Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 149: Fuqin, a collective breakthrough
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 149: Fuqin, a collective breakthrough

"Brother Xu Ran, no, Mr. Xu Ran said he would play the piano for us later." Shui Yueer said, almost exposing the relationship between her and Xu Ran, feeling a little flustered.
"Playing the piano? Teacher Xu Ran can still play the piano?" Several girls didn\'t pay attention to Shui Yueer\'s strangeness at this time. They imagined Xu Ran playing the piano in their minds, and couldn\'t help but exuberant.
What would a person as gentle and powerful as Mr. Xu Ran look like if he played the piano?
"What\'s the matter then? Teacher Xu Ran is so powerful, how can you guess it? He said that he will teach me to play flute in the future." Shui Yue\'er raised her head, revealing her whiteness high. His neck, a proud look.
Seeing the sisters in the team who have always regarded themselves as girls all look like idiots, but now she has achieved her goal and become Xu Ran\'s woman as she wished, Shui Yue\'er felt a little airy.
But for the time being, it is impossible for her to publicize this matter.
"Okay, let\'s go first." Shui Bing\'er was also a little moved, and walked in front of her with long legs, her delicate and attractive figure wrapped in tight-fitting clothes, which was extremely attractive.
Xue Wu also walked beside Shui Bing\'er, a white gown, a black hip-knee skirt, and her long black hair draped around her waist, which was very beautiful. And through the gap between the buttons in the middle of Xue Wu\'s white shirt, some different scenery can be vaguely seen.
At Tianshui College, because they are all girls, they usually dress casually. They are all girls, so naturally they are not afraid of being exposed.
The other four girls in the Tianshui team, Yu Hairou, Shui Yue\'er, Shen Liuyu, Gu Qingbo, and Qiu Ruoshui were also very beautifully dressed, revealing their best side.
In the bamboo forest, Xu Ran wears a black robe, and behind him is a black robe, long hair that is as black as ink scattered behind his shoulders, a simple harp and a dark sword on the stone table.
His fingers waved the strings, and the cold and sad sound of the piano floated out, the sound of the piano was crisp, resounding in this quiet bamboo forest, and it seemed a little deep.
When Xu Ran played the piano, his dark and deep eyes were like stars in the night, dazzling and dazzling. The whole person is like a show of Zhong Ling, who is handsome, noble, and elegant, but it also gives people a kind of return to the basics. Feeling that all the eyes of the women of Team Tianshui were projected on him.
At this moment, their walking steps lightened a lot unconsciously, and they didn\'t even dare to get out of the air, for fear of disturbing these peerless men.
At this moment, they really understand how outstanding Xu Ran is. Maybe all the men in the world add up to him.
At least they think so.
As the beauty of Tianshui Academy, they have also met many genius men of the same age. Their talents are very strong, such as Feng Xiaotian of Shenfeng Academy and Huo Wushuang of Blazing Academy. But even they are not worth mentioning in front of Teacher Xu Ran.
These characters, if it were not for the last accident, perhaps they would not have any communication with him in this life.
Even if Xu Ranmian is their teacher now, he will leave one day. And this day will not be too far.
They slowly immersed themselves in the slightly poignant sound of the piano, and their moods were also mobilized. As soon as he thought of it, Xu Ran returned to Tianshui College and felt a lingering sadness in his heart.
Shui Yue\'er listened to this song, and her feelings were deeper, she knew that she had fallen completely and couldn\'t help herself. She really couldn\'t imagine what would happen to Xu Ran if she had forgotten herself or left herself forever? She might be crazy.
Her talent was only mid-to-upper in the Tianshui team, and it was not worth mentioning when looking at the mainland.
Everyone had their own thoughts in their hearts, and under Xu Ran\'s piano sound, their thoughts were pouring out and could no longer be suppressed.
Soon, they slowly immersed themselves in the sound of the piano.
What they didn\'t even notice was that their mental power was growing rapidly under the action of this piano sound, while the growth of their spirit power was even more turbulent.
This piano sound can make any soul master below the soul sage level unconditionally break through the first level, while the soul master above the soul sage can quickly find a breakthrough opportunity, the probability of breakthrough is greatly increased, and there is even a chance to fall into a state of epiphany.

Seven consecutive voices rang out, and the spirit power of everyone in the Tianshui team had all exceeded the first level.
Not only that, the sound of the piano is melodious, and under the influence of Xu Ran\'s soul power, it is constantly transmitted to the outside, and the huge Tianshui College is filled with this poignant piano sound.
At this moment, all the students who were in the class stopped their movements, and they seemed to feel the sound of the piano.
In the dormitory area of ??Tianshui College, countless young girls are also immersed in this weeping piano sound.
In the training area of ??Tianshui College, everyone was awakened from the training. The students who were in the process of training had their beautiful eyes wide open and were surprised to feel the changes in their bodies. They were able to clearly perceive the spirit power in their bodies while they were in the process of training. The speed of operation has increased nearly ten times at this moment!
The speed of this terrifying soul power is extremely terrifying, and the majestic soul power instantly crushes towards their cultivation bottleneck.
Although their cultivation bottleneck was strong, they seemed not worth mentioning in front of such a terrifying spirit power torrent, and they were easily crushed.
The soft sounds of breakthroughs sounded at the same time, forming a loud roar.
With the sound of this sound, countless heaven and earth energy rushed towards them frantically, a collective breakthrough!
Tianshui College has hundreds of students in the training area. At this moment, the momentum brought by all the breakthroughs can be imagined.
"How is this possible?"
"This is incredible."
A teacher in charge of the Soul Emperor level in the training area stood up, looked at the scene in amazement, and was shocked to speak. What is the concept of collective breakthrough?
It is too terrible for hundreds of students to break through simultaneously. UU reading
And she happened to be the witness and experiencer of this scene, and like all the students, as the soul emperor powerhouse, she also broke through, no more, no less, just one level.
With her cultivation base, she wants to break through the first level now, and it will take at least a year to put it in the ordinary, but at this moment, she only broke through in an instant, even she didn\'t even know how she did it.
She hadn\'t cultivated just now, she had been supervising the cultivation of the students, but she made a breakthrough so easily.
Is this the reason for the sound of the piano?
She instantly grasped the source of all the problems, and when the piano sounded, her spirit power\'s running speed directly skyrocketed, and she broke through directly in one burst.
"Is this the one that the dean brought back?"
"He can even provoke a breakthrough in our cultivation at will. What kind of grace should he be?"
"No wonder the dean will show such a gesture to him. In the eyes of such a strong person, Tianshui Academy is probably just an ant lying on the ground."