Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 194: Very sad, Tang 3s plan
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
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Chapter 194: Very sad, Tang 3s plan

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Neither Xu Ran nor Xiao Wu fell asleep this night.
Everything was going well, but after midnight, the wind on the top of the mountain was still too strong.
Even though Xu Ran had something like a tent in his Soul Guidance Device, he and Xiao Wu didn\'t sleep much anymore after such a tossing. They seized the time even more.
Except for Xu Ran and Xiao Wu, Tang San stayed up all night.
After seeing Xiao Wu\'s long hair fluttering after swallowing the fairy grass, his heart trembled again because of Xiao Wu. That kind of Xiao Wu is so beautiful.
Xiao Wu\'s figure is already pretty. After following Xu Ran, with Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong, the three girls are studying girls\' things together. Naturally, it is very different from that of Notting College. More importantly, Xiao Wu used to wear long scorpion-tail braids, and he didn\'t even see Xiao Wu\'s long hair scattered.
That beauty is enough to overshadow all the scenery in the world.
At the same time, there were some ominous premonitions in his heart. Xiao Wu is so beautiful, she has some fairy aura even after absorbing the fairy grass. He felt that Xu Ran would never give up this opportunity.
Therefore, when he woke up from a coma, he didn\'t care about the endless pain from his body. After taking the medicine at random, he came to the door of Xu Ran\'s dormitory.
If Xu Ran dared to do anything to Xiao Wu, he would definitely fight Xu Ran desperately.
However, he came late. When he came to find Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu and Xu Ran had already left.
All night, he waited outside Xu Ran\'s and Xiao Wu\'s dormitory. As time passed, Tang San\'s heart became more and more desperate.
"Is it dawn?" Tang San raised his head, looking at the sky that had gradually turned pale, his swollen cheeks became paler.
"Xiao Wu...Baby Xiao Wu and Xu Ran didn\'t come back one night outside..." Tang San murmured, trembling slightly. His eyes, which should have been extremely bright, became very dim, without a trace of expression.
His heart is even more painful, like a needle stick.
In just one day, he experienced countless heavy blows and tortures.
Xiao Wu took the Acacia Heartbroken Red for Xu Ran, and now the baby Xiao Wu and Xu Ran are not coming home at night. Lonely man and widow who haven\'t returned all night, what does this mean? One can imagine.
What kind of person is Xu Ran?
There are so many women around Xu Ran, do you still need to think about what kind of person he is?
Xu Ran snatched the baby Xiao Wu from him, coveting Xiao Wu\'s beauty.
Now Xiao Wu fell into Xu Ran\'s hands, and all night, he could imagine what would happen during this period without thinking about it.
With Xu Ran\'s method, now Xiao Wu is afraid...
His baby, Xiao Wu, apart from holding hands, he didn\'t do much to go beyond the rules. Even at that time, he still didn\'t know what love was, and he didn\'t know how to enjoy every day with Xiao Wu.
But now, my own little dance. The innocent and clean Xiao Wu is now Xu Ran\'s woman. If she is not careful, she might be pregnant with Xu Ran\'s child.
Thinking of this, Tang San couldn\'t help himself with heartache, and a mouthful of blood spewed out under the circumstance of anger.
That was the hard work from Tang San\'s heart.
"Xu Ran, in this life, Tang San and you will not be at odds with you!!!"
"As long as I Tang San is still alive, I won\'t die with you." Tang San roared sternly.
He swears that when he really grows up in the future, Xu Ran\'s body will be broken into pieces. Xu Ran dared to act on his Xiao Wu, whether it was tolerable or unbearable.
"Beast Xu Ran, paralyzed, you are not a human, you are no longer a human." After a roar, tears flowed down Tang San\'s cheeks.
Xiao Wu is his weakness. When he thinks of his own Xiao Wu, he is clearly in front of him, but he can\'t save her. He also watched her become closer and closer to Xu Ran step by step, even... he It hurts and can\'t breathe.
"Tang San, what kind of man are you?"
"I can\'t even protect my beloved woman."
"What is a peerless genius who has been rare in the Tang Sect for thousands of years, and what is a twin martial arts soul, who watched Xiao Wu walk towards the abyss without the power to stop it. Tang San, you are a trash, a complete trash."
Tang San laughed at himself, clenching his fists, a strong sense of powerlessness in his heart.
It\'s not that he doesn\'t want to rescue Xiao Wu, he can\'t do it!
Xu Ran\'s strength is too strong, really too strong!
Now he is not Xu Ran\'s opponent at all!
Moreover, Xu Ran has a lot of routines. He originally wanted to prevent Xiao Wu from taking Acacia Heartbroken Red, but what was the result? Not only was it unsuccessful, but Xu Ran\'s operation made his scalp numb.
"Xiao Wu, wait a few months for me. When we move to Tiandou City, I will have a solution." Tang San stumbled towards his dormitory, because his heart was too sad, and the bursts came from his heart. The blood continuously dripped from the corner of his mouth to the ground.
At this moment, a plan sprouted in his heart.
Soto City is still a small city looking at the mainland.
After going to Heaven Dou City in the future, he will have the means to get in touch with a lot of big forces that he is usually hard to come into contact with. There are countless forces gathered in places like Tiandou City. Even if those big forces did not put the foundation there, they will definitely have one or two strongholds.
When he gets there, he will definitely be favored by some big forces. His hidden weapons can also be auctioned, or even contracted for production by a major power.
And at that time, he will really come to the fore and be valued by countless forces.
Even if Xu Ran is strong, it is only temporary. What if Xu Ran\'s strength is enough to suppress the search for an era?
A person\'s life is limited, but the life of a hidden weapon is almost unlimited.
All the big forces will know who to choose in front of Xu Ran and him. After choosing Xu Ran for hundreds of years and waiting for Xu Ran\'s death, the forces will be beaten back to their original form. Hidden weapons are things that can guarantee the longevity of a party\'s power. A hidden weapon is made of top-notch materials, and no matter how well maintained, it will not be a problem to use it for thousands of years.
"Maybe I can get the respect of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect Master at that time." Tang San\'s eyes became cold, and he thought a lot.
In the face of the interests of the forces, everything is trivial.
As long as his interest in the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect is large enough, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect will treat him as a guest. At that time, he could even make a request for him to ration Ning Rong to him.
How important is the hidden weapon to the Ning family who has no combat effectiveness?
There is no hidden Although the children of the Ning family are noble, they can be easily manipulated. The hidden weapon can protect their safety and even allow them to have a strong combat effectiveness.
They are absolutely clear about the role of the hidden weapon on the auxiliary sect.
At that time, Ning Rongrong would be his Tang San\'s woman. And he also wanted Xu Ran to know what pain is.
With his own woman lying in his Tang San\'s arms, what should Xu Ran\'s expression look like at that time?
He could even offer to exchange with Xu Ran. Exchange Ning Rongrong for Xiao Wu...
"Xu Ran, don\'t you want to play? Then I want to see what kind of expression you will look like at that time. The hidden weapon is the most important treasure to the Qibao Glazed Tile School, which has no combat effectiveness. You forced me to do this, you Im robbing you of the woman, Im afraid you will feel very heartbroken. Tang Sans eyes turned cold, he glanced at Ning Rongrongs dormitory not far away, and made plans in his heart.
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