Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 64: Hey, its crooked
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 64: Hey, its crooked

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After a long time, his lips split, and Zhu Zhuqing looked at Xu Ran with clear eyes.
"Promise me, okay? Don\'t do anything to hurt yourself in the future, can you?" Zhu Zhuqing said softly, thinking that Xu Ran was always doing things to hurt himself. Even so, he did not make any demands on her.
This moved her heart very much.
Xu Ran is such a person, even if he is a bit lustful, but he still has the demeanor of a gentleman. Some people are lustful, they are just lust; but some people, although they like beauty, still have a gentleman-like character.
The latter refers to Xu Ran.
Although Xu Ran was also shameless, he could go to Heaven Dou City and spend a lot of money to buy her a treasure worth 30 million gold soul coins. Although she didn\'t know how Xu Ran was so rich, she could also imagine that this should be all Xu Ran\'s savings.
Xu Ran spent everything for her.
And most of the time, from Xingluo City to Tiandou City back and forth, I\'m afraid Xu Ran has been spent on the road these days.
These days, even Xu Ran may be on the road day and night, just to deliver the gift to her as soon as possible. Otherwise, Xu Ran would not be able to come back so quickly.
Xu Ran looked at Zhu Zhuqing in a daze, and saw her eyes that were extremely moved and a little guilty, and she felt a little confused. Kidney trouble occurred?
And what bad things can he do? Didn\'t Zhuqing think that he was alone in the room doing something that a bachelor would do only for ten thousand years?
Damn it, is he that kind of person?
He has his fiance, and Xiao Wu and the others. Is it necessary? It\'s true.
However, Xu Ran still had to follow Zhu Zhuqing\'s meaning and said that Zhu Qing had misunderstood it, so that she could not find Zhu Yun that was severely pressed by him. That would be bad.
If the sister-in-law is discovered, she will have to finish playing today.
"Okay, I won\'t do that kind of thing again in the future. If this happens again in the future, I will come to you." Xu Ran suddenly brightened his eyes and said directly.
"Well. We will be lovers in the future, and if we have any problems, we have to solve them together." Zhu Zhuqing said, her pretty face blushing.
"Yeah, I thought about it. We will be lovers forever in the future. If there is something that two people solve together in the same room, that is the correct way to solve the problem." Xu Ran showed a smile and looked at it. The perfect figure of the beautiful and charming wife in front of me couldn\'t help but feel a little moved.
"Okay." Zhu Zhuqing heard Xu Ran\'s words, and felt something was wrong, but he felt that Xu Ran\'s words made sense. When two people are together, they must be honest, without any concealment. If Xu Ran has any difficulties, she can also use her hands to help.
"Then I\'ll go first. Tomorrow we will see my sister and the others." Zhu Zhuqing glanced at Xu Ran, then left directly, closed the door, and walked out. She could see that Xu Ran\'s expression was a bit wrong, even a little embarrassing. This is Xu Ran\'s self-esteem at work. Boys want to show their strong side, so she will be embarrassed when she does bad things.
And Xu Ran didn\'t know what he was feeling at this time, although it was a bit embarrassing to be treated like that by Zhu Qing. But more of it is unexpected joy. As the saying goes, if we lose our horses, we will know no good. What does it mean that Zhuqing is willing to help him in that respect? The harem plus one is not far away.
Soon after Zhu Zhuqing left, he noticed that Zhu Zhuqing had really gone far, and Xu Ran jumped off the bed directly to let Zhu Zhuyun breathe under him.
Zhu Zhuyun suddenly lifted the quilt covering her body, revealing the perfect woman\'s body. At this moment, Zhu Zhuyun was already sweating, and the black dress on his body was close to the body, and the perfect figure was outlined, which made people very excited.
Zhu Zhuyun breathed in a fresh breath, his chest undulated violently, and his legs bent perfectly, lying on Xu Ran\'s bed. She was almost suffocated to death just now. Because Zhu Qing and Xu Ran just kissed and they were very close to her, she didn\'t even dare to breathe vigorously, but her chest was pressed tightly by Zhao Ming\'s butt, and she couldn\'t get fresh air without breathing hard. .
"Cough, cough," Zhu Zhuqing slapped her full chest, annoying her with bursts of pain, making her frown. Nonsense, when Xu Ran sat there just now, Zhu Qing also rushed forward. How could she bear that kind of weight?
"I\'m sorry. I was afraid that Zhuqing would find out just now. After all, you also know your body. A quilt that is so high is a problem. So..." Xu Ran smiled and touched his nose.
Mad, to be honest. If it weren\'t for Zhu Zhuyun\'s scruples, he confessed to Zhu Qing directly, there was nothing wrong. But having said that, the scene just now was really exciting.
Lying under him was Zhu Yun, and Zhu Qing was kissing him. The feeling of excitement and joy really made Xu Ran feel a little overwhelmed.
Hey, Zhuqing and Zhuyun are the two most beautiful flowers in Zhu\'s family, as well as the two most dangerous flowers. Because they are all involved with the royal family, Zhu Qing is okay, Dai Mubai is a trash, far away in Shrek Academy, until now he does not know his relationship with Zhu Qing.
But Davis is a character. In the original book, if it wasn\'t for Tang San and the others to hang it up too hard, Dai Mubai was absolutely crushed by Davis, so don\'t even think about it.
Moreover, almost everyone in the Star Luo Empire regards Davis as the future emperor, and his power in the Star Luo Empire is not low. It seems a bit difficult to grab his wife.
But life and death are bearish, just do it. How could he be afraid of Xu Ran again.
The system is still cringing, afraid of a fart. The big deal is to ask Miss System to open the resurrection to him.
"Brother host, UU reading does not have this service in this system." The system lady sensed Xu Ran\'s thoughts, blinked her beautiful eyes, and said.
"Cough cough. If you don\'t have it, there won\'t be any. I\'m not afraid of a life." Xu Ran curled his lips, only a nonsense, sobbing girl. Just as now he has taken advantage of Zhu Zhuyun, what can Davis say?
"That\'s what, crooked, pay attention." Zhu Zhuyun was standing up and tidying up his dress, Xu Ran couldn\'t help but glanced at her chest and said. At this time, Zhu Zhuyun\'s chest did not fit the symmetrical beauty at all. Xu Ran could understand what was going on with the white cloth strips exposed from the neckline of the long skirt.
After all, Zhu Yun\'s figure is very good, even if it is good, it can\'t be better. This is true for Xu Ran, but for Zhu Zhuyun it is troublesome. So she would wrap her figure tightly with a breast wrap.
Hey, after all, not every man will pity and cherish jade. Some people will use dirty words to hurt their self-esteem when they see Zhu Yun\'s figure. Xu Ran sees more of this kind of thing.
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