Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 168: 1 flute 1 dance
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
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Chapter 168: 1 flute 1 dance

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"Wrong? Then what kind of person do you think I am?" Xu Ran said with a light smile.
"I used to think that Teacher Xu Ran would be a person who is not close to female, and aloof. But I was wrong, Teacher Xu Ran is too shameless." Xue Wu looked at Xu Ran with beautiful eyes and said softly.
"Then which kind of me do you like?" Xu Ran said, with a wicked smile.
"Of course it is the one in front. But such a bad Teacher Xu Ran is also very good." Xue Wu said in a flustered manner. Although the aloof, the majestic Xu Ran teacher is also very handsome, but Xu Ran like that is too far away, making people feel inaccessible, as if they will disappear when touched.
If she were to choose one, she would definitely choose Xu Ran now without hesitation.
The wicked Xu Ran, although shameless, would not give her such a deep sense of distance. On the contrary, she could lie in his arms like a little girl and talk to him what a couple should say.
"Huh?" Xu Ran looked at Xue Wu, who was somewhat duplied in front of him.
"Right. I am going to leave Tianshui College the day after tomorrow. I will guide you in your cultivation tomorrow, and then leave." Xu Ran thought for a while and said.
If he wants to break through the soul sect now, he must return to Shrek Academy to complete that task and obtain his fourth soul ring.
And they\'ve been in Tianshui College for so long, and it\'s not appropriate to continue to stay. After being away for so long, he also missed Zhuqing Xiaowu and Rongrong very much.
"Teacher Xu Ran, are you going to leave?" Xue Wu\'s heart tightened, and all the charms she had had before disappeared from her heart. Her beautiful eyes stared at Xu Ran tightly, and she felt a deep sense of loss in her heart.
The relationship between her and Xu Ran has just made some progress. Is Xu Ran leaving now?
I\'m leaving the day after tomorrow, wouldn\'t it be that Xu Ran will only stay in Tianshui College for one day tomorrow?
This is too fast.
"Yeah. I still have a lot to deal with outside, and I can\'t stay in Tianshui Academy for too long." Xu Ran sighed, looking at the jade man in front of him, he didn\'t want to leave Xue Wu and the others. He even wanted to take Xue Wu and the others away with him.
But even if he took them to Shrek Academy, he didn\'t have much time to accompany them.
And he can\'t be immersed in the tender country all day.
Although Wenrouxiang is good, if you stay addicted to it, you will only lose yourself.
He also has a broader goal. In the future, Ye Lingling, Qian Renxue, Hu Liena, Bibi Dong, Bo Saixi...There are countless people waiting for him, so naturally he can\'t just stop here.
"Ao. Will you come back to see us often in the future?" Xue Wu was a little depressed, and the woman in her first love would not feel comfortable facing her lover\'s departure. She is just an ordinary girl.
She had never been tempted by any boy before, and now after she acted on Xu Ran, she just showed her feelings, and Xu Ran was leaving, and she didn\'t even have a return date. How could she be able to accept it?
"Yes. Soon. I\'m not that kind of heartless person, I won\'t come back as soon as I leave." Xu Ran said.
"Then how do I know? What if you are that kind of person?" Xue Wu pouted, still a little unhappy. Only then did she understand Xu Ran\'s multiple positions in her heart.
"No, I will be back soon. And in the future, I will mainly be active in Tiandou City. You are not far from here in Tiandou City. It will be there in two or three hours."
"If I miss you in the future, I will come to you, rest for one night, and leave the next day." Xu Ran said, looking at Xue Wu\'s perfect figure. That exquisite figure, long and straight beauty, is enough to make any man in the world be moved by it.
But now such a girl belongs to his man.
If anyone else dared to have any bad intentions towards his woman, he would be wiped out by his wave.
"How to rest?" Xue Wu blinked her beautiful eyes, his heart pounding. Xu Ran\'s words seem to have a deep meaning. Is Xu Ran thinking of something bad?
"Then it\'s up to you. If you let me sleep on the sofa, then I still have to do what you said." Xu Ran smiled and slashed the delicate cheeks of Yan Xuewu.
To really sleep on the sofa, he felt that he couldn\'t help it.
He\'s all in the same room, how could he sleep on the sofa?
At best, he can only guarantee that he will not do anything to her, and that the bed will still be sleeping.
"Oh." Xue Wu nodded lightly.
She watched Xu Ran holding her hand that was still not very honest, and pouted, she didn\'t believe Xu Ran would sleep on the sofa honestly!
And if she lets Xu Ran sleep on the sofa, what should Xu Ran do if she goes to find Binger and Yue\'er? And if it\'s been like this for a long time, Xu Ran might not love her anymore.
"Okay, let\'s not talk about it. I\'m still waiting for you to dance and show it to me. My Xuewu is so beautiful, and dancing will definitely be more charming."
"I play the flute and you dance."
Xu Ran said, a white jade flute appeared in his hand. The musical instruments are all interoperable, but after Xu Ran is proficient in piano art, other musical instruments can naturally be picked up, but there can be no gain buff.
"Okay." Xue Wu took a deep breath and broke away from Xu Ran\'s arms.
Stepping on her round and slender jade legs, she slowly twisted her slender figure and began to dance. And Xu Ran was playing the flute on the side.
Xue Wu\'s martial spirit was released, and along with her dancing, there was a burst of snow in the sky, and Xue Wu was dancing in the flying snow.
Xu Ran\'s eyes were all on Xue Wu\'s body, as if he had been frozen in this moment all day.
Xue Wu, as the name suggests.
The waist is slender, the jade legs are slender, and the air in the dance room is full of refreshing fragrance.
Xue Wu danced gracefully, with black short skirts fluttering in the dance room, and the girl\'s beautiful figure was revealed, seductive.
This scene, if you let other people see it, I\'m afraid it will not help but be amazed.
The juvenile played the flute, the flute sound curled up. The young girl danced gracefully.
And Xu Ran and Xuewu are also trapped in At this moment, Xuewu is immersed in Xu Ran\'s flute sound, dancing gracefully, as if they are spirits in the wind and snow. Her long black hair was disturbed by the wind, and a little long black hair fluttered between her forehead, which was full of charm.
Her beautiful eyes looked at Xu Ran, and she had forgotten everything in the world, as if Xu Ran was the only person in the world.
She knew that a character like Xu Ran would not have much time with her in the future. Even though she was the ultimate ice, she was still too far away from Xu Ran.
In this way, if the two cooperate to perform music and dance scenes, I am afraid that there will not be many in the future.
She looked at Xu Ran affectionately, with a trace of obsession.
In this world, I\'m afraid I can never find a man like Xu Ran anymore.
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