Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 107: What is Xu Ran doing? Tang 3 exploded
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 107: What is Xu Ran doing? Tang 3 exploded

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Xu Ran lay on the wicker chair, looking at the three women who were doing beautiful poses from time to time.
With the appearance of the three women, Xu Ran naturally felt very pleasing to the eye.
At this time, Tang San also walked towards the playground.
He was a little worried about Xiao Wu.
Xu Ran was a shameless villain who was despicable and lustful in his heart.
What good result could Xiao Wu have when he fell into Xu Ran\'s hands?
When Flender gave Xu Ran the training of Xiao Wu this morning, he was a little worried. But now he has nothing to do with Xiao Wu, and he can only watch Xiao Wu fall into Xu Ran\'s claws.
Throughout the morning, he was worried that Xu Ran would do shameful things to Xiao Wu in the name of training. So he had to watch Xu Ran with his own eyes.
"Xu Ran, don\'t be too proud of you. I will soon be able to cultivate at the fourth level of cultivation. Not only that, I am already working on hidden weapons. With the financial support of the teacher, I can get a lot of precious things. Hidden weapon materials. When I make a precious hidden weapon, you can die for me."
"What if Xiao Wu is sending it to you temporarily? As long as Xiao Wu doesn\'t make the last step with you, there is still room for recovery." Tang San murmured, eyes full of coldness.
Today, he ran two back and forth from the college to Soto City with a heavy load this morning. Originally, the training plan given to him by the teacher was for him to run back and forth from here to Soto City with a weight of fifty pounds of stones on his back. But he directly increased the difficulty of his training by several levels.
The training was hard and painful, but when he thought that Xiao Wu was still suffering in Xu Ran\'s claws, he couldn\'t feel any suffering anymore.
No matter how hard and tired the body was, it couldn\'t compare to the heartache caused by Xiao Wu being snatched by Xu Ran.
He must take Xiao Wu back from Xu Ran\'s hands.
Although he can\'t do it now, it doesn\'t mean that he will never do it in the future. His twin spirits and Tang Sect hidden weapons need to be powerful before they can exert their powerful power. Now the hidden weapons of Tang Sect he made were just ordinary artifacts, but the hidden weapons in the first three Tang Sects were far from foreign objects.
That kind of hidden weapon has even merged with his body and soul power. For example, continuously condensing one\'s soul power can release a terrible hidden weapon like Guanyin Lei.
At that time, he was truly invincible.
At that time, no matter how strong Xu Ran was, he would have to step on him. Although Xu Ran had many tricks, he could never expect that Tang San was not from this world. He is different from the natives of this world. He still has the wisdom of another world in his hands. With these, what would Xu Ran use to fight him?
"Big Brother Host, Tang San is coming to the playground soon." The voice of Miss System Sister\'s voice sounded from Xu Ran\'s mind, reminding Xu Ran.
"Oh? Tang San is here?" Xu Ran raised his eyebrows, released his mental power to probe the surrounding movement, and she found Tang San\'s traces.
"Now that I\'m here, let me show you off." Xu Ran showed a smile and looked at the beautiful girl who was still practicing yoga seriously not far away.
At this moment, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, and the three daughters of Xiao Wu were already immersed in the training. They thought Xu Ran was taking advantage of them. But after they practiced it for a while, they discovered the benefits of this yoga posture.
After practicing for a while, they found that their bodies were surprisingly comfortable. Although they were already sweating, they could not detect a trace of fatigue. They felt that there seemed to be impurities in their bodies that were discharged with the sweat. general. The whole body seems to have become a lot lighter in this abnormality.
After all, yoga is the most basic and simple exercise method for girls that has been condensed for countless years in another world. Even if this is not the earth but the Douluo Continent, these things are also applicable.
At least from Xu Ran\'s point of view, three hours of yoga is definitely more efficient than running three hours of steps.
Of course, more importantly, yoga can train beautiful curves. For example, the posture Xu Ran just taught them is to train the hips and leg curves. Of course there is also the extent to which the legs can be opened.
"Well, you guys stop first."
"Zhuqing, Rongrong, you two sit down and rest first and watch me teach Xiao Wu the next move." Xu Ran said.
Upon hearing this, the three women stopped what they were doing. At this moment, their bodies are full of sweat, and the breeze blows through their bodies, bringing them a cool feeling. They were also a little surprised, they also found an abnormality in their body. After practicing yoga for a while, they felt surprisingly comfortable on their bodies, which made them breathe a sigh of relief while surprised. It seems that Xu Ran didn\'t intend to take advantage of them on purpose.
This yoga is indeed magical. It is obviously a few simple body movements, but it can reach many parts of the body to the limit. It is more professional and effective than ordinary training.
This feeling made them suppress the strange emotions in their hearts.
After all, Xu Ran said that this kind of yoga can detoxify and beautify the skin and keep youth forever. So they naturally dare not neglect.
Beauty is something that every woman cares about. What\'s more, the three beautiful girls in Shrek Academy are all so high-valued, they naturally don\'t want to be compared by others.
"Xu Ran, what should I do?" Xiao Wu blinked her **** eyes and asked curiously. They had only practiced one movement just now. Although this movement is not difficult for her, it will inevitably be a bit boring.
"You kneel and sit on the ground first." Xu Ran said, and he remembered a more ambiguous posture. If Tang San saw Xiao Wu posing in such a pose in front of him, he would definitely be directly angry.
"Oh." Xiao Wu heard Xu Ran\'s words and knelt on the ground without much thought. Anyway, Xu Ran is her boyfriend and Rui Beast, so naturally there is no problem with him kneeling.
"Head back."
"Hold your hands on the ground."
"Yes, yes, raise your waist again."
At this moment, Xiao Wu knelt down on the ground under Xu Ran\'s guidance, forming an extremely beautiful arc like a semicircle. The high-waisted tights on her body slipped up, revealing a clean belly without a trace of fat.
Xu Ran saw this scene in his eyes and couldn\'t help but be a little surprised.
Xiao Wu\'s body flexibility is really good. And it\'s not so good.
"Xu Ran, is that right?" Xiao Wu Qiao blushed and asked softly. Looking at Xu Ran\'s hot eyes, he was a little bit shy, but it was more joyful.
A scholar dies for a confidant, and a female is a person who pleases oneself. Isn\'t it a kind of happiness to be able to let the person you like show such crazy eyes for yourself?
"Xiao Wu, my Xiao Wu..." At this moment, Tang San, who walked to the playground, happened to see this scene.
Xiao Wu knelt on the ground, holding her hands behind her waist, and the beautiful figure of the woman was perfectly expressed. The slightly undulating chest slender waist that can only be grasped is so beautiful at this moment.
At this time, Xiao Wu\'s body was dripping with sweat, but there was a more vivid sense of beauty conveyed.
But this beauty was destroyed by another person next to Xiao Wu.
That person is Xu Ran.
At this time, Xu Rans right hand is supporting Xiao Wus waist from below, and his left hand is just on Xiao Wus slightly exposed belly. Only half of Xu Rans palm can be seen where he can see, and the other half of Xu Rans. The palms, including the fingers, had already penetrated Xiao Wu\'s tights.
This scene is extremely fascinating.
What is Xu Ran\'s hand doing? Nobody knows.
But seeing this scene, Tang San was furious.
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