Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 155: Xu Rans ideas are so many routines
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 155: Xu Rans ideas are so many routines

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Liu Erlong nodded lightly, no longer said anything, and acquiesced to Xu Ran\'s behavior.
She knew that she couldn\'t let Xu Ran help Yu Xiaogang without paying anything.
It is not a simple matter to make up a defective martial soul into a normal martial soul, even for a powerful person like Xu Ran.
"Dean Liu Erlong, what is so good about Yu Xiaogang that can make you so dedicated, even sacrifice yourself for him. How do you know that if you give so much, he will appreciate it?" Xu Ran said, holding hands. Liu Erlong\'s little hands.
"There are some things that don\'t need to be said, as long as he can live well."
"And Xiaogang is not the ruthless person in your mouth." Liu Erlong frowned and said. If you really love someone, how can you care about it? It doesn\'t matter if she pays more.
"Dean Liu Erlong deserves to be a man of temperament. It makes me like it more and more." Xu Ran said, hugging Liu Erlong even harder. Although Xu Ran is young, she is not small. Even if Liu Erlong sits on Xu Ran\'s knees, her forehead is only aligned with Xu Ran\'s eyes.
"Xu Ranmian, you should fulfill your promise now." Liu Erlong felt the man\'s body tightly bound to him, his body trembled and became a little stiff. She couldn\'t help but said.
Xu Ran smiled and looked at Liu Erlong who was lying obediently in his arms. He no longer moved her, but took out a black box from the storage soul guide.
The box is not big, but it is made of precious wood, and you can feel an extremely warm touch with the palm of your hand.
"There is something that can cure Yu Xiaogang." Xu Ran said, and handed the wooden box to Liu Erlong.
"Is this?" Liu Erlong opened the wooden box, and suddenly a faint fragrance came. In just a moment, the entire room was filled with this strange fragrance.
Over the years, Liu Erlong has acted as a shopkeeper at Lanba Academy.
During her seclusion, she also planted many flowers, plants, and precious medicinal materials. In order to find a cure for Yu Xiaogang, she has some understanding of the medicinal properties of plants.
It is also true that she felt so surprised when she saw this kind of ganoderma-like medicinal material.
She has never seen medicinal materials with such a strong medicinal power.
Is this the treasure that can help Xiaogang solve the flaws in the Martial Spirit?
"This medicinal material is called Jiupin Zizhi. It is one of the rarest treasure medicines in the world, and it can fill up the defects of Yu Xiaogang\'s martial arts spirit."
"Jade Xiaogang was originally from the bloodline of the Blue Lightning Overlord Zong\'s lineage, but it was only because of the mutation of the martial soul that he became a waste martial soul Luo Sanpao. If he swallows this treasure, he might even have a chance to evolve the golden holy dragon martial soul. This kind of martial spirit is even more powerful than the orthodox Blue Lightning Overlord Sect." Xu Ran explained.
Of course he didn\'t really want to help Yu Xiaogang recover.
Yu Xiaogang\'s golden sacred dragon martial arts soul is too rare and contains a rich dragon spirit. If he draws out Yu Xiaogang\'s dragon energy, he will receive a very rich reward.
Of course, he didn\'t know exactly what these rewards were.
For the future, Miss System is also tight-lipped. It will be announced when the time comes.
But when he extracts the dragon energy of Yu Xiaogang\'s golden holy dragon martial soul, Yu Xiaogang will become a complete waste. At that time, Yu Xiaogang would only harm him because it was Liu Erlong.
Yu Xiaogang would think that it was the ninth-grade Zizhi given to him by Liu Erlong that harmed him.
At that time, Xu Ran would still go to Xiuyu Xiaogang with his arms around Liu Erlong\'s slender waist.
Liu Erlong will obey his orders in the next two years and ask her to accompany her to visit the heartbroken Yu Xiaogang. Isn\'t this demanding too much?
But what would Yu Xiaogang think at that time?
When Yu Xiaogang saw them hugging each other intimately, he might think that Liu Erlong had colluded with him, and deliberately came to him.
Thousands of thoughts flowed in Xu Ran\'s mind, and within a moment of effort, Xu Ran thought out all the routines.
And these are enough to make Yu Xiaogang vomit blood with anger.
Liu Erlong didn\'t notice Xu Ran\'s sinister intentions.
Liu Erlong carefully stroked the Nine-Rank Ganoderma with the palm of his hand, and when his fingers touched the surface of the medicinal material, her body trembled slightly, and her spirit power in her body also moved faster at this moment.
This shows how terrifying the medicinal effect of this strange treasure is.
"Thanks for the gift from Mianxia." Liu Erlong said, closing the pill box, and then putting it into his storage soul guide.
"This is not what I gave you. We are a deal. You don\'t need to thank me for anything. Do you mean it?" Xu Ran touched Liu Erlong\'s beautiful cheeks with his palm, and said.
"What the predecessor said. But anyway, I still want to thank you." Liu Erlong lowered her head, and she could feel the man in front of her with a strong possessiveness.
With one carelessness, she might fall into the abyss, leaving nothing left to be eaten by Xu Ran.
But she believes in herself, no matter how Xu Ranmian teases her, she will not have any reaction, let alone be moved by it.
"Well. You will be mine for the next two years."
"I dont care about it in two years, but within two years, I dont want you to have too much ties with other men, including Yu Xiaogang. If I see you entangled with him, what will you say to me? Do it?" Xu Ran used his fingers to stroke the hair on Liu Erlong\'s face to the back of his head, and then put it close to her snow-white neck, and said softly.
"Xu Ranmian, please don\'t hurt Xiaogang." Liu Erlong\'s body trembled, Huarong paled with fright when he heard Xu Ran\'s words. Only then did she really understand that Xu Ran\'s things were definitely not so easy to handle.
Now that she had taken Xu Ran\'s things, she had to abide by his rules.
Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous.
Xu Ran\'s strength is terrifying, and there is no one who can stop him in the entire Sky Dou City, and a small Blue Tyrant Academy is not even worth mentioning in his eyes. What if he does something to them?
And Xiao Gang, if Xu Ranmian shot Xiao Gang, he wouldn\'t even have the power to fight back.
"What I can give away is naturally recoverable. If that time comes, I will double my things back." Xu Ran smiled.
Liu Erlong\'s pretty face changed slightly, and he no longer dared to have any fluke Ranmian, I won\'t break my promise. I will do whatever you want me to do in the future. "Liu Erlong said.
"Well, rest assured, I won\'t embarrass you. You go to college now. I don\'t need you for the time being." Xu Ran said. Both kindness and power are the best means to control a person.
"Well, that Erlong left first." Liu Erlong stood up, saluted Xu Ran, and then left quickly.
After leaving the door, Liu Erlong felt a little soft and her body was already soaked. She looked at Xu Ran\'s room, still feeling a little afraid. Negotiating with people like Xu Ran is not an easy task.
She also doesn\'t know whether her decision today is good or bad, but the matter has reached this point, and there is no way to change it.
Two years, as long as two years have passed.
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