Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 89: Collapse, leave school, great gift for Davis
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 89: Collapse, leave school, great gift for Davis

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"Teacher, have you misunderstood? I asked you to punish Xu Ran today." Dai Mubai still screamed, and he still didn\'t understand why things ended up like this.
Even if you are going to be beaten, isn\'t Xu Ran being beaten?
He is victimized!
Xu Ran snatched his fiance and his position in Shrek Academy, and even Xu Ran deliberately met Zhu Qingqing in front of him to stimulate him.
But now why did Flanders punish Xu Ran and act on him instead? What did he do wrong? He didn\'t do anything. Xu Ran has always been hammering him!
Just now Xu Ran slapped him twice, and now Dean Flander has put such a heavy hand on him again.
What is going on in this world?
Is he so miserable as the prince?
He was beaten by Davis since he was a child, and was almost assassinated by Davis. In order to escape for his life, he secretly ran to the Heaven Dou Empire alone, only a few years had passed. But a few days after the good days, Xu Ran came.
His fiance was robbed by Xu Ran, and he was so insulted by Xu Ran, I am afraid he is the worst prince in history.
"President, show Dai Mubai the marriage certificate. I want to see how he can quibble?" Xu Ran said directly, holding Zhu Zhuqing\'s slender waist, feeling the softness of his arms.
He just wants Dai Mubai to see how trash he is!
He abandoned Zhuqing and came to Soto City to spend a lot of time. People like this still want to have Zhuqing? Dreaming?
A man like Dai Mubai had no responsibility. Without Tang San giving him the fairy grass in this life, it would not be enough for Davis to kill him for ten lives.
Zhu Zhuqing felt Xu Ran\'s hands rubbing around her waist, his pretty face blushed, and Xu Ran\'s beautiful eyes glanced at Xu Ran. Xu Ran is too bad, this is maddening Dai Mubai.
But she didn\'t have a good impression of Dai Mubai, and no matter what Xu Ran did, she would only stand by his side and support him. If a relationship wants to last for a long time, as a girl, you must know your position, and be good at Xu Ran\'s internal help. Just help Xu Ran a few when he needs it.
If a girl cares too much, even if the person loves you slowly, it will start to be annoying. This was taught to her by her sister before she and Xu Ran left Xingluo City.
Flander folded Dai Mubai\'s hands, and then flipped the marriage book out in front of Dai Mubai\'s eyes.
When Dai Mubai saw the content of the marriage letter, his mentality completely collapsed.
"Do not"
"This is impossible"
"Zhu Zhuqing, it should be my fiancee. How could Xu Ran and Zhu Zhuqing have such a relationship?"
"Daizhu and Zhu have been married for generations. Why is this now my turn?"
Dai Mubai\'s face was extremely pale, his whole body trembling, he had already guessed the truth of the matter in his heart.
That is, he was retired by Zhu Zhuqing. Then Zhu Zhuqing and Xu Ran signed a marriage contract.
Now he has nothing to do with Zhu Zhuqing, Xu Ran is Zhu Zhuqing\'s fiance!
Moreover, the marriage book also stated the time when Xu Ran and Zhu Zhuqing married, and that time was set in Zhu Zhuqing\'s coming-of-age ceremony.
Zhu Zhuqing is still a girl now, and she will be an adult in six years. At that time, she went from a girl to an adult, and the taste of a newly mature woman is perhaps even more charming than now. After all, Zhu Zhuqing is only a young girl and already has such a good body. Wouldn\'t it be better in the future? But what did Zhu Zhuqing have to do with him at that time? By Zhu Zhuqing\'s side is Xu Ran!
"The person Zhuqing likes is me."
"Zhu Qing\'s fiance is also me." Xu Ran slowly walked to a short distance in front of Dai Mubai with Zhu Zhuqing in his arms, deliberately irritating.
"Dai Mubai, I have nothing to do with you before, so please pay attention to your later words. Moreover, my marriage with Xu Ran was approved by the royal family." Zhu Zhuqing lay in Xu Ran\'s arms. Said directly. She didn\'t want to have any intersection with Dai Mubai, let alone affection. The person she likes is Xu Ran, and it can only be Xu Ran.
Because of the marriage of Dai Zhu and her family, she didn\'t have a choice. Now Xu Ran is breaking the tradition, so she cherishes Xu Ran and this hard-won love very much.
She didn\'t want any impurities or stains in the relationship between herself and Xu Ran.
"That\'s it, that\'s how it is."
Dai Mubai\'s eyes became extremely cold. At this moment, he finally understood what was going on.
The Zhu family abandoned him and tore up his marriage contract with Zhu Zhuqing. Even the royal family agreed, and his father actually agreed that he was divorced and that his fiance was obtained by Xu Ran.
But soon when he saw the golden token in Xu Ran\'s hand, he understood that all of this must be Davis\'s obstruction.
A divorced prince will only be ridiculed by the world, and it is impossible to succeed. It was Davis who helped Xu Ran **** Zhu Zhuqing away.
"Davis." Dai Mubai clenched his fists, and the veins on his arms violently. Davis dared to give his fiance to Xu Ran, this trick is really ruthless.
But how could Xu Ran be in control of Davis.
Davis fiancee Zhu Zhuyun is Zhu Zhuqings older sister. Her figure is even more plump and perfect than Zhu Zhuqing. He doesnt believe Xu Ran will be unmoved. Davis will hate his decision one day.
"So you are in partnership, just to humiliate me?"
"Insulting you, so what? Dai Mubai, the hand holding Zhu Qing is really good. I remember it seems that you have not even touched Zhu Qing\'s hand. Also, at night..." Xu Ran whispered in Dai Mubai\'s ear, his voice was very low, even Dai Mubai only understood Xu Ran\'s meaning from Xu Ran\'s mouth.
"Ah, Xu Ran, I want to kill you."
Dai Mubai roared, lifting the spirit power from his body and slamming a punch towards Xu Ran. At this moment, he didn\'t care whether he was Xu Ran\'s opponent or not.
His dignity was trampled on, even if he was far from Xu Ran\'s opponent, he still wanted to attack Xu Ran.
Xu Ran and Davis are the enemies of his life.
Xu Ran insulted him like this, trampled on his dignity, Xu Ran was even more hateful than Davis.
"Up to now, it\'s not just repentance."
Seeing Dai Mubai suddenly attacking Xu Ran, Zao Wou-ki on the side couldn\'t stand it anymore. With the marriage certificate in hand, what else does Dai Mubai want to do? Is he becoming angry?
How could the academy be a place that could accommodate Mubai\'s play?
"Dai Mubai, how dare you actually do it?" Li Yusong on the side was also angry, he hadn\'t been so angry for decades. Dai Mubai wanted to **** Xu Ran\'s fiance, but now that he was exposed to the scandal, he still wanted to do something against Xu Ran. How could Dai Mubai be able to hurt the first genius of their Shrek Academy?
Li Yusong directly released his martial soul. His martial soul was a dragon-patterned stick. Li Yusong was holding a golden long stick and knocking a stick toward Dai Mubai\'s arm.
A strong pain came from Dai Mubai\'s arm, and Dai Mubai\'s body flew away.
At this moment, Dai Mubai\'s heart was desperate.
He was so miserably bullied by Xu Ran, and these teachers were still struggling towards Xu Ran.
Hehe, this is ridiculous.
"Mubai, if you dare to behave like this, I can only expel you from the school." Flender said angrily, and Dai Mubai was nothing but nonsense. Just because his girlfriend is beautiful, can he harass them? He went to harass his girlfriend again and again, and Xu Ran was justified in beating him.
To be a grumpy one, Dai Mubai dared to harass his girlfriend in this way. I am afraid that Dai Mubai would have been lying in bed and could not move.
And until now, Dai Mubai hadn\'t had a trace of regret, which made him not angry.
Even if Dai Mubai had a special status and had done something wrong, he would expel him from the school without hesitation.
"Ha ha"
"Well, you Shrek Academy is really a principled academy, I don\'t want to wait for this academy."
"Also. I am the prince of the Star Luo Empire, with a noble status, especially if you can punish? Today\'s shame, I have written down Dai Mubai." Dai Mubai glanced bitterly at everyone in the hall, directly Get out of the door.
"This bastard, I\'ll beat him up." Zao Wou-ki was half-dead by Dai Mubai\'s He didn\'t expect Dai Mubai to think so in his heart. He is a downright prince, what\'s the deal?
"Forget it, let him go. He became the way he is now, and we are also responsible. We were too tolerant when he went outside to fool around. Now he has become like this, and we blame us." Flender shook his head. Seeing Dai Mubai leaving, he didn\'t stop it. The country is easy to change, but the nature is hard to change. Even if Dai Mubai stayed, there were female students in the academy. With Dai Mubai\'s romantic and lustful personality, there would be accidents if they weren\'t kept in place.
And Xu Ran smiled inexplicably as he watched Dai Mubai\'s leaving figure, now it\'s time for Davis to clean him up. Dai Mubai\'s strength is not strong, any soul sect, soul king, can easily kill him.
"This is considered a great gift from me." Xu Ran murmured. He soaked Zhu Zhuyun, but he should also compensate Davis. And Dai Mubai was just this compensation.
As long as he told Davis of Dai Mubai\'s whereabouts, Dai Mubai would not be able to live.
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