Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 195: The task is here again, Tuina.
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 195: The task is here again, Tuina.

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"Smelly Xu Ran, wake up soon." Early in the morning, Xiao Wu woke up, looking at herself in a mess, and directly raised her pink fist and hammered Xu Ran\'s chest, but the force was very small, as if it were. Give Xu Ran a massage again.
Xiao Wu\'s face was blushing at this time, and she was even more shy looking at the lawn here.
Stinky Xu Ran, too bad.
Originally, Xu Ran told her to come to the top of the mountain to see the scenery, but in the end, where is the scenery? I didn\'t see any scenery, but...
Stinky Xu Ran, it\'s too bad, I know I want to think about those bad things.
Although men all over the world like to think about it, Xu Ran not only thinks, but also practices. so bad
"You can sleep a little longer. The air here is so fresh." Xu Ran yawned and said with squinting eyes.
Not to mention, the air here is really fresh and refreshing.
Moreover, the air velocity is still very fast, no matter what happens, it will be blown completely by the wind, and no trace will be left.
"Smelly Xu Ran, shameless..." Xiao Wu Qiao blushed, seeing Xu Ran\'s cozy look, wishing to kick him a few times. Xu Ran feels comfortable...
Xiao Wu looked down at her skirt and socks. The bright silver liquid socks were stained with the color of grass, as did the pink skirt. If you continue to wear this suit, I am afraid that Zhuqing and Rongrong will be teased to death when they return.
Especially Rongrong, who has never experienced anything, knows so much, and always teases her so boldly.
When she can\'t get up, see how she targets her.
"In a few days, we will go to the Star Dou Forest." Xu Ran squinted and opened his eyes, looking at Xiao Wu who was already sitting on a clean rock and was about to change her stockings.
"Xingdou Forest? What are you going to do in Xingdou Forest?" Xiao Wu blinked her eyes and sat on a rock, her long hair slightly messy, holding a white rabbit over-knee socks in her hand, looking curiously Xu Ran.
"Of course it is for you to obtain a spirit ring. Although you can generate a spirit ring by yourself, if you suddenly pop out a spirit ring in front of Flanders and the others, you can\'t scare them to death?" Xu Ran smiled and continued to squint. With eyes, admiring Xiao Wu\'s beauty in silk stockings.
Because I just woke up, my clothes and dresses were messy, and my hair was messy. It was more natural and beautiful than when I usually took care of it. This natural beauty is the most attractive.
Xiao Wu saw Xu Ran\'s gaze, but she was not too shy. She had long been used to Xu Ran\'s gaze.
"Hmph, I can scare the dean and the others by suddenly popping out a spirit ring. Then they were scared to death by you not long ago?" Xiao Wu gave Xu Ran angrily white eyes, and a pure innocence appeared in her eyes. Flattery.
Xu Ran is so strong, he has done many horrible things in front of Flanders and the others.
Even if she suddenly popped a spirit ring in front of Dean Flanders and the others, Dean and them would not be surprised.
After all, there is no problem with Xu Ran as the monster in front of her.
"That\'s also going to go. Even if you swallow Acacia Broken Heart, you still have to be careful, especially Tang San. Tang San is despicable and shameless, and the methods are extremely sinister. If he seizes some handle, we are the matter of soul beasts It\'s troublesome to preach it out." Xu Ran smiled, and then gave Tang San another pot.
"Well, this is also true. Tang San is too bad. If we don\'t pay attention, we may fall into Tang San\'s trap." Xiao Wu nodded deeply.
This time, Tang San tried to stop her from swallowing Acacia Heartbroken, not wanting her to keep hiding the spirit beast breath in the future, but Xu Ran was beaten. Tang San had been looking for faults, but in the end he was still slandering Xu Ran.
Such behavior can be called shameless.
Under Tang San\'s unreasonable circumstances, he could be so shameless. If Tang San really grasped something, he wouldn\'t be able to go to heaven in the future?
But pure Xiao Wu still didn\'t know that Tang San was completely scammed by Xu Ran. From the beginning to the present, he was completely led by Xu Ran\'s nose before leaving.
Xu Ran is really despicable and shameless.
But so what? In this world, we only look at the results, not the process.
No matter how good the process is, the result is wrong, it is also a big mistake.
The result is right, even if the process is a mess, so what?
And his deception can only be regarded as a white lie.
I have said in the previous life elementary school ideological class, that kind and flustered words are beautiful.
The Xiao Wu that Tang San had killed was miserable. She sacrificed for her, and her only two friends sacrificed for her. In the end, she did not fulfill her wish for Xiao Wu to avenge her or resurrect her mother. In the end, Xiao Wu became a sword of his Shura god. Sheath, like an object...
Regardless of whether Tang San was intentional or not, this wasn\'t the reason for him to hurt Xiao Wu.
Even if Xiao Wu stayed by Tang San\'s side, she would be bruised all over her body.
In the end, apart from being with Tang San, she didn\'t get any benefits. Is this what Tang San calls love?
Can\'t protect the woman around him, no matter how talented, but also a fart? Just one younger brother.
"Xu Ran what are you thinking?" Xiao Wu blinked and looked at Xu Ran\'s eyes. She could see the strong desire for protection in Xu Ran\'s eyes, which made her heart softer.
In this world, only he and his mother will protect her desperately. It\'s a pity that my mother is gone, she now only has Xu Ran...
"When I return to the Star Dou Forest, I will announce that you are my woman. At that time, in the Star Dou Forest, no one would dare to despise you, even if you were a soul beast rebuilt and transformed." Xu Ran said.
He knew that the soul beast clan looked down on Xiao Wu\'s 100,000-year-old soul beast, which had been rebuilt and transformed. But with him, no one dared to despise Xiao Wu.
"Yeah." Xiao Wu smiled, showing a pretty face. She might still care about these before, but now she doesn\'t care so much. In her life, Xu Ran would be fine.
"It\'s just that if you return to the Star Dou Great Forest, will you be affected by those fierce beasts..." Xiao Wuxiu frowned, a little worried. She didn\'t particularly understand the majesty of Rui Beast in the soul beast world. She was worried that when she went to the Star Dou Great Forest, those fierce beasts would not let Xu Ran out.
"What Rui Beast wants to do is not something they can stop. Moreover, there is still a fierce beast waiting for me in Soto City. It is not appropriate not to go." Xu Ran shook his head, Dou Erli, Rui Beast transformed into a run. In the human world, Di Tian did not stop them too much. In other words, it can\'t be stopped, after all, no one wants to be infected with ominousness.
"A fierce beast came to you?" Xiao Wu was startled, and while tidying up her dress, she asked in surprise, Ziji of the Hell Dragon Clan. When I returned to Soto City before, she came to find me. But don\'t worry, there will be nothing wrong with me. "Xu Ran smiled and walked beside Xiao Wu to comb her long hair at the back.
And he was still thinking about Brigitte, Rui Beast, and Gu Yuena in the Star Dou Great Forest. Going to the Star Dou Great Forest this time may have a lot of gains.
"Ding, congratulations to the host for getting the sign-in task."
"Ding, sign in in front of Silver Dragon King Gu Yuena."
"Ding, task reward: 1,000 skill points, god-level massage."
"God-level Tuina: It will make the masters fully proficient in Tuina techniques, so that the master will have the top-notch Tuina medical skills, which can make the person feel comfortable, and can treat most intractable diseases and relieve pain..."
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