom, from the shallower to the deeper, gradually cultivate a deep relationship with Gu Yuena?
"Brother host, the Dragon God was severely injured in the battle with the five supreme gods. Although Gu Yuena is the Silver Dragon King, she split from the Dragon God, and she also has many dark wounds on her body."
"In these years, in order to avoid the discovery of the gods, Gu Yuena has been suppressing her own cultivation base, and even spreading her strong divine power to cover her aura. But the more so, the more difficult it is for her to eliminate the hidden injuries of her body. ."
"This time Gu Yuena sent Ziji to look for you, also thinking of using the power of your auspicious beast to relieve or even eliminate her injuries. At that time, the host\'s brother can use this secret method to help Gu Yuena... This massage technique not only allows Gu Yuena to recover slowly from her dark wounds, but also makes Gu Yuena very comfortable. Miss System blinked her eyes and reminded her.
"Comfortable? Where is it comfortable?" Xu Ran\'s eyes lit up and said with a smile.
He knows Tuina.
In this kind of medical technique, the girl is to lie down on the bed, and then the doctor slowly knead, from top to bottom, every organ, every cell, every acupuncture point must become healthier under the action of the medical technique. , Firm...
Wait, no, how does this feel so wretched?
However, this massage is indeed a very ancient and long-standing legendary medical technique.
What if he acquired countless powerful and practical massage techniques? Wouldn\'t there be a lot of knowledge that can increase in the future?
"The host\'s brother is shameless, and he knows to think of something bad." The Miss System system felt Xu Ran\'s thoughts, so she sneered softly. She is still just a system, she only knows to serve the host well and satisfy the host.
She has no form now, nor can she feel a lot.
She felt those things about girls, and only by looking at Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu and their expressions, psychology and movements, did she slowly know some. As for comfort, she doesn\'t know why it is so comfortable, this is the introduction given by the system...
But when the time comes, if the host does it for Gu Yuena, she will see it.
Gu Yuena wouldn\'t know even if she was watching it anyway.
Although Gu Yuena is strong, as the Silver Dragon King, her strength is equivalent to the existence of the God King in her peak period. But it is impossible to find her existence.
The system is the most powerful existence in this world.
The power of the system can even ignore the laws of the God of Creation.
And all of this depends on the host brother...
As long as the host\'s brother is strong enough and has enough skill points, she can provide all the services the host wants, making the host\'s brother the most powerful person in the world.
"Hey, there is no way. If a man is not shameless, even a girl can\'t soak." Xu Ran couldn\'t help shrugging as she listened to Miss System\'s complaints.
This world is so crazy.
Xu Ran still remembers that in his previous life, the buddies in the dormitory next door, Shameless You, told them about his experiences almost every day, and even brought out all kinds of feelings. Then, gossip came into the ears of the two girls in their class, making them cry so much that they switched to majors. And then every few semesters, one or two big-bellied girls came to their dormitory to cry downstairs.
Hey, this world is so crazy.
But even though he Xu Ran picks up girls, he will never do that kind of unfeeling thing. Let people sit outside crying with a big belly. This kind of thing is too fishy.
After eating dry and wiping it out, he would not admit it. This was definitely not what Xu Ran did.
He Xu Ran is at most the harem plus one.
Douluo Continent is not like a previous life. As long as the relationship is harmonious, don\'t you want to tease a few?
After returning to Shrek Academy, Xiao Wu ran back to the dormitory to wash.
Then, Xu Ran and the third daughter went to Soto City.
According to the requirements of the academy, they have to go to the Great Arena of Souls in Soto every day to participate in the Soul Fight.
However, Flanders had no such requirement for Xu Ran. After all, with Xu Ran\'s strength, let alone the Soul Sect level, even if he is participating in the Soul King level soul fighting competition, it is impossible for anyone to be his opponent.
Such fighting spirits have no meaning at all.
Before that, Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing had just broken through the soul-sovereign, and they didn\'t have any advantage in the soul-sovereign level fight, and they always lost more than they lost. But after taking Immortal Grass, their cultivation soared, and now participating in the actual fighting spirit can also help them stabilize their cultivation.
"Xu Ran, let\'s go first." Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu said, hugged Xu Ran, and then went to draw lots to prepare for the war.
Normally Ning Rongrong was waiting for Xiao Wu and the others in Hou Zhan District. Except for team games, Ning Rongrong doesn\'t need to play. However, she needs to understand the fighting methods of having their own spirit masters by watching the soul fighting game.
This will also play an important role for her in the team in the future.
However, today it was obvious that Ning Rongrong had no intention to watch the battle.
Because Xu Ran directly pulled her towards the hidden corner of the last row of the Hou War Zone.
"Xu Ran, what are you doing. I can see clearly from the front." Ning Rongrong\'s gaze was a little dodged. What does Xu Ran want to do now? She always felt that Xu Ran was a little bit bad at this time.
At the same time, she also looked at the back, there was no one.
In the Hou war zone, only the players or their partners who participated in the soul fight will appear here.
There are not many people in the Hou war zone. Even if someone would sit in the front, where they would be in the last row, hiding so concealed, they weren\'t doing something shameful.
"What\'s so good about Soul Fighting? It\'s not as good as my baby Rongrong." Xu Ran said, taking Ning Rongrong\'s little hand, sitting in the most side position, and holding Ning Rongrong in his arms.
"Xu Ran, stop making Ning Rongrong is a little bit ashamed. Even though there are not many people in the Hou war zone, there are still staff coming and going. She still feels so intimate being held in Xu Rans arms Somewhat shy.
"Don\'t worry, I just hug you and don\'t do anything. I know it in my heart." Xu Ran said. But if Xiao Wu or Zhu Qing was next to Xu Ran at this time, he would never believe it.
Because Xu Ran always said that he was just rubbing, but before he finished speaking, he slid in.
But pure Ning Rongrong naturally didn\'t know this.
Seeing Xu Ran saying this, he sat quietly on Xu Ran\'s lap. Let Xu Ran hold her.
In a few days, she will be able to hunt for spirit rings from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. At that time she had to be separated from Xu Ran for a while.
Just use Xu Ran to criticize where the essence is really honest, the next second,...
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